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Hello fanfiction members!!!

My name is Juliette. For those who are thinking it is my real name, it isn't. I call myself Juliette because of my SN, and the fact I don't trust over half the population of stalkers and creepers out there. (If you can't figure that out, give me a message and we can talk) But don't let that turn you off, I want you to come to me when you have comments about my story and other ideas.

So, there isn't much to say. I apologize for the long time between putting new chapters up, but I am in college and have to get all that done first. Still!! There is a lot to come up soon, so put on your seat belts and enjoy the ride.

Your humble author,


P.S! If you like the way I write, and want me to write something in your honor, just let me know and it can be arranged. :D


Hello my duckies,

Juliette here for a little note for all of you! I appreciate everyone being patient with my updates. College is a pain in my rear, and it doesn't help the stress level that I am in Nursing School as well. But please, my people, I need all the reviews that I can get. I need to know what people are liking out there. For those who review, thank you! Your positivity and excitement is all the more encouraging.

Your humble author,



Hello everyone,

Thank you all so much for

the reviews! Those who sent reviews that are less constructive critisism and more just being me; don't hate player cause you can't write. Anways, those who are excited for my next enstallments I am glad to tell you there should be new chapters by the end of next week. Here is a sneak peak for you;

While Hellboy and Cameron regress a little in their relationship, Logan becomes more overprotective of Erinn. Andrea's feelings for Kurt start to come to light while Seto and Arianna visit old people.

Also, there will be a new story coming soon. The lonesome love story of Veronica and Alucard. If you loved my song fic about the two, then you will love to see not only how their relationship started but where it is going from the big secret reveal! Look forward to putting this one up.

Thanks, and don't forget to read and review my dearies!

Love, Juliette


Hey there hey there,

Alright, school is insane. Work is kicking my ass. Just thought I would give you an update on why my account has been so quiet lately. I am hoping to post some more soon.

Thanks for you patience, and please remember to read and review,



Hello there darlings!

Just want to thank everyone for the reviews that they send through. It means a lot to me to get feedback about the stories.

Also, I wanna tell you something spectacular. There are new stories that will be opening up soon! Yes sir and mame, new stories about new characters we all already love. Some will be song fics and one shots, others will be full fledged stories. Here is a sneak peak of what you should be excepting...

  • Fred Weasly and his OC lover
  • Alucard finally finding the love he needs to remind him that he is more man than monster
  • Jack Frost and Bunnymund going head to head about a certain spirit of Spring
  • My first Stony fic that comes with a song we all know by OneRepublic
  • The start of these stories does not mean that I have forgotten about the ones I already have begun to tell. Sneak Peak...

  • Seto and Ari finally slept together! With their relationship growing strong, will Ari ever find out who the hell this man is that is starting to stalk her?
  • Kurt and Andrea express some true emotion before a time of splitting sorrow
  • Hellboy and Cameron learn something spectacular about little Elaina.
  • Can't wait to get your input!

    Lots of love,


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