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Hello Again FanFic World!

It has been awhile friends. I have a few stories under my belt now. I am an Army Soldier. I have been writing since 2009 when on a deployment in Afghanistan. Writing use to be my only real entertainment on deployment in the middle of nowhere. At least now I am back in the US of good ole A.

BACKGROUND INFO: A little more about me. I got married for the FIRST and ONLY time in my life in Jan 2, 2011 to a person named Elyse! I was excited about the whole marriage thing. Things did not work out. She decided to look elsewhere. :( I have been pretty down for the couple years. Just so you know ... my significant other was my motivation for many of my stories.

I really enjoy the Buffy stories and I am a life long Star Trek fan! I like those kind of crossovers. I guess that makes me a geek ... just a retro-geek!

MY STORIES: I am really proud of two of my writings in particular.

My first labor of love is my big story crossing over Buffy and the 28 Days Later movie. I hope you take the time to read it.

One story that I just wrote and had a feeling of inspiration to do was ... "McCoy's Easter Dream." It is about the original Star Trek Dr. McCoy. I like looking at life and times through the eyes of the original crew of the Enterprise. Of all those who touch my heart I think Dr. McCoy showed his love of life and humanity so well. Even the actor who played McCoy was a kind and humble man. Anyway, this story touched a number of people who wrote and commented and I want to thank all those who read this story. Thank you for the awesome comments and words!

My next fav story is the Virginia Slave Slayer story that I wrote as a dream sequence for Buffy the Movie. I am reading a book "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" that is really well written. I think more could be done showing life in the 1800s from a poor slave's POV. I think it could be a social awareness opportunity that would allow people to better understand the horrors of that time. Hope people R&R this story as well. I could see making a follow-on with the Virginia Slave Slayer if people are interested.

I try to write for a wide range of audiences. My "Buffy Physics class" story is a simple "K" all the way, same goes for my Dr. McCoy story. However, I do sometimes write some stuff that might steam the paint off the walls ... hence my "M" ratings. What can I say? Everyone likes a little frisky story now and then. Interlude at the Bronz has had over 1000 readers in just two months. I do enjoy a little naughty suggestions now and then mixed with the romance. After all, doesn't romance really include an element of desire and passion? Anyway, as I said earlier, I tend to push the limits on a "T" as well as an "M" but I keep it reasonable I think.

R&R: I deeply appreciate the talent and literary advice of anyone writing on Facfic regardless of age. I don't care if your 14 or 40 ... if you read what write please comment with anything. Heck, an honest "Ugh" is a comment I will treasure. Flame me or praise me ... I appreciate it all.

Posting a story is exciting for me, even if I only have one reader ... it is just so awesome to think someone enjoys what I might write. I think writing can be an awesome escape. I hope those who read what I write have thoughts and comments to share. Thanks in advance! Unlike some folks, I don't mind if you barrow some of my ideas. Heck, let me know and I might even help or give you a few ideas on a character or storyline of mine.

MY WORK: I am really pretty open minded to about sharing what I write. If you think my work is worth borrowing, go for it. Let me know and I can give you a few ideas. I consider it an honor to share my work.


29 May 11 - In Kandahar getting ready to come home!!!

14 June 2011 - I made it home from my travels. I will work a week or two and then some SERIOUS and MUCH NEEDED leave time is in my agenda. I will also be able to update a few stories and finally finish my Buffy/28 days later saga. I have SOOOOOO missed writing!

5 July 2011 - Greetings world! I have been a busy boy doing all sorts of stuff since my return from Afghanistan. Elyse and I just returned from 4 days in Miami and tomorrow ... we are heading to LONDON! I decided to go there direct and do research for any updates for my Buffy / 28 Days later story and the long awaited final chapter! We are SOOOOOOO excited to go! I can imagine I will be doing some serious updating and adding of specific location and detail in the story. hehehe We will be there about 10 days! Then time to WRITE yhe last chapter.

20 July 2011 - HELLO AGAIN FANFIC WORLD!!! WOW ...being home can become sooooo busy! Been with the new wife to LONDON! Been to Paris. Been to Miami. Next week heading to Vegas. I soooo want to finish my Buffy story so I am now starting to write it. Seeing England gave me some ideas and a better visual for the stories.

7 Sept 2011 - Well ... I will soon begin writing on my 28 Days Later / Buffy story! The bad news about it is that I am being redepolyed this month to Iraq for a year. :(

30 Sept 2011 - Well world ... I am set up here in Al Asad, Iraq. It is the former Sadam Super airbase where he kept his air force. I am out here learning my new job. Seems odd that we are leaving Iraq ... yet I get sent back to here after only 3 months at home. Been f=sort of a whirl wind time for me and my sweetie but we are doing okay. We Skype nightly now that I just got set up. I know I still own the world my ending to Buffy and 28 Days later. Well, wish me luck over here and in writing!

17 Oct 2011 - Sitting in Sandy Al Asad, Iraq. Since it has been so long since I wrote my28 Days Later cross-over with Buffy story I decided to do a little critical review with a fresh eye. I am updating it a little as I read it. I just uploaded a revised CH 1 & 2. Nothing big on the changes ... spelling, times, dates, and a little better wording is all for now.

21 Nov 2011 - I am finally out of Iraq and currently stationed at a base in Kuwait helping manage the retrograde of zillions of pieces of equipment coming out of Iraq. Hopefully I can finish my story updates to my Buffy/28 Days Later story and get chap 12 up. I am correcting some spelling and typos and grammar and such. I am also adding a little to the stories where it seems more detail is needed, nothing major. Okay, one more pretty steam Buffy make-out scene ... but hey, why not right? haha

9 Dec 2011 - It has been hectic trying to get back into writing. My work is a little different than what I was doing back in Afghanistan. Trying to get an entire Army out of Iraq takes a little extra attention. haha ANYWAY ... I have been slowly reviewing mt Buff/28 Days Later story to correct spelling and slightly enhance the storyline. It is neat to come back months after to write something and read it and think ... "Wow, that sounds lame, I better change it." haha ANyway, I just reposted chapter 7 and I am progressing toward Chapter 12. I will be here in Kuwait now until spring so I hope to have time to finish the story once and for all and I am sorta itching to dive into Ringer!

Ringer is actually a pretty good storyline. I am honestly impressed. I do doubt they can keep the suspene up past about 3 seasons. I think there is only so long you can pull along the audience with the same kind of drama. HOWEVER, if I ever do a Ringer story it will be a crossover and I can give you three hints as to who Bridget really is. I have a thought already tying it together. It would almost be a continuation of the Buffy/28 Days Later story. Anyway, I have to get this story done first and spin it in case I want to use it for a sequel of sorts. Wish me luck!

16 Dec 2011 - Well I am preparing for another (hopefully last for awhile) Christmas away from home, family, wife, dogs, etc. I am feeling a little down about it of late. Every day here looks like the day before. Nothing breaks the routine. I feel like six Mondays and a Sunday happen every week. It is mind numbing actually. That is why I am finding it relaxing to watch Ringer when I can get it on YouTube and update my writings. I just put up a slightly revised Ch8 of my 28 Days/Buffy crossover and I updated my Star Trek short story about Chekov. Hope all enjoy. :o)

16 Jan 2013 - Well ... it was a ROUGH 2012. My dad passed away while I was in Kuwait. My wife left me for another. My motivation has been way down. Life everyone else ... old or young ... I just want to be loved. Maybe I can get back to writing. I have a vacation on the Queen Elizabeth coming up in March ... So far it is just me going ... I look forward to relaxing. Anyone bored and wanting to go on the QE, I have a spare ticket. haha

6 Mar 2013 - Recently posted my first story in awhile. It is in Star trek - Other category but at least it has broken my LONG stagnant spell. I recently got to be in a Star Trek fanfilm "Starship Ajax" and it was a BLAST! I hope to write more while on the QE.

2 Apr 2013 - I made an AMAZING trip on the QE! I did have time to finally work on my crowning story ... the Buffy and 28 Days Later crossover. I will update this week.

1 Dec 2014 - I have been deployed to Afghanistan and back since I last made a post. I have not written for a long time because of a broken heart to be honest. The love of my life left me and my dad passed away. Even my dog died. It has been rough emotionally for the last few years. I feel more like a Walking Dead zombie sometimes than I do the person I use to be. For now, I am in Texas and it is an amazing place. I hope to write again. It is hard to regain the spirit once lost. It is hard to once again capture the wind. Thanks to all the encouraging words and advice that comes my way. I will try to finish my long story before I write anything else. I am one chapter from the end and I so want to finish it.

4 Mar 2015 - I am still at Fort Bliss, TX but not yet really in the writing mood. I am trying.

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