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Poll: I will be continuing ONE other story alongside Instruments of Time and Heroes of Darkness until IoT is finished. Which one would you like me to focus on? Vote Now!
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Author has written 12 stories for Kingdom Hearts, Super Smash Brothers, Pokémon, Marvel, Game X-overs, Anime X-overs, Misc. Comics, X-overs, Naruto, Angry Birds, and Mythology.


My phone, containing many half-written chapters and future plans for all my stories, is not working. I will endeavour to recover these things, but until then, all my stories, except probably "The Heroes of Darkness" are on a pause. I may start writing something brand new or update any one of them at random, but don't wait on any of my existing stories getting an update too soon...

What with a rather unpredictable schedule, I cannot promise frequent updates. Rest assured, I will complete all my ongoing stories EVENTUALLY, but as it stands I have considerably limited time in which to write them. Let the Game Begin, Marvel vs Jump, Dankey Kang Country and even League of App Games, though further down my story priority list, will all someday see continuation, but let's take a look for a moment at the "big two" - The Psychic Jinjuuriki and Instruments of Time - plus a mysterious third challenger lurking in the shadows, known tentatively as Jumpverse.

The Psychic Jinjuuriki is an odd piece because I never expected it to be nearly as popular as it is. Sadly though its popularity seems to go down a little with each chapter. Recently I've been a little concerned I jumped to the crossover stuff a little too soon. Core gimmick aside, I wanted to have the rest of the cast develop differently and become more powerful in proportion to Naruto (heck, maybe even have one of the others stronger than Naruto for a while...) and with Naruto's backing being from another world it only made sense for the variations to the other core cast members to come from other worlds too. I wrote into the Bleach arc right after the invasion arc partly because it could be slotted in easily en route the Pokemon world arc and partly because it would allow me to bring in a development/event that I had planned almost before even the concept of the crossover arcs. I wasn't sure what people wanted so I had a poll and apparently the vast majority of readers wanted the crossovers and wanted them to impact the story. Sadly, apart from the end I hadn't really planned much of it. I'm considering taking it down, tweaking the last few chapters of the original, and continuing straight on, because I actually have a stack of stuff planned for the Pokemon World arc and after it, but I'll go with habit and let polls decide. For now the plan is to place "Into the Abyss" AFTER the Pokemon world arc...

Instruments was the story I originally expected to be where TPJ is. At the time of starting I was musing with the idea of writing a story with characters chosen by the readers because by that point I had seen so many series and such that I knew with my own choice I'd jam too many things in with no clear goal because I enjoyed the series. It also helped/forced me to research series I might not have looked at otherwise. I have it to thank for one of my all-time favourite game... comic... things, Homestuck, amongst many others, and it actually worked to my advantage - I still had a huge cast to work with, but the team groupings forced me to think how these particular characters would interact and inspired so many ideas, the spontaneous addition of new cast members gave me new ideas when I was stuck, and the series variety allowed it to become what I had been hoping to write - a crossover with no limits except one at its core. The setting of a universe where time was slowly breaking apart an colliding allowed not only for characters living in different times or fundamentally incompatible worlds to interact but for limits of chronology, location, and just about everything else to be bypassed. The Instruments themselves were also fundamental both in their unique powers and their MacGuffin quality - by making the goal simple I was able to truly go crazy with the means of getting there - both in the non-linear path the heroes are reunited and divided and in the schemes of the villainous alliances. A lot of its readership came from the Dancing Bear quality that you could choose the cast of this story and the readership may have decreased over time (especially after the closing of reader team submissions), and a good portion of its quality could be attributed to its awesome betareader StrangePointOfView, but it's still the story I'm happiest with and the only one I'm consistently proud of having written upon re-reading

In a way, Instruments' future is almost as decided as TPJ's is undecided. I have the core events of the three remaining arcs planned, all I need to do to finish it is decide on how to reach them. And write the thing obviously. Expect some pretty big twists. I also plan to write five short (about five chapters), manageable stories as both prequels to Instruments and their own self-contained stories set in the larger multiverse of the main story. Each will focus on the origin of one of the main-story teams, and they'll hopefully fill in the gap where their introduction should have been from the start, introduce new readers to the story, and entertain in their own right. Ambitious, perhaps, but I'm convinced it's the best way forward. Albeit very slowly forward

And then there's Jumpverse. Jumpverse (Jumpverse Chronicles, as it was originally introduced) is a planned story that puts all Shonen Jump's most awesome series into one (ish) universe that I planned out a huge amount of with PEJP Bengtzone V2, picking up after all the respective stories non-simultaneously end. Even the ones that still haven't ended. They would meet, make friends, fight evil, all that good stuff, while also learning from each other's abilities and styles and become even more insane of badasses than they were in their respective series. There would be demons and swords and ninjas and food and vampires and templarish secret orders and Arrancar Homunculi and dragons and samurai and cyborgs and genetically engineered super-beings and it would be epic. But I have to accept that while I'm never going to abandon this story to Development(writing?) Hell for anything short of the co-writer and creator of the original concept outright forbidding me, it has to be said there are significant limitations on my writing this story. We probably won't see it come out until after at least one of the big two and a handful of the other stories are over. Also, I'm starting to get the impression the co-writer and I want very different things from this story...

Wow, it's been a long time since I updated this profile

Hi there

Rise of Galaxia is now complete! It HAD a sequel, Remnants of Galaxia, but I wasn't happy with it. Someday I'll rewrite it. Someday.

There's also my newer crossover "The instruments of time", which is far, FAR more crossovery than Galaxia. If I could recommend only one of my fanfics, it would undoubtably be Instruments of Time. I wanted to write stories about so many things, I let my readers decide, and as a result we got this story. How exactly does time, as a concept, become broken whilst events continue to occur? And for that matter, how can such an event have occurred in any one moment in time? Will our various assorted heroes somehow fix it (/have fixed it/be in the process of fixing it)? Only time will tell... if they ever get around to gathering those instruments and fixing it that is.

And then there's my most popular story; an alternate Naruto crossover story where the titular hero receives training from the rogue artificial lifeform and being of mass destruction Mewtwo before the story properly starts and learns many Pokemon attacks and psychic abilities before he's out of the academy, a kind of "Psychic Jinjuuriki", if you will. He gets put in Team 7 as usual (except this time with Hinata instead of Sakura for no as-yet explained reason), meets some additional Pokemon and ninjas and partakes in a variety of activities that vaguely approximates some parallel with the original plot for a while. NOW HAS A SEQUEL - and a Bleach crosssover at that

And now I have a tournament story, with a twist! (Beyond the obvious Instruments-style character selection twist).

I also offer my services as a beta reader/idea giver to anyone who needs help with a story.

The Heroes of Darkness: I had this story up for some time now, but now I'm putting a new spin on it: Each chapter will be written by a different writer! The writer's so far: Me, zachary.techman/ZTCrossoverwriter, A. Fox and Glumshanks

Recently I've come to a realization about why I think "Instruments of Time" and "Let the Game Begin" never get nearly as many views as the Psychic Jinjuuriki and, to a lesser extent, Marvel vs Jump. It's the series classifications. Few people look in the X-overs section because it's swamped with miscellaneous non-fanfics, blatant disregards to the "no real people" rule, non-stories (lists of challenges and story ideas, etc), basically anything that no real category exists for - to the point that virtually no-one goes there in search of a mega-crossover comprising too many series to actually judge which two are most prevailant. For that reason, I am considering changing their classification.

Pokemon: Seperate Game and Anime continuities

It's worth noting that the Pokemon anime and games are separate universes/continuities. One need only look as far as the creation of Mewtwo or such to see this. Any of my stories containing a Pokemon element to them (with the exception of Let the Game begin, due to requests) will be set in the game continuity, or derivations thereof. This is most noticeable in the Psychic Jinjuuriki.

This distinction may lead to some differences and distinctions between the two that I would like to clarify now:

1. All, or at least most, of the Legendary Pokemon are one-of-a-kind, godlike entities

They're kind of like a pantheon of deities. You've got Arceus as the creator god, then other deities of Night (Lugia), Day (Ho-oh), Land (Groudon), Sea (Kyogre), Sky (Rayquaza), Time (Dialga), Space (Palkia), Distortion World/other dimensions (Giratina), Truth (Reshiram), Ideals (Zekrom), Life (Xerneas), Death (Yveltal), Order (Zygarde), Dreams (Cresselia), Darkrai (Nightmares), emotions, knowledge, willpower, storms, fertility, victory, the list goes on. The lesser trios are less powerful, but we still get origin stories for most of them - the beasts were three Pokemon who died in the fire that burned down Brass Tower (now Burned Tower) and were brought back by Ho-oh, the golems were created by Regigigas in his image from spare materials, and the Musketeers and Kami, despite not having a known origin story, still have lore that refers to them in a personal manner. I guess the only ones who don't are the Bird Trio and Heatran; there could hypothetically be more than one of each of them, but I like to believe otherwise because it would seem weird if they were standout exceptions. As for the non-legendary Pokemon and humans, I have my theories as to their origins (Mew being the progenitor of the non-legendary Pokémon, for instance) but that's another story and all mostly speculation.

But why, you may ask, would such a divine being be able to be defeated by the lowly mortal non-legendary Pokemon (with difficulty)? It's stated in Diamond and Pearl that Legendary Pokemon can't use their full power when bound by a Pokeball, hence why Team Galactic had to go considerably out of their way to acquire a means to contain them without limiting their power (the Red Chain). When you're fighting them and trying to catch them, they're sort of testing if you're worthy for them to follow you, hence why Reshiram and Zekrom, who you're sort of destined to fight alongside, are a lot easier to capture

Solgaleo and Lunala don't necessarily disprove most of this divine-esque nature

2. Pokemon have distinct cries much like their in-game cries rather than having a language comprised of their species name

In the anime, Pokemon have a language based on their species name. This is not the case in the games, where they have more fitting animal-like cries. I will stick to the latter in my stories (except Dankey Kang Country), mostly because of a preference for the games but also partially because the name-cries of the anime are silly. I get that they probably probably wrote it that way in the anime to help younger viewers remember the names of their favourite Pokemon, but when you really think about the name-language it seems even more ridiculous than it used to when I watched the anime as a child.

Really think about it. Either all the species of Pokemon in the world just unanimously came to the conclusion they'd evolve vocal chords that only allowed them to make sounds that sounded like what the humans had decided to name them, which is incredibly silly, or they named the Pokemon after the sounds they made, which is slightly less ridiculous but gets pretty silly when you consider all the Pokemon names. Unless they named anything appearing in a Pokemon name after the Pokemon (i.e. lamps in that world are named after Lampent, vapour is named after Vaporeon, ivy is named after Ivysaur, etc), but even that is ridiculous! Did they simultaneously name sand after Sandshrew and Sandslash in Kanto and Sandile in Unova? And why would these two isolated Pokemon families sound so similar? What did they call gravel in Unova before they heard from Kanto and their Gravellers? As well as this, many Pokemon have very distinctive interesting sounds ingame that I find much more interesting

An exception can perhaps be made for Pikachu as it is actually heard in-game with a name-cry. Its name doesn't seem to correspond to anything in particular (and when one really gets into the meaning of its name its a combination of onomatopoeia which only really furthers this point), so I can accept that they probably named it after its cry much like the cuckoo in our world was named for its distinctive sound.

Long live the Age of the Venomoth!

Yeah... Copy-paste profile fillers are dumb. I had a stack of them ironically for a while, but they were just cluttering the place up, so now they're gone.

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The Heroes of Darkness reviews
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Crossover - Pokémon & Naruto - Rated: T - Spanish - Fantasy/Adventure - Chapters: 12 - Words: 18,881 - Reviews: 30 - Favs: 62 - Follows: 50 - Updated: 6/27/2015 - Published: 1/12/2013 - Mewtwo, Naruto U.
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The Psychic Jinjuuriki Returns reviews
Part 4 of the Psychic Jinjuuriki saga. After recovering the Lunar Wing and reawakening half the village, Naruto is back in the world of Ninja. His otherworldly powers are finally catching the attention of the village (for better and worse), and new threats lurk in the shadows with their sights set on changing the world as we know it...
Crossover - Pokémon & Naruto - Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Adventure - Chapters: 2 - Words: 3,828 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 15 - Follows: 11 - Updated: 5/24/2015 - Published: 3/19/2015
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Sequel to "The Psychic Jinjuuriki". In order to bring Mewtwo and Sasuke back to the world of ninjas and reawaken their allies, Naruto and some of his friends use a new jutsu to travel to another world. But what happens when the world they arrive in is not the one they intended to go to? And one in which none of them can see, at that?
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The Psychic Jinjuuriki reviews
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