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~My heart leads the way, and tells my story.~

Hello. My name is Hayley. Alot of people call me Hayls though. I'd love to be friends with all of you so private message me and we'll talk. My life is a fantasy and I'm the princess in a fairytale. Im the hero in the comics. Im the singer in a band. Im the unique purple flower in the pink flower patch. Im the friend anyone could ask for in real life. Im never too mature (No matter how old I will be I'll still love SPONGEBOB!) Im always goofy, fun, and understanding. I just want to let you know, NO ONE (Except for God) Can change who I am and what I love. (I will always stay loyal to God, I will always love the color purple, and I will always listen to PARAMORE, and GREGORY AND THE HAWK, and I will always be true to my friends) P.S. Most of my stories will be about my life, or music videos.

*God loves and saves*

Isabelle went to a party with her older cousin. Her cousin (Kara) was a senior in highschool.
And Isabelle was only a jr. One of Kara's friends greeted them.
"How are you?" He asked.
"Good now where's the beer?" Kara asked as she walked to the kitchen. Isabelle was left alone and she looked around and saw girls grinding on eachother.
Isabelle was able to tell that they were drunk. An hour later later, Kara walked out of the kitchen drunk.
"Wantt beeeer?" She asked with a chuckle. Isabelle shook her head.
"Be that way! You look like crap anyway!" Kara yelled.
"My intension was never to look like a slut, nor never follow anyone's fasionable ways." Isabelle said. Kara got mad and left somewhere. 5 mintues later a car pulled in. Isabelle looked out the window to see if it was her mom; who she was waitig for. Instead she saw three men with guns in their hands. They had just finished loading their silver guns with bullets. Isabelle ran upstairs to find her cousin.
Kara was in a room with a guy.
"What?!" Kara asked.
"Someone pulled in with a gun! We have to hide and call the police." Isabelle said. But Kara didn't believe her. Kara pushed Isabelle out of the room.
Then..slowly the door opened followed with a clicking sound.
"Please god. Keep me safe. Help me." Isabelle whispered as she hid in a dark corner. BOOM! BOOM! That was the noise that was being repeated for alteast 25 times. Then the whole house was nothing but silence.
"Check upstairs." One of the guys said. Footsteps were coming up the stairs. Soon they were close to where Isabelle was. Her heart started to race and she couldn't breathe. The guy turned on the light and he looked in Isabelles direction. But it seems he ignored her and walked into the room her cousin and a boy was in.
"AHHHHH!!" Everything was black for Isabelle after that.

"What just happend?" Isabelle asked. She found herself in the hospital.
"You were in the grounds of a horrible thing. We found 27 people dead. All but you. Strangly you were the only one without a scratch." The nurse said.
"Really?" Isabelle asked.
"Mhmm..And the police would like for you to do a line up. The think three guys did it; but they aren't sure. So thats why they want you to pick one." The nurse said as she lead Isabelle to the Police Station. Isabelle picked the three men from the previous night.
"Excuse me, can you ask them..why didn't they shoot me?" I asked. The officer nodded. A few minutes later he came out.
"They said none of them saw you."
"But that guy did! Upstairs." Isabelle said as she pointed to the strongest man. The officer went back and asked him. Then he came back out.
"He said he didn't see anyone but the two couples." The officer said. Isabelle went back to the hospital.
"Is anyone still alive?" Isabelle asked.
"Yes, but bearly. He has major injuries. He was the only one that was found without any beer. He was just doing homework." Isabelle looked into the room and saw a boy about her age. Alittle bit older. Isabelle walked in and she touched his injuries.
"Oh it's a miracle!" The nurse cheered.
"What?" Isabelle asked.
"That boy you touched. He is healed." She said.
"Wow.." Isabelle said.
"Thank you!" The boys mother said as she hugged Isabelle.
"Don't thank me. Thank god. He gave me the power to be alive and help your son."

Most people don't believe god. But I do and I put al

l my faith in him. Thats why I am trying to get you to do the same. This is the good story. Don't follow the bottom one. Well..dont be Amy

*Playing God*

Amy lived life to its fullest. She really didn't care about anything but herself.
She had control over other people,
She sang to the demons,
And never thanked god.
Clarissa on the other hand,
Was never selfish,
Sang about her fantasys in heavan,
And always thanked god.
One day Amy got mad at Clarissa for talking about god and she put a gun to her head.
Clarissa wasn't afraid beacause she knew she would go to better place. And Any thought she would suffer by staying on earth. So she let her live.
The next day Clarissa sat on the floor. And Amy was running away because she saw the thing she feared the most. She thought she saw god.
Amy held a doll of a demon in her hand and where Clarissa was her boyfriend was digging a hole. Amy ran and Clarissa watched as Amy fell into the hole.
With a calm face, Clarissa got up and she looked at the demon doll on the floor. She knew who's it was. She held it in her hands and she looked into the hole that her boyfriend made. Clarissa knew she had to get her out of her sancutary so she threw the doll inside the deep hole and her boyfriend began to put all the sand back in. And Amy was buried alive

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