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Carter, Callixtus, or Romans. Agender. They/them/xir/xem.

The Callixtus penname is important to me and has no relation to the character although I did change my username for the sake of dispelling the thoughts of self-inserts.

My current updating schedule is sporadic although I tend to update once every month or every two months. I make sure that everyone receives extended and intriguing chapters so as to keep you engaged. Please be patient.

Have fun.

FAQ for Through the Timestream

What inspired you to write this?


How did you come up with the plot?

I saw how the Vex Timegates worked while my friends died in the VoG raid because I’m the team sniper and don’t do anything. I read some Grimoire cards during my spare time, wandered some forums and explored their theories and paid attention to Bungie, then I mixed in a little bit of my own ideas.

How long did it take for you to make the story?

The entire arc, from start to finish because the entire story is done fyi, took me from maybe two weeks after Destiny’s release to two weeks into the new year.

Why didn’t you make the Master Chief go into Destiny?

When I saw how the Ghosts and Guardians worked, I had a feeling the plot was going to be used often; if not the Master Chief, then Noble Six or even Thel or Johnson. I wanted something different with a bit of a twist and very complex.

Why is the one you post on AO3 different than the one you post on is, more or less, my trial and error. I write and edit that one before posting it then wait for several responses and adjust it accordingly. I don’t adopt what everyone wants, in fact, I don’t really, I just nitpick at their suggestions and come up with something else entirely then edit it into my final draft and post that one on AO3. Everything on AO3 is final, is my experiment.

What’s a Patriarch?


How long will ‘Through the Timestream’ last?

Into Halo 4. When Halo 5: Guardians comes out, I’ll play it and see how it is and may or may not adjust my story into it. Either way, the story will end at the end of Halo 4 but it’ll most likely be heavily AU at that point.

What’s the space Callixtus wanders through when he’s dead?

It’s called the Other side, my interpretation of limbo basically. Guardians have to wander through there and find their Ghost in order to be revived.

Who is Ephesians-44 and what did they do?

An Exo Warlock. Part of Callixtus’s raid team and tried to go back for him, got stuck in the Other side for unknown reasons. Swordbearer who defeated Crota. Wears Corta's End gear.

What does Ephesians-44/Romans-154 mean?

Ephesians 4:4 and Romans 15:4

What does Callixtus look like/what's his armour/weapons?

A Patriarch which will be described later.

Armour is mostly Crota's End gear sans the helmet which is the Helm of Saint-14. Shader is Sunsetting.

I adjust his weapons mainly when he gets into his ship. He gave Super Good Advice and Monte Carlo to the Master Chief.

I thought Atheon was the Time’s Conflux?

Yes, that’s all the game interprets it as. I’m delving deeper and making the Conflux something all its own.

What is the Time’s Conflux?

One of four (maybe six) laws of the Universe that Atheon attempts to use to integrate itself and the Vex into the laws of physics and reality itself.

What is Callixtus in terms of species? Is he actually Forerunner?

Callixtus is half-Patriarch, half-Forerunner.

Is it okay if I make fanart/fan products?

I’m chill.

I ship Callixtus/Master Chief.

You have fun with that though Callixtus/Ephesians is canon.

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