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New Stuff! (2013/14)

Clarke's Law - AKA Wicked! Sequel. Continues on a few years after where Wicked! Sounds Like My Kind of School ended. Kelly Jones works for MI7 until a mission gone bad sets her off on a recovery mission which takes a sideways leap into another Universe thanks to Ace and the Doctor.

This fic has been sitting in a folder in some shape or another for roughly a year and a half. It's been edited, expanded, abandoned then finally revived as a personal National Novel Writting Month challenge.

Colab Stuff! (2013)

If you want to cut to the chase the links are here:

'Pizza for Creevy' -

'The Point Where the Two Graphs Converge' -

A friend (theartofsafecracking) and I have worked on two collaborative stories featuring Raine and Ace. 'Pizza for Creevy' and 'The Point Where the Two Graphs Converge' are the result of us bouncing ideas off each other and the distinct lack of Raine fic anywhere. (She's not even a choice in the character selection box thingie :O )

Raine is a curious case as a companion for she was intended to be introduced in Season 27, AKA the season that would have followed Survival. Very basic outlines for this series introduced a new companion to replace Ace; an upperclass safe cracker from the late 1980's called Raine. As a mixed blessing, season 27 never occurred but Big Finish have picked up these 'Lost Stories' and the poor cat burglar and brought them to life through audio dramas. Better still, they decided to add Raine to the 7 and Ace TARDIS crew. She's quite a contrast to the rougher personality of Ace which makes for interesting interactions between the two.

So go and have a read. :) Currently there is no 'story arc', just short stories.

(Wicked! readers, please note that Raine is not Kelly. They have similar talents but both have their own distinct voice and personality. Were they to meet, I'm sure that would be very interesting indeed...)

Setting and Other Stuff

My story 'Wicked! Sounds Like My Kind of School' is set sometime after 'Survival' and doesn't incorporate any of the 'New Adventures Novels' or 'Big Finish' stuff.

Co-authored stories 'Pizza for Creevy' and 'The Point Where the Two Graphs Converge' are set before and during the events of Crime of the Century (Big Finish Lost Stories: 2.4). How they match up in the character's timelines may differ. :P Wicked! would be set before both stories however.

'Guardian' is a curious case. I'm not certain myself where it fits. (I took the plunge into New Adventure novels and Big Finish - timeline confusion, help) I don't know where (or even if) Ace obtains a motorbike that can travel through space and time. Age wise, I'd say Ace is in her late twenties, so definitely after Survival. Possibly post Love and War.

'Clarke's Law' is Post Wicked! and may include references to events in the New Adventure Novels and Big Finish audios (Nothing too specific to be spoilerific, fingers crossed) but knowledge of the NA and Big Finish is not required. It is also both post and pre-Battlefield - Post for Ace and 7, pre for other characters.

About Updates


  • Wicked! Sounds Like My Kind of School
  • 'Wicked' is the first large piece of fiction I have written from beginning to end. Others have been started then died off as time passed, but not this one. Ace kept nagging me.

    Details about the story can be found at the very bottom of this profile but be warned. There be spoilers waiting there if you haven't read it to its entirety.

  • Guardian
  • Work in Progress

  • Clarke's Law
  • Updates will be fairly regular and typically be paired chapters. Estimated total length of about half that of Wicked!'s.

    Collab Stories

    See theartofsafecracking 's page.


    I don't own anything Doctor Who, Big Finish or St Trinian's. I do however claim the creative imagination that my fingers blur onto the keyboard.


    Also I thought I'd mention the latest addition to the Timeladies; Olivia. (Who is the daughter of the 10th Doctor and his 5th self's daughter... But let's not try figuring out how that works )

    R.I.P Nicholas Courtney

    R.I.P Elizabeth Sladen

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    You've searched every DVD you own to try and find the Doctor on an easter egg... (And found them! But you know, it'd be creepy if there was an easter egg on the 'Blink' DVD that had the full convo...

    Here There Be Spoilers!

    (Feel free to ask questions via a review or message)

    1. Ace's birthday changed sometime during writing.

    Originally, Ace's birthday was earlier in October (The 5th or 7th from memory) but was altered to coincide with Halloween.

    2. The twins only arrived at St Trinian's recently.

    It may not appear to be so when reading, but the twins have only attended the school a few days, possibly weeks, before Ace. The reason they were never identified as being 'New Girls' like Ace was because they blended in with the First Years and joined them extremy quickly, and Ace arrived later, making her 'the newest'. The twins, being only ten, did not draw the older girls' attention as much as Ace did. Ace's first fight with Josey resulted in them being ignored by the bully.

    3. Kelly had her doubts about aliens' existance before Ace's arrival.

    She saw the spaceship crash into Big Ben personally and she and Polly hacked into the hospital the 'space-pig' was taken to. Afterwards, Kelly pretended to accept it as a hoax (Which the space-pig was) but began to have her doubts.

    4. Kelly never tells Ace about her encounters with the Professor.

    She never made the connection between his occassional appearance whenever Ace left the grounds to him being the one Ace travels the Universe with. As such, she has no idea what he looks like, nor that he was not the threat she believed he was in the bar after Ace's acceptance.

    5. The Professor almost meet his ninth self.

    As mentioned in the story, the 7th Doctor went to investigate the disappearance of the Slitheen spaceship. He arrived too late for the ship was gone. Trying to track it down, he ended up in Cardiff and narrowly avoided meeting himself, Blon the Slitheen, Mickey, Jack and Rose (Boom Town). He quickly disappeared before the Rift started opening up.

    6. Ace and Kelly's unexpected trip to Canary Wharf was due to geographical location.

    When writing the chapter, I tried to keep track of where abouts they were. By coincidence, Canary Wharf wasn't too far from where I had them jump into the Thames. After some brief research I discovered there were few/no Internet Cafes there as well, which fitted the plot.

    7. Why was the Professor at Canary Wharf pre-Doomsday?

    He certainly didn't know about Torchwood or that he'd later find himself there facing hoards of Daleks and Cybermen. When the TARDIS dematerialalised after dropping Ace off at the school, he didn't disappear completely. He investigated the spaceship and, when he had no success (Before heading to Cardiff) he wandered around Canary Wharf after detecting traces of alien activity (The Shadow Proclamation 'Alien Policeman'). He happened to land late (Again) and noticed Kelly's wet socks and thought it odd which is why he approached her, having no idea that she was a peer of Ace's or that Ace was in a hotel room nearby.

    8. Did the Professor know about 'Alien Alex'?

    No. Remember she had been hiding at the school for months by the time he dropped Ace off. Knowing the Shadow Proclamation was after her, 'Alien Alex' avoided using her electrical abilities as much as possible to escape detection. Although faint traces may have been detectable by the TARDIS, other traces in the area were far stronger (Eg; Slitheen spaceship and the Shadow Proclamation). The Professor noticed the later, possibly why he landed during September 2006 when the traces were still around and noticable (He did miss the time he was originally planning on).

    9. Who entered the Head Girl room at the beginning of the story?

    'Alien Alex'. She wanted to suss out who was the greatest threat to her and, since no Head Girl had been identified to the girls at the time, she snuck into the room to check for clues. How? She's a shape-shifter. She became her true form (Part gas) and then slipped through the keyholes. This caused the door to absorb some of her electricity, which is why Ace got zapped after touching it.

    9. Why did the Shadow Proclamation 'Alien Policeman' shoot at Kelly in the warehoue?

    It was the Shadow Proclamation that surrounded and trapped Kelly in the warehouse. 'Alien Policeman' made the error of identifying Kelly as the shape-shifter due to the alien traces he detected on her. These traces were the result of 'Alien Alex' entering the Head Girl's room on several occassions and Kelly absorbing the electrical traces left behind by these trips whenever she entered/left the room after the alien had and touched the door. Ace absorbed far less having only touched the door once at this point of the story. Ace would also give off different traces due to travelling through time and space as well as the dormant Cheetah Virus and the 'Curse of Fenric'.

    10. Why did 'Alien Policeman' use a 'stun gun' like weapon to knock Ace and Kelly out?

    His target was only Ace but she refused to co-operate and ended up fighting back. In the end he had no choice but to knock her out. Kelly, seeing this, attacked him and, to protect himself, he used the stun gun on her too. By this point he had realised his earlier mistake (See 9) and knew she wasn't the shape-shifter, but could hardly leave her on the street. He also identified her as one of the students, later making the correct assumption of her being Head Girl.

    11. How did he know Kelly was Head Girl?

    He took a good guess. Having assess to U.N.I.T's files, he read up all he could about the school as well as its fearsome reputation. Despite trapping Kelly in the warehouse, she managed to escape with Ace's assistance. This, amongst other small details, provided 'Alien Policeman' with evidence that she was more than just an ordinary student. Her age made it even more likely that she was the Head Girl, as she is noticably older than most of the girls. Her protectiveness of Ace, despite being in a strange place and unfamiliar alien territory, also would have supported his theory.

    12. What was it that Ace felt in between their hands in the epilogue?

    Remember the oath Kelly made when clutching her Head Girl badge? Is this badge anywhere to be seen in the 2007 movie? No. We never see Kelly wearing one (Go check if you want), but in the 2009 movie when Annabelle becomes Head Girl she has one and the other girls immediately recognise it and what it means so it isn't a new thing that's only just been introduced. So where did it go? If I were as bold to say how my story fit into cannon, Kelly had a badge but doesn't need it anymore. She has become accepted as the girls' Head Girl, thus making wearing the badge unnessecary.

    13. So Ace has the badge?

    Yes she does, but during the epilogue she is unaware of this. Kelly slipped it into her pocket when they hugged. Considering their size, it may take Ace a while to find it.

    14. But why did Kelly give it to her?

    Ace's jacket is covered in badges. They are mementos of places she's been and people she's met. Although Ace never told her this, Kelly might have given it to her to add to her collection as a parting gift. The reason she didn't tell Ace about it could be because she knew, this way, Ace would not find it until much later, causing her to remember the family she made in the 21st Century. Also, Ace would have refused to take it if Kelly had given it to her and, by Kelly sneaking it into her pocket, Ace may feel the need to return it.

    15. If Ace finds and decides to wear the Head Girl Badge on her jacket, won't people associate her with being Head Girl, like former St Trinian girls, or a thief?

    That's quite possible, but perhaps Kelly considered this. Knowing the trouble Ace would likely end up in once she left, the possibility she might encounter other St Trinian girls (Past, present or future) may have also played a role in her decission to give it to her. St Trinian girls, regardless of having met each other, typically regard other St Trinian girls as being family and would probably assist anyone they saw who was St Trinian, particularly someone wearing a Head Girl Badge (It'd be something to gloat about, as Head Girls don't usually need help). As for them discovering she wasn't a Head Girl, who knows? She is St Trinian; wearing the badge only draws others attention to it.

    16. When Ace tries to read the 'Head Girl Book', Kelly seems to be suggesting that Ace could potentially be the next Head Girl.

    It seems so, but Ace's reaction says it all; she's shocked and horrified by Kelly even hinting at the idea. She had no plans of taking on a leadership role especially not at an anarchic school. After confronting and dealing with the aliens ('Alien-Alex' and the Shadow Proclamation), Ace begins to feel restless. She senses that her time is coming to an end, although not quite conciously at first. At the beginning of the story, it is established that Ace's attendence at St Trinian's is only temporary. She was never under the impression or belief that she'd stay longer than a year.

    Also, this would screw with continuity as Annabelle arrives at the school several months later ('The Girl With The Pearl Earring' is on exibition from March until June, and Annabelle hasn't been at the school for more than a month or two), aproximately late January, early February. Knowing Annabelle would show up about this time and not wanting to rewrite the events of the movie and set the alien problem during this already chaotic time, I set the story a few months earlier at the 'beginning' of the school term (September) and made sure that Ace left before Annabelle showed up.

    17. Did Polly know Ace was a time traveller?

    Kelly's investigation into Ace led to Polly hacking into U.N.I.T. If she investigated the Code 9 (As she did in the story) but in greater detail and found out about the Doctor and the TARDIS, she might put two and two together. But the Storm Worm (A real computer virus that swept the Internet around that time by the way) would have deleted most if not all the information she might look up. So, unless Kelly informed her, chances are it will only be a theory but never known for certain.

    18. What was the original Alex like?

    Very much like her alien copy-cat as 'Alien-Alex' watched and learnt her general behaviour before taking her place. Alex had arrived at St Trinian's near the end of last term, so no one really knew her too well. Being smart, she was quickly absorbed into the Geek group, which protected her somewhat from the pranking of the other girls. She was quiet and a bit shy too when the girls knew her, and wasn't seen as anywhere near as interesting or unique as Ace was seen to be when she arrived.

    19. Did the twins ever successfully replicate Ace's Nitro?

    No. Their early attempts failed miserably but their explosive-making skills improved with time. After Ace's departure however, they may have given up trying to copy it and instead make other explosives they could make. This explains how they know how to use explosives and know all about C4 and the like in the 2007 movie.

    20. What was Miss Fritton referring to when she went to tell Ace something but decided not to, saying she should ask Kelly about it, in the epilogue?

    Ace was unaware of the changes she had brought to the school, and Miss Fritton wanted to thank her for them. However, that particular part of the conversation was never answered in the story. Ace didn't ask Kelly what it was, because Kelly would have given her a crypitic answer unless she could specify exactly what she wanted to know. At this point, Kelly didn't know Ace was going to leave, so it may have been something she had discussed with Miss Fritton.

    21. Was it about Ace being a candidate for Head Girl next year?

    Possibly. It could have been a number of things, but Kelly's earlier suggestion (See 16) makes it seem this to be the case although it would seem to be a bit early to be thinking about that so soon into the year.

    22. Mr Baily wasn't the only English teacher who the girls had before the 2007 movie, was he?

    No. Two or three others came after him but were never mentioned in the story, or didn't appear until after Ace had left. It would have gotten boring if Ace had met them all as you'd have to read about them. This is why many of the teachers didn't get much of a role in this story. Too many characters = too complicated. Most featured once or were mentioned at some point.

    23. Before Ace came were Josey and Kelly rivals?

    Yes in a way as Josey had her sights on being Head Girl for the power whilst Kelly was the obvious and natural choice for the role, which is partly the reason Kelly was made Head Girl. Another part of the reason was that Miss Fritton knew Josey was too ambitious and the girls would be much better off if Kelly took the role instead. This led to Josey rebelling against her and trying to break her spirit and claim it from her.

    24. Would she have succeeded without Ace's interference?

    Unlikely as that would have screwed continuity, but had Josey managed to drug Kelly's drink, Kelly would have been severely ill and unable to fufill her duties for days if not weeks. It would not have killed her as she would have tasted the poison and immediately stopped drinking (As Josey did). However, had Josey used a different, tasteless poison, things may have turned out differently.

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