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Hello there. I'm new to this site so forgive me for any mistakes or offenses. And as always any advice will be greatly appreciated.

I've been reading on this site for years. And over the years I've read some fantastic pieces of work. SO, I figured I might give it a shot and do some serious writing. We'll see how it goes, won't we.

ALSO... I'm posting my general disclaimer here. Since I usually forget to add one to anything I write. Because let's face it. If I owned any of what I was writing, I wouldn't be posting it here. I'm just using the worlds that I love to escape from my own life for a while so please, don't sue me...

Basic Info

What can I tell you about me? I'm a female. I'm 23 and I love to read. I also love to write when the inspiration hits. Music is the answer to everything. I'm serious... You have a question about love? Turn on the radio. You have a question about crazy backstabbing friends? Hit ITunes. You can find all the answers you'll ever need just by listening to the words of your favorite songs. Unless of course your favorite songs are about mass murder and obscene drug usage. Then I might be persuaded to say you're more off your rocker than I am. Which at times can be quite a bit, as it were. So moving on...


I tend to write about what I know. Or if I feel like throwing a wrench into the grand scheme of things. Here are my favorites that I prefer to read about.

Harry Potter

Hermione/Draco is definitely my fave but I also enjoy a good Hermione/Lucius, Hermione/Severus, Hermione/Sirius, and Hermione/Harry.Oh, and don't forget the occasional Hermione/Charlie.

I don't like Ron a whole lot. I think his and Hermione's personalities are too different. That and I don't like a few things he did through out the series. Also, Ginny... I'm not fond of her either. I don't want to go into detail because I know people who do like her, but I'm not one of them.

Also, I'll read a good Harry/Draco every so often. Moving on.


Yes, I am a fan of both Twilight and Harry Potter. I love them both. However, I wish I could jump into the pages of Twilight and strangle the characters half the time. The books drive me crazy. It's a love/hate relationship. There is way to much 'I love you Edward. Take my soul.' I'm sorry but we can't be together Bella.' going on through the whole thing... But it's so addicting. I don't enjoy Bella/Edward though. It me the heebee jeebies. Honestly. It creeps me out how unhealthy their relationship is but no one ever says anything. So on that note I'll just say that there are two pairings I adore.

Bella/Carlisle and Bella/Jasper

Someone told me to try a good Bella/Jacob and I'd be hooked. But we'll see.

Gundam Wing

Oh how I do love my Gundam boys. I'll read a mixture of pairings in this if the summary sounds good. I absolutely refuse to read Relena. She annoys me. I dislike her. I think it's because she reminds me of someone I know who is very stuck up and disagreeable. But I don't usually like her in a pairing with anyone. I think she makes a good friend but that about it. But then again I think I just dislike any of the female characters manhandling the guys. Yea, this is my one and only ultimate guy/guy favorite. There's just something so hot about the idea when it comes to them.


Kagome/Sesshomaru. Enough said. Really now, the meek little miko seducing the big bad Lord, unintentionally at that. That's self explanatory.

And Last but not Least

Final Fantasy 7

The best game ever made. I love Tifa's character and I love her with several different people, not all at the same time though. That would be wrong... anyways.

Tifa/Sephiroth. HOTNESS is all I can say. As long as it's done right. This is one pairing where you have to get the personalities right.

Tifa/Vincent... enough said. They just click.

Tifa/Rufus. Because I think it's so outlandish.

Tifa/Cid. I've actually read some very good one's in this category.

Vincent/Sephiroth. Drool...

Vincent/Cid. Yummy...

And then the occasional Yuffie/Vincent or Yuffie/Cid

I'll throw Cloud in there every once in a while when I get bored or run out of my favorites.

Okay, that's all I got for now. I'll add more later as I think of it. I just wanted you all to get the gist of what I'm about and and if you have any requests I'll see what I can cook up for you.

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