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About Ayumi :

She can be called Ayu-San, Ayumi--Sama, or simply Ayu/Ayumi.

I'm more of a fanartist...but somehow I got myself into writing fanfiction...:3 (It all statred on a hot October day back in 2010 :P)

Age: ? :3 guess

I enjoy playing video games, drawing, watching anime, reading manga, listening to all types of music.

Favorite Animes include :Yugioh 5D's, Yugioh, Naruto, Bleach, Fairytail, and a bunch more. =)

Favorite Anime Couples: Yuusei x Aki, Jack x Carly, Bruno x Sherry, Naruto x Sakura, ...and I'm too lazy to list the rest (maybe i'll type the rest later. ^_^;;;) I'm cool with Yaoi and the like, but it's not really something that makes me go awwww easily. ^ ^;; sorry if Ayu comes off as cannon. =P >.>;;; but I do like, Yuusei x Bruno...and I've taken a liking to Yuusei x Z-one...blah blah blah. (:

Favorite Music Genres: J-pop/rock, K-pop, anime, soundtrack, dance, rock, i'm basicaly an anything goes music listener. As long as it sounds good to me, then I love it ! Language isn't a barrier to Ayu.

July, 16 2011: Woot! 3:20 a.m on the west coast!...Ch. 15 is up peeps! :D Enjoy and I need to log off...you have no idea how listening to dance/trance music keeps me hyper and awake...nooooo, I must get to bed. ;_; (but i'm not sleepy!!!!!!!!!) And a huge shoutout to all my readers too, love you guys! ^w^ (lets see if I can make it to 130 reviews! O.O)

August, 27 2011: Aww man it’s been a long time since I’ve updated. I’m sorry I’m not dead or anything. It’s just that things have been crazy in my personal life and I just started a new semester. So that’s more to add to the list. :(

I’m still here and ch. 16 is about 95% complete. It’s been slow progress, but I hope I can get to the editing

Asap. My goal is to get it up within the next 2 weeks. Thank you for all the comments and for sticking with me! I’m working hard on it as I type! ^W^

August, 30 2011: I'm done! \^W^/ Well done with typing Ch. 16! It's been edited...but I need to read it one more time. ^ ^; So It should be up in a day or two for sure! *promise* :3

September 1, 2011: Ch. 16's up! ^W^ Enjoy and R and R! :3 *woot*

October 13 2011: I know it's been almost a month. Projects and essays are taking over and I've been stressed w/ my computer graphic class...a bit. But things are a bit better. ^W^ I'm proud to say that Ch. 17 is being edited and it should be up soon. I will try to get it up by Saturday...but I can't promise that either. But you know the drill, I always try. :D Thank you for your reviews and please do keep them coming! :D *W*

October 19 2011: Ch. 17 is up! ^W^ Enjoy!

Lot’s of Love,


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