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Author has written 10 stories for Beyblade, Kingdom Hearts, Gundam Seed, and Final Fantasy XII.

Name: Megan
August 26
They come and go, but I'll always have a soft spot for Beyblade and Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts.
Favourite Pairings Forever: Beyblade: KaixRei, YuriyxRei; Gundam SEED: MwuxKira; FFXII: BalthierxLarsa; KH: AxelxRoxas
Something About Me:
I LOVE frogs. SO CUTE! I could talk about them for ages, so I'll just stop there. ._.

Bio: There are two things that changed my life: Beyblade coupled with the discovery of FFnet, and NaNoWriMo. I've always wanted to be an author and as a really little kid I wrote some really little kiddish stories, but things didn't pick up until Beyblade began airing on YTV. That cheesy, silly, over-the-top dub about a sport based around spinning tops with its wonderful, amazing, beautiful cast of characters made me really passionate about stories. I devoured fanfictions, I idolized the best, most popular writers, and I tried to write even half as good as they did. I failed, but I had fun. And I grieved when G-Revolution came to an end. I fell out of the fandom, as happens, and abandoned my already sorry excuses for fanfictions, but I did promise I would finish them. One day, when I was a better writer and a better person. It took from 2005 to 2011 to come back and try to fulfill that promise, but here I am after participating in two NaNoWriMos and actually finishing two books. I'm a better writer and a better person. I can do this. :D

I'm also an avid fan of the Final Fantasy series of video games, and Kingdom Hearts by extension. I primarily write for these three series' because they are ones that always stay with me, but fandoms come and go as we all are well aware so there are likely to be surprises. 99% of the time I will write strictly about homosexual couples, just because it's something different and what I look for in my fandoms because, well, I grew up on FFnet. You guys understand. XD (Question to those who think a girl must be a lesbian because she likes writing about two gay guys: If you're a lesbian, why would you want so much man? I rest my case.) But who knows, there may be an occasion where I switch it up. I'm just happy as long as even one person enjoys something I've written.

Thanks a million to anyone who has ever read, reviewed, and just plain enjoyed my stories, even back in 2003. You guys -- the Beyblade fandom -- have always been amazing. I hope you'll be with me in loving Beyblade for as long as we live. :)

Keep in mind that anything written before 2011 is... not going to be that great. Anything after 2006 is probably okay-ish, but anything before 2006 is definitely something I'm embarrassed about but would rather not rewrite because I don't want to run around my whole life fixing up the things I didn't do very well the first time. If it says in the description that it's on hiatus and will be rewritten then it will be, when I'm ready to.



03/14/2012: The only excuses I can offer are: holidays, some health matters, VIDEO GAMES, and lots of writing issues. I'm trying to get back on track slowly now that things have settled down for me. I'm really hoping to find a good system for myself where I can update regularly but it sucks when you have so many ideas running around in your head and you're trying to only focus on one story. ;A; Reviews keep me motivated, just sayin'. XD And if anyone thinks sending a short story prompt will slow down my work on other stories, I promise it doesn't! I can crank them out in a couple of hours and taking a break to write something different and short is a great relaxant. :) So send me those prompts! I'm not editing my request section yet, but I'm thinking of taking Final Fantasy and Kingdom Heart prompts too, if you're interested. (Just keep in mind I haven't played past half of 358/2 Days so DON'T SPOIL ME. Or I'll kill your favourite characters.)

11/13/2011: Sorry for being so inactive, guys! Like I said last time there's just been lots of stuff happening with me. Obviously, I didn't manage to get that chapter up before November, though I did get started on it. In all honesty, I spent most of my time writing a long BorisxRei one-shot that sucked me in... ack. (I'll be posting that once it's all edited. I got conflicted with some of the scenes. D:) Anyway, I'm looking at posting a short prompt/one-shot every weekend during November to make up for my absence otherwise. Wanna read something? Now's your time to PM me! ;D


Requests Are: Open

I'll be taking short story prompts to be written and posted in the near future. They must be of Beyblade and include a pairing, preferably
KaixRei, YuriyxRei, or BorisxRei but I might consider other pairings if I like your prompt! I'll only be considering Boys Love pairings, however.

So, got a prompt you'd like turned into a short story? Send me a PM! :)

Things to keep in mind:

These stories will range from a couple of sentences to only a few hundred words long, give or take. It all depends on the prompt, details I'm given, and what I think I can do with it.
2. Your prompt can be a single word or phrase for me to base the story around and then use my own inspiration, or you can give me a short plot described in as much detail as you want me to have.
3. Only prompts centred around a couple, please. Romance fics are my strong suit. ;) This does not mean it has be romantic, however. I'm open to all kinds of sub-genres, including hurt/comfort or even abuse (such as a love/hate relationship, for example). I love trying new things. If you find requesting this sort of thing embarrassing then let me know and I won't include your name in the fic! :) (This is important because if you don't say anything I will automatically include your username and a link to your profile.)
4. Keep it rated T at most! I am willing to write suggestive scenes, but I'm utterly hopeless with smut and don't have the desire to write it anyway.
5. I'm only comfortable writing Rei as an uke (bottom/feminine) so I'm going to have to decline any requests that have him in a seme (top/masculine) role. Sorry!
6. Just because you send me a prompt does not guarantee it will be written. I want this to be a relaxing exercise for me, and my ability to write your request all depends on how I am feeling and what my life is like. I'll try to get back to you if I can't do your prompt.
7. I have the right to stop accepting prompts at any time. Sorry about this, but this is a test exercise for me so I can't say with 100% certainty that I can even keep up with it, but it doesn't hurt to try! I won't be upset if you send me a prompt though, I promise. :D

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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