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Author has written 18 stories for Harry Potter, Penguins of Madagascar, Invader Zim, Wolverine & the X-Men, and Twilight.

(Until the day I die) Real-Life Information

Name: Nothing of any importance to you.

Age: Somewhere between 1 and 100 (Hint. I'm not 100.)

Residence: www-nunyabusiness-net.

Gender: What do you think? *rolleyes*

Favorite foods: What idiot came up with this survey? Oh, that's right, me. -- Any Mexican, Chinese, Subway, Togo's, -- okay, I like all kinds of food. Happy now?

Favorite movie(s): Remember, I am the idiot that came up with this survey..deep breaths, in and out.. -- Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Avatar..

Favorite book(s): Harry Potter. That's all. Just Harry Potter, forever and ever. In my honest opinion, J.K Rowling should make a book all about Severus Snape.

Favorite T.V show(s): Avatar: The Last Airbender, DBZ, any cartoons on Nicktoons or Nickelodeon, Wizards of Waverly Place (yes I admit it I like it, deal with it) Ghost Whisperer..

Beliefs: None. I don't care, really; I'm not a christian or anything but I don't judge them, I'm fine with it.

Status: Friendless as usual. :3

(I'll give my heart to you) Favorite Pairings

Snarry. (Slashy goodness!)

Snanger. (Fun word..)


Sninny. (Another fun word.)

Snaruto (Yes, I like Snape/Naruto. Deal with it.)


Snuna. (..Another fun word.)

Snorge/Sned. (>_>

(My weakness is that I care too much) Favorite Characters

Hermione. (Come on; who can't love the know-it-all? She's just so lovable.)

Fred&George. (I wish I could meet them. Unfortunately nothing ever good is real. D:)


Lily. (I would've forgiven Severus right off of the bat -- it was just one word, but I still like Lily and stories where Severus never calls her 'that word'. :D)

Remus. (Even if he's part of the Jerkauders, he's pretty cool. Jacob Black can't beat da Remus.)

Harry. (Sure, he's portrayed as sort of a jerk in the series but he's still pretty cool. I always like him better portrayed in the stories all of you wonderful, wonderful people make. >:3)

Dumbledore. (Sure, I also like the stories that portray him as a manipulative old coot, but c'mon. He's DUMBLEDORE.)

Draco. (Sort of. When he's not such a stupid, needy, greedy, Malfoyish jerk.)

Lucius. (Even when he is a stupid, needy, greedy, Malfoyish jerk. He's Lucius. He's hot. Has long hair. Is blonde. Yum.)

Bellatrix. (My idooool. :D)

Narcissa. (Eeeep.)

Voldemort. (COME ON. COME ON. Admit it. You kind of like him too. He's just so deliciously evil.)


Zarbon. (God, I love his hair. And his voice. And his sexy godliness.)

Frieza. (You like him too. Who can't. I know you like him. It's impossible not to like him. He's just -there- and then you're like "Oh my god I love that lipstick-wearing god of Icejin-ness")

Vegeta. (Goddd he's awesome. He's like above the level of awesome. He's like -- cloud-level awesome. He is like God himself.)

King Cold. (Okay. He is a huge part of my fangirlism.)

Bulma. (She's epic. It's like 'Oh hay 3 years passed in one episode and NAO I HAS BABEEEHH')

Trunks. (Mostly, anyways. So cute as a babeh. :3)

Orochimaru. (Okay, let me get this for you: I do not watch Naruto. I never watched it. Not one episode. Ever. In my lifetime. But I looked up Orochimaru. I saw a picture of him. He's hot. The end.)

Sasuke. (Same thing happened with Oro)

Naruto. (He's cuuute and paired with Severus he's like SQUEEE)

The end. You want to know more: You message me. Tada. Thank you for the reviews, however little I get them.

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