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Author has written 39 stories for Bleach, Tales of Symphonia, Legend of Korra, and Soul Eater.

Well, as you've read my penname is crazy alligator. Welcome to my page!

Writing fanfics for me right now is a long and staggered process and is, unfortunately, taking a very long time. I want to thank you all for your patience.

I'd like to do some clarification for safety. Recently, I've found that excerpts from my fanfiction "20 Truths: Renji and Rukia" have been posted onto some other websites and reblogged without my knowledge. And when I click on source, the page is not found, so I'm not sure if I was ever given any kind of credit. I'm not upset(it's always good to spread the RenRuki love), but I would like to put this out there to say that if you see any parts from "20 Truths: Renji and Rukia" on other websites(specifically tumblr/RenRuki blogs), they originally came from my writing. Thank you. Now, for some other stuff...

ANONYMOUS REVEIWS IS NOW ENABLED! Originally I had this feature disabled because I didn't want any cowardly asses to leave an anonymous flame, however lately I have decided that, you know what, who cares? I'll just delete the damn review if it's a flame. Which brings me to my next point. DON'T ABUSE THE PRIVILEGE! ANY AND ALL ANONYMOUS FLAMES WILL BE DELETED POST-HASTE! Seriously, it's one thing to flame someone, but if you don't at least have the decency to insult someone to their face, then you're just a cowardly douche. But anyways, I ultimately decided to enable these, as I know what can happen(can't get account, forgot password, can't get onto your account for any reason, etc.)and I have been in the position of not having an account before and I know that it can be frustrating when you really want to review something but anonymous reviews is disabled. Thank you for your time.


Byakuya's Schemes-Complete! :)

The Master Plan-Yay for an update! :D I can't really say when I'll be able to get the next one out...but I'll try to hurry!

One in a Million-Updated 11/6/2012. I don't have many ideas for what to do next, but trust me, the story will be updated in due time :)

100 RenRuki oneshots-Sadly, I'm putting this one on the backburner for now T_T As soon as I get a a couple of my other stories finished, I'll try to start back up.

Adapting-Complete! :)

Parenting: The Triumphs of Renji and Rukia Abarai-Updated 2/27/2012. Woo, I've finally got one! :D Probable next one is being written as we speak :)

AU RenRuki Drabble Dump-Updated 12/08/2012. Updates are random.


Byakuya Schemes-RenRuki fiction. Basically, Renji and Rukia are in love, but refuse to tell each other for certain reasons. Byakuya's has been aware of this for a long time, and he is finally deciding to do something about it. He is going out of his way to make plans that will put Renji and Rukia in situations in which he hopes will be romantic enough for them to confess to each other. The first couple chapters are very comedic, but then it gets a bit more serious. Only a little though, as comedy is a constant is most of my stories, including this one. Rated T for cursing and minor references to sex. Complete!

The Master Plan-IchiHime & RenRuki fiction. Renji and Rukia are married, and Rukia sets Orihime and Ichigo up on a blind date. This leads to new things happening, and plus there is a RenRuki subplot that is a bit darker than the more light-hearted main IchiHime plot...though it has a good amount of comedy, I am considering changing the genres from Romance-comedy to Romance-drama. Rated T for cursing and minor referneces to sex.

One in a Million-AU RenRuki fiction. Renji and Rukia are both rich, and both have high statuses. For their own separate reasons, they are being forced to attend arranged marriage meeitngs so they can try and find spouses. Only problem is, the people they are set up to meet with are heartless and greedy. But in this latest meeting, they are being set up to meet with each other, and many events unfold. Rated T for cursing and medium references to sex(as in more than minor but not major either.) Genre changed from romance-comedy to romance-drama.

Adapting-Threeshot. Takes place shortly after Renji joins the Gotei 13, and before Kaien and Miyako(Kaien's wife)die. Rukia's depression over losing Renji has become unbearable, and one day, after running off from training AGAIN, she breaks and tells Kaien and Miyako about her and Renji, and how sad she is without him. So, Kaien and Miyako decide to bring the two together again, with just a bit of help from Kira. Rated T for really sad people XD But, serously, yeah, it involves a good deal of angst. Complete! :)



RENJI X RUKIA-I SHIP THEM SO HARD!!! My OTP of all anime's EVER is these guys. I mean, come on. They have a strong childhood frinedship, which also means extremely strong bond that almost no one can understand and that neither can ever have with anyone else. And if you ask me, the fact that it was damaged but is now repaired just shows how they can never be split apart and will always care for one another. It's pretty obvious that Renji's in love with Rukia, so I'm not going to go into that, but I am going to say that it's absolutely awesome how much devotion he has for her. It really is. Not to mention that you can obviously see that Rukia also cares for him a great deal, regardless of everything that has happened, so it would be really nice if people would stop saying that Renji lost his chance...becuase, I mean, neither of them is dead, and there's always a chance when they're both still alive. I honestly think that that is a very weak, and kind of stupid, argument, but it is only one out of many of the similarly stupid arguments against this pairing, that is if they even qualify as arguments. And going back to their bond, they also understand each other more than anyone could, because let's think for a minute. Who was it that cheered Rukia up when she was all sad and feeling guitly in S.S., and also who was the one who defended Rukia's pride as a warrior when ICHIGO was saying that saving Orihime was too dangerous for her? That's what I thought. And that scene in S.S. when Renji holds Rukia and swears to never give her up? You will never see Ichigo carrying and protecting her like that. EVER. Also extreme height differences=win.

HISANA X BYAKUYA-My second favorite pairing in this series(they don't even need an argument, because they were married, and therefore canon), they make me wanna cry every time I think about them. I really adore the fact that there was actually someone that good ol' Byakushi actually unconditionally loved with all his heart. But it's so sad that she died, I hate that she did so much! T_T

ICHIGO X ORIHIME-I also support these guys together. Hueco Mundo, if nothing else, proves its worth. We already know for a fact that Orihime loves Ichigo, and, I mean, Ichigo has laid his life down on the line for her at least 5 times. He is willing to protect her with his life, and has proved it, not to mention that it was ORIHIME'S crying and calling for him that stirred Ichigo to live and release bull Ichigo. So there...not really as much of an argument for this one(though I would and could make a better one of I were more passionate about this pairing), as RenRu is my main one...but it still holds true!


SOUL X MAKA-Because come on,'s painfully obvious to everyone.


USUI X MISAKI-Is there really anyone who actually watches this anime and doesn't ship these guys? Is there really anyone that thinks that the bread crust-eating black hole called Hinata Shintani actually has any kind of chance? (Though to be fair I muist say that he is a really nice character personality-wise.)


ZED X ROIA-My former OTP, I was so sad when this anime ended and Zed just left without anything happening pairing-wise...T_T...I cried in my closet for 2 weeks...

NOA X KIRA-Screw Diana. Even though this anime had a no pairings ending(which upset me greatly), I thanked god nothing happened between Noa and Diana. That's all I have to say.

MIKKI X PINO-Mikki might have one k, I really don't remember because I haven't watched the subbed of this in like a year, but anyways, these two are basically canon, and everyone knows it. 'Nuff said.

CLOUD X JESARA-Another pairing that is basically canon...I cried when Jesara died T_T


I am not a fan of yaoi or yuri.

The vast majority of my fics will be nothing but RenRuki. Occasionaly, I will write an IchiHime fic if I'm in the mood. I will also write holiday and certain birthday fics. And...Christmas is next! :D

Okay, well...I think everything in that area is covered. Now for other stuff!

There are a lot of animes I like but some of my favorites are Bleach(duh!), Kaichou wa maid-sama, Clanned, Soul Eater, Kiba, Inuyasha, Glass Mask, and Hellsing. Hope you enjoy the fics that I post here.

Thank You


Pick 10 of your favorite characters from any fandom.

1. Renji Abarai
2. Byakuya Kuchiki
3. Rukia Kuchiki
4. Kenpachi Zaraki
5. Juushiro Ukitake
6. Shunsui Kyouraku
7. Rangiku Matsumoto
8. Grimmjow Jaggerjacques
9. Orihime Inoue
10. Ichigo Kurosaki

Now answer these questions. DO NOT look at the questions before choosing your characters. Enjoy.

1: You catch 5 is spying on 3 in a doorway with a massive blush on their face. What is 3 doing to get 5 so hot and bothered?

Um...disregarding the fact of how strange that is, I guess she'd be...I dunno, undressing?

2: 10 has pissed off 5 and they look like they're about to tackle each other! Will you step in or let them duke it out?

Let Ukitake kick Ichigo's ass :) The guy may be sick, but he's still powerful

3: Does 2 have something or someone they cling to while they sleep? What is it?

Yes, he does. It's a picture of Hisana T_T

4. 1 has suddenly started saying "I've got balls of steel" a lot, at random, for no particular reason. It's getting on your nerves. What do you do?

"Rukia, get in here! They're finally doing it just like you wanted!"

"...Ukitake, why are you grabbing my ass?...and why does it appear as if you were trying to grab Rukia's...?" Followed by Ukitake 'finally succumbing to his sickness' *wink wink* and an instant removal of Rukia from squad 13

9: Would you eat Chinese takeout and watch TV with 1 or would you go skydiving with 10?

Takeout and TV with Renji every day of the week

10: 7 is having a nervous breakdown. What does 9 do to ease their stress?

Cook some wasabi bean paste concoction from hell and listen to her friend's problems :)

11. If you needed a lift, who would come pick you up, 4 or 5?

Probably Ukitake

12. 10, 5 and 8 are whispering about the insane stunt 6 pulled the other day. 6 suddenly appears out of nowhere, and hears just enough to guess what they're discussing. What happens?

An already drunken Shunsui takes no word of the gossip, instead slurring to the group that they should come drink with him

13. 9 suddenly breaks out in a cold sweat. Why?

Ichigo just got pwned in some way, shape, or form

14. 2 accuses 3 of stealing something they care about. Who would stick up for 3 to the point of violence?

Definitely Renji. He'll be by Rukia even as he's getting shredded to bits by cherry blossoms

15: 2 throws a brick through 3's window to get back at them for it. What does 3 do to retaliate?

She won't. In her mind, everything nii-sama does is just and pure

16: Surprise, surprise! 6 borrowed it without telling 2. Now what?

Instant annihilation by sakura petals

17: 9 is running around in circles. Why?

She's just having one of her spazz moments and going on about robots and pickles and whatnot

18: 7 and 6 are naked and getting busy and 9 walks in. Reaction?

"O-Oh, Rangiku-san, Kyou-Kyouraku-san, um, I, uh-I'm sorry!" And she runs away blushing furiously

19: Where does 2 go alone to think or blow off steam?

Hisana's shrine :)

20: 6 is making out with 9 and 7 walks in. What now?

"...Orihime, you told me you loved Ichigo!"

21: 2 has accidentally broken your favorite lamp. What do you do?

Probably nothing. He'll have it paid for and replaced before I can get a word out.

22: 3 has gotten it into their head that 10 is secretly plotting to kill them. What will they do?

Enlist Renji as help in a plan to make Orihime manipulate Ichigo into moving to Mexico

23: 7 has deeply offended 5. Why is 5 upset and how would you help them mend fences?

Rangiku said he probably hasn't been laid in years, and I make Rangiku flirt with him :)

24: 10 has somehow gained the ability to switch genders at will. How will they use this?

Change into a woman when he fights Renji so he'll have an advantage

25: 3 has finally turned 21. Who will they go drinking with, and who would they avoid inviting?

She'd go with Renji and Byakuya but avoid Rangiku

26: 3 ends up at 5's house drunk. What does 5 do?

Gives her a blanket and takes her home to Byakuya :)

27: 1 is ravaged by swine flu. Will you take care of them or let 8 do all the nursing?

Considering that Grimmjow is a bloodthirsty killer, I'm gonna go with the former

28: 4 breaks their leg. 2 and 10 come upon them. What do they do?

Byakuya goes off on a tangent about how it's all Zaraki's own fault for being an uncultured brute while Ichigo laughs his ass off in sweet revenge

29: 6 has gotten fired. Are they really nuts enough to shoot up their workplace with a sawed-off shotgun, or will they just leave a burning bag of dog crap on their boss's front porch?

He's probably too lazy to do either one

30: 9 wakes up tied up and gagged in a dank cellar. Who has captured them and why?

Loly. She got resurrected and still hates Orihime's guts

31: 3 is convinced the world is going to end tomorrow. What will they do?

Gather up all her friends and chappy merchandise and force them into a small bombsafe shelter

32: 4 spontaneously combusts. Who is sad to see them go?

Yachiru and pretty much all of squad 11

33. 2 has gotten drunk with 3 and 5. What happens?

Byakuya mistakes Rukia for Hisana and flirts with her as Shunsui watches like the pervert he is

34: You have caught 6 stealing your bed sheets. What's going on?


35: Does Santa count 9 naughty or nice this year?

Orihime's always on the nice list :)

36: 7 must atone for their sins. What have they done, and what is their penance?

She drinks and screws everything that moves, and she has to become a nun >:)

37: Why is 1 gnawing on the corner of your desk?

Some convoluted attempt to get Rukia's attention

38: Who's afraid of the big bad wolf, 8 or 7?

Grimmjow-doesn't everyone know cats are afraid of dogs?

39: You wake up to find 10 sleeping next to you. Now what?

Slowly sneak out of bed and go find Orihime

40: 6 is sitting on your roof. What do you do?

Ask what happened with Nanao that made him so upset

41: All the birds suddenly hate 5. What do you do?


42: 1 signed a contract with the devil. What will 4 do to keep them out of hell?

Fight the devil head-on. This is Kenpachi we're talking about, bitches

43: 7 and 6 have fallen asleep on your couch and 9 is there. What happens?

Orihime, seeing no further purpose in staying, leaves

44: 8 has a major problem. Who will they go to for help?

A bunch of ally cats

45: 6 has been tossed out of the movies. Why?

Public nudity

46: 9 attacks 5. Who wins?

Ukitake. Sorry, Orihime, but he's a 2000 year old captain

47: 10 is verbally abusing 3. Who will defend them?

Rukia'll defend herself, and Ichigo'll be black and bloody by the time she's done with him.

48: 10 confesses they are in love with 1. What happens?

Rukia faints and Renji looks horrified as everyone else stares in disbelief

49: 5 gooses 7 by accident. Now what?


50: 2 is having the life sucked out of them by 9 and 4. What do you do?

"Orihime, go confess to Ichigo. Zaraki, stop being a bitch, that's not how you roll."

51: 7 has suddenly become a grade-A asshole. Who will rebuke them?

None other than Toshiro Hitsugaya

52: 9 was murdered. Who is responsible?

Once again, Loly

53: If 8 disappeared, would anyone care and if so, who?


54: 1 has been accused of murder, and is now on the run. Who will aid them?

Rukia and Byakuya, except Byakuya would do that under-the-table help thing to keep his pristine image

55: Unfortunately, 1 and their accomplice have been caught. 6 has evidence that 1 is innocent, but refuses to come forward. Why?

He's drunk and doesn't know what he's talking about

56: What would give 6 a change of heart?


57: 7 and 9 are not speaking to each other. Why?

Orihime finally put her foot down and told Rangiku to find her own damn place to stay

58: 4 has plans for world domination. What do they include?


59: If 2 did graffiti, what would they write?


60: 10 stumbles into your house, a total mess. What happened?

He was caught by his dad while being about to do it with Hime

61: 8 is coughing up blood. Who poisoned them?


62: You come upon 5 passed out naked on your dining room table. How did this happen?

Unohana gave him the wrong medicine...

63: 3 is being led away by the FBI. Does 5 still care about them?


64: 8 has gained the ability to clone his or her self. How will they use this?


65: 3 is convinced your head is a bowl of soup. How will you knock this nonsense out of them?

"Hey look, it's chappy!"

66: 6 reveals they are the antichrist. What do you do?

Tell Nanao

67: 1 has taken up oil wrestling. Who wants to get an eyeful of them?

Rukia'll be behind the bushes red-faced and slack-jawed

68: 4 can't seem to stay awake. What were they doing last night?


69: Would you rather cuddle with 1 or go all the way with 10?

Once again, cuddling with the tatto guy

70: Is 3 more likely to fight or flee?

Rukia's gonna fight to the death!

71: 1 takes you on the absolute worst date of your life. Who would comfort you afterwards, 5 or 8?

Ukitake is WAY more sympathetic than Grimmjow

72: Who could make you angriest, 2, 7, or 9?

Well, Orihime sometimes gets a litte too goody-goody for my liking...

73: Who could physically injure you the most easily, 1, 6, 4 or 10?

Well, Kenapchi's, like, 7 feet tall, so...

74: Why would you want to kill 5?

If he really was evil like the manga hinted at

75: Does 6 believe in life after love?

Are you kidding? He didn't seem to have such a hard time going from one female lieutenant to the other, that's for sure...

76: 2 has started cutting his or her self. Why are they being so emo?


77: 4 has become an old geezer overnight. How did this happen?

Yachiru finally broke him

78: Oh, it's just a prank, it was makeup. Does 7 get angry or just laugh?

Rangiku laughs her ass off, she finds pretty much everything entertaining

79: Does 10 have a good sense of humor?

It depends on the subject

80: Of all the characters you chose, who will be the hottest at 50?


81: How well does 5 handle disappointment?

Pretty well, especially since he seems pretty happy most of the time despite living with tuberculosis

82: Who likes chocolate cake the most, 1, 2 or 3?

Definitely Renji, the king of sweet tooths

83: 7 has the worst case of herpes! Who gave it to them?

Who knows?

84: 3 is wearing a rather indecent outfit. How does 5 react? How does 9 react?

Ukitake will ask her nicely to go cover up and Orihime will just blush and stutter

85: 7 is seeking vengeance on 9. How will they achieve it?

Reveal Orihime's love to Ichigo

86: 10 has uncovered 4's plan of global dominion! What will 10 do? What will 4 do?

Ichigo'll challenge him to a fight, and Zaraki'll fight right back

87: 8 secretly loves 2, but can't tell anyone. 2 comes out of the shower and accidentally drops their towel just as 8 walks in. Now what?

Grimmjow attacks him with a kiss

88: Distraught, 8 comes to you seeking advice. What do you tell them?

"..Dude, he was married, I don't think he swings that way..."

89: 3 has grown angry with 5. Why?

He refuses to let her go on dangerous missions

90: Can you trust 6? depends on whether he's drunk or not

91: You come upon 4 digging a hole next to an unconscious 8. What's going on?

Kenpachi killed the bitch and needs to hide the evidence so old man Yama doesn't go off in him

92: 7 has turned into an asshole again. Why?

Hitsugaya stuck her with extra paperwork

93: What reason could 1 have for climbing up the side of the empire state building with suction cups?

"I have to save Rukia! That giant monkey got her!"

94: 10 is talking trash to 3 again. How will you shut them up?

I won't need to, because Rukia will have kicked his ass into next week by the time I get to where they are

95: 5 finally confesses their love to 3. How does 3 respond?

"Um, taicho...I'm engaged to Renji..."

96: 6 is in the hospital. Who goes to visit them?


97: 2 and 3 are at each other's throats. Why?

Byakuya wants to hold Rukia back when it comes to her duties and missions while Rukia wants to take on the toughest challenges she can handle

98: Why is the rum gone? Who drank it?

Rangiku drank it to get out of paperwork duty

99: You ended up stranded on an island with 1, 4, 6, 8 and 9. What happens?

Everyone stands around awkwardly, realizing they've never really interacted with each other in the story line

100: If 8 loves 2, 9 and 7 love 6, 5 loves 3 and 10 loves 1, who does 4 love? Would you reciprocate if they loved you?

Kenpachi loves Yachiru. Like a daughter. And, I'd have to say no

If you wanna check out these questions and do them yourself, I got them from

Things in RenRuki that equal win:

Complete, unbridled devotion=win

Strong childhood friendship=win

Extreme care for each other=win

Extreme height difference=epic win

Willingness to lay down your life for the other=win

Being able to know each other so much that you can make the other feel better about things they are deeply giulty about/feel extremely bad about=epic win

Respect for each others abilities and pride=win

Being able to mend a long-broken friendship=win

Making it your life's goal to make yourself worthy of the other and training your ass off for 40 years straight so that you can be with them=epic win

Fighting the other's very strong and powerful brother to save their life even though you know you're not ready yet=also epic win

Swearing to an incredibly powerful superior officer that you will never give the other up evens if it costs you your life=again, epic win

Finding the power to offer yourself to a very powerful superior officer while the other is protecting you in exchange for the life of the other=win

Continuing to care deeply for each other even over years of painful separation=win

This pairing in general=double epic win to the extreme

copy and re-post this if you agree. RenRuki FTW!

If you've ever gotten so desparate for new fanfiction of your OTP that you sift through dozens of google pages in an attempt to find some, copy and re-post onto your profile

If you think that Renji should've kicked Byakuya's ass in S.S. arc, copy and re-post this onto your profile

If you've ever gone into the wrong-gender bathroom by accident, copy and re-post this on your profile

If you think that the ending of Bleach should've been Renji defeating Aizen and carrying Rukia off into the sunset, copy and re-post this onto your profile

If you want Renji and Rukia to have beautiful red-haired babies, copy and re-post this onto your profile

If you want Naruto to just freaking end already, copy and re-post this onto your profile

Byakuya came into the room, stabbed Renji, and kidnapped and put a chastity belt on Rukia.

The End

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Tales of Symphonia - Rated: K - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,264 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 1 - Published: 7/18/2013 - Lloyd I., Colette B. - Complete
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