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Chapter 57 has been posted! I'll put it up on Deviantart, along with the missing chapters, tomorrow.

Also, if you are interested in getting regular updates on my progress with Dark Legacy 2, as well as some teasers in the chapters, go check out my Deviant Art page. =) It's also under the name Dardarax. Here's a link to get there, just don't forget to remove the spaces: http :// dardarax .deviantart .com/

If you are interested in some art about Dark Legacy, or just Spyro stuff in general, GoldenGriffiness has made several great gift pictures about Dark Legacy! Click on the name to go to a folder with a few of the Dark Legacy pictures in there! But there's a lot more to find in her gallery! Here's a link to go there, but remember to remove the spaces: http :// goldengriffiness .deviantart .com /gallery /62126970 /Dark-Legacy

In addition, an author name Kuroy has written a fic about a couple characters of mine. Kuroy is a good writer, especially considering English isn't his first language. Go check it out, it's called Crystalized Snowrain. It'll be well worth your time, believe me. :)

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Please note that all bios describe the character in their first appearance. These profiles will not change as the story goes on unless I decide to alter some of the traits each character has, in accordance with how I perceive their character. Note that this profile list also refers to their up-to-date-appearance. The character's designs have changed since I originally wrote them and some of my older chapters still have their old appearances which are yet to be updated.

Dark Legacy 1


Age: 17 Race: Albino dragon. Sex: Male. Element: None.

Bio: White scales, red eyes, eight horns six of which swoop backwards (middle pair is the largest) and two that thrust forward like tusks. Horns, underbelly and claws are silvery grey, tail tip ends in silver spear blade. He has two rows of grey spikes that run down his back and split off to the sides. Many scars cover his body. Lyrith is small for his age and resembles a female dragon. His eyes are a deep red.

Likes: fighting, sweet foods, learning, exercising, seeing new things, jam.

Dislikes: nobles, being judged, bullies.

Family: None

Personality Traits: Calculating, compassionate, confident, crude, determined, intimidating, perceptive, quick tempered.

Lyrith's harsh past have left him somewhat cynical and cold, but can be compassionate if he feels someone has also had it rough. Despite his troubled past Lyrith wants to move on and make a better life for himself and forget all of the past experiences, though that is very tough to do with rampant racism constantly targeting him.
It is extremely difficult to earn his trust, but should you manage it you will have a steadfast ally on your side. Lyr was raised in the harsh environment of The Dragon's Glade Orphanage and Hatchery and has lived there since his hatching. He is completely unaware who is parents are and frankly isn't in any rush to find out.


Age: 16 Race: Purple Dragon Sex: Male Element: All

Bio: Purple scales, four golden horns that curl backwards. A silver frill crowns his head, and a line of sliver spikes run down his back. His tail ends in a golden scythe blade and his underbelly is a light gold. Eyes are an emerald green.

Likes: Exploring, making friends, being with friends, sports, dragonesses, making things.

Dislikes: Being grounded, homework, Cyril, being compared to his parents.

Family: Mother: Cynder, Father: Spyro.

Personality Traits: Adventurous, brave, charismatic, friendly, impulsive, rebellious, tactful.

Savron has been pampered his whole life, by both his parents and teachers. Everyone expects great things from Savron being both a purple and the son of two great heroes. However Savron resents his parents as much as he loves them. This is due to all of the pressure placed on him to succeed because of his parents. And because all the credit from any achievement he accomplishes is awarded to his parents. After all, every great thing he does is because his parents are Spyro and Cynder, heroes of great renown. It is only expected he would succeed. Savron has grown rebellious and adventurous due to his resentment, he wishes to succeed because he is himself, not because he is the two heroes son.


Age: 16-3/4 Race: Fire Dragon Sex: Male Element: Fire

Bio: Crimson scales, two deep red horns curl around like a rams. An orange frill tops his head, which then runs down his back to his tail tip. his tail ends in a yellow spike. His eyes are red, and he is big for his age. His underbelly is yellow.

Likes: Helping friends, exploring with Savron, being praised, combat class.

Dislikes: Getting into trouble, hurting others, Torch's gang.

Family: Mother: Ember, Father: Flame, Sister: Cerial.

Personality traits: Compassionate, confident, cooperative, gentle, goodnatured, honorable, oblivious, patient.

Igneous was raised in the temple just like Savron, their parents, being good friends gave the two ample opportunity to play with each other. Igneous and Savron are the best of friends and do almost everything together. Igneous is patient where Savron is reckless, and honorable where Savron is rebellious. The two match each-other perfectly, exploring and having fun while still avoiding most trouble. Igneous is among the top students in the Temple, achieving high grades in every subject he takes. Igneous's personal favourite class is the Advanced combat training with Terrador, and greatly enjoys the thrill of combat. Despite his gentle nature, Igneous will not hesitate to defend himself or anyone else if he feels they are threatened.


Age: 52 Race: Fire Dragon Sex: Female Element: Fire

Bio: Body is red and orange which fuse together in patterns of fire over her whole body. Two long horns that are usual decorated with bells or other baubles. Her eyes are a hazel colour. Her horns and underbelly are yellow.

Likes: Parties, teaching, traveling, a good story.

Dislikes: Too much work, being ignored, being left out, and not knowing something.

Family: Boyfriend: Deran.

Personality traits: Carefree, curious, eccentric, elusive, irresponsible, observant, sympathetic.

Inferna is the Guardian of Flame, chosen on the day the Temple was finished, she is talented, wise and caring. Her fun-loving and carefree attitude has gotten her into a great deal of trouble with the other guardians, who expect her to work hard. Her parents were murdered when she was sixteen, by Gaul the Ape king, when he burned her home town to the ground. She, along with the other survivors of her village went into hiding. Only Inferna wasn't content with just hiding and she fought back against the Apes, slaying many of Gaul's most trusted servants as the war progressed. Inferna quickly made a name for herself among the hiding dragons as she saved many in her quest for vengeance. When Spyro slew Gaul, she was both bitter and grateful, wishing she could have slain him, but thankful someone had rid the world of the Ape king forever. She continued to fight as the years progressed, defending many of the hidden settlements from grublin invasion forces. When the war with Malefor had finally ended, she was a hardened veteran of war, and a master of fire magic.


Age: 15-1/2 Race: Ice Dragon Sex: Male Element: Ice

Bio: Scales are a sky blue, he has three large horns, two curl backwards, one thrusts forward, parallel to his muzzle. He is scrawny, with next to no muscle. His horns and underbelly are an azure blue, and his eyes a deep green.

Likes: Hanging out with Savron, school work, reading.

Dislikes: Fighting, getting low marks.

Family: Mother: Breen, Father: Glacieth, Brothers: Frost, Direst, Sisters: Meein, Crystal.

Personality Traits: Cowardly, friendly, informed, intellectual, modest, timid.

Sleet was born in a large city to the far east, laying just off the coast of the Eastern seas. Sleet is the youngest dragon in his family, and is the twin brother of Crystal. His father, Glacieth, a wealthy business dragon, could spare his children little time as he was often inspecting his produce, or doing paper work. Sleets mother, Breen, was a water dragoness, and split her time between her children, and her own fishing trade. Because of the busy nature of the family, the five children were sent off to a private academy at a young age. Sleet was often bullied by his older brothers, Frost and Direst, and ignored by Meein, oldest of the family. Sleet came to rely on Crystal his twin sister during his years studying at the academy. Where Sleet was shy and nervous, Crystal was bold and confident, always willing to go the extra mile, even when the road took a turn for the worst. This was the main reason Sleet was so drawn to Savron when he was accepted by Cyril into the Dragon Temple. The brash purple often reminded Sleet of his twin sister and allowed him to feel comfortable in the frightening new world he found himself in. Sleet is exceptionally smart, but lacks anything resembling fighting skills, which half of the Temple's marks are based off of, putting him in the average Temple grade zone. Despite his low grades he possess's the most raw elemental power in the school, even more than his teachers. His sheer power, combined with his difficulty controlling said powers frighten the teachers of the Temple. They have vowed never to teach Sleet ice fury, as they are afraid he will turn the whole temple into an ice cube if they do.


Age: 16-1/2 Race: Earth Dragon Sex: Female Element: Earth

Bio: Scales are an emerald green. She is slim and curvy, her face ends in a beak-like-muzzle. She has four silver horns that twist together at the base, then spiral outward. Despite her slim build she is quite well muscled and very strong. Her eyes are a sapphire blue and her underbelly is pitch black.

Likes: Getting the last word, long discussions, reading a good book, being challenged.

Dislikes: Being outsmarted, being hit on, overbearing people.

Family: Father: Murdon, Mother: Erta, Brother: Terath

Personality traits: Charming, dignified, educated, graceful, loyal, passionate, outgoing.

Tirren is the youngest child in a family of nobles. Her father, Baron Murdon, rules a small town to the west of the Temple, on the other side of the mushroom forest. Her family loves her a great deal, but did not spoil her. They taught her to be a just, and kind dragoness, who would always be loyal to her friends and people. Tirren was raised to be the next baroness of the town, and was given the best education they could find. Her brother, Terath who is ten years her senior, had declined the opportunity to become the next baron, and instead chose to live a life as a solider. He taught Tirren combat skills, while her tutors taught her politics. When she turned fourteen, Terrador took her in as his pupil, and brought her to the Temple. Tirren is quite popular at the Temple, and receives high grades in all of her subjects. She is a hard worker, and always does her best at everything. She hangs out with Savron and his gang, whose adventurous nature is highly interesting Tirren, as it is vastly different to her high class upbringing, though she finds his own crush on her obnoxious. She harbours a crush on Igneous, who treats her fairly, and does not ogle her like most dragons in the Temple.


Age: 16 Race: Wind Dragon Sex: Male Element: Wind

Bio: Silver grey scales, six horns that curve backwards. Slim, but still masculine in appearance. Has a beak-like-muzzle. Tail ends in a crescent blade, turquoise eyes. Always wears gold jewelry, gold chains that connect his horns together, and a scarf of some kind. His underbelly is a very light grey, while his horns are a much darker grey.

Likes: Fine food, fashionable clothing, hanging around friends.

Dislikes: Unfashionable clothing, excessive violence, hurting anothers feelings.

Family: Father: Aephion.

Personality Traits: Charming, dignified, emotional, extravagant, self-conscious, well groomed.

Typhous is the only child of a great military general, Aephion. Aephion is the absolute commander of the five kings armies, he has won many skirmishes and played a key role in ending the second resurrection. However, his accomplishments could not save his mate when she was killed by a mugger while taking a vacation. Aephion was left alone with his five year old son Typhous, who was to young to understand why his mother never returned. Aephion became fiercely protective of his son, and sent him off to a high class private school as soon as he became of age. There he hoped his son would be safe. Typhous, was very happy to be sent away from his father who was now suffocating him with his overprotective nature. He quickly fit in with the school body and became one of the most popular drakes in the school. He achieved high grades, but found he disliked violence, as his father forced him to learn many combat skills. He was accepted into the Temple by Volteer, who visited the private school to visit an old friend of his. Typhous joined Savron's gang when he arrived, instantly taking a liking to the charismatic and rebellious purple. Unfortunately the many adventures they go on ruin Typhous' scarves, despite his best efforts to avoid such.

Zindyala (Zindy)

Age: 13 Race: Lightning dragon Sex: Female Element: Lightning

Bio: Slightly chubby and with sunshine yellow scales. Two horns that curve back and down somewhat at the tips. Her eyes are electric blue. She always wears colourful ribbons on her horns and around her neck and ankles. Her horns are a light yellow and her underbelly is a darker yellow.

Likes: Playing pranks, painting, sculpting, running, pink things, yellow things, cuddly things, Tirren, Igneous, Savron, Sleet, Typhous, to meet new friends.

Dislikes: Torch and gang.

Family: Father: Tempest, Mother: Eleya Grandfather: Volteer.

Personality traits: Affectionate, carefree, impulsive, energetic, excitable, exuberant, innocent.

Zindy is Volteer's granddaughter. However she was raised away from the Temple by her parents, Tempest and Eleya. She rarely got to see her grandfather, even in this era of peace, because of her father. Tempest is a warrior from the previous wars and has a fearsome reputation as one of the greatest fighters in the realms. When Gaul's armies waged war on the Dragon Realms many years past, Tempest was an eager and inexperienced dragon, who wished for nothing more than to join the fight. Volteer, however denied his son the right to go to war, as he was still to young, and sent his son to a safe haven to wait out the war. Tempest was furious but had no choice but to comply. As it turned out, Volteer's choice to keep Tempest from the war was sound, as the squad Tempest had wanted to join was destroyed, and the war quickly turned against the Dragons. When the Temple was attacked, Volteer's wife, Maginan was killed. Tempest never forgave Volteer for not protecting his mother better, and refused to talk to the distraught Lightning Guardian, even after the war was finished. He raised Zindy away from her grandfather, rarely allowing them to see each other. Finally, after a visit to his son, Volteer asked if he could take her in as a student. Tempest was reluctant at first, but changed his mind when Eleya, sick of seeing the two feud over an event long past, she demanded Tempest send their daughter to the Temple. Zindy is a fun loving dragoness, and takes after her grandfather far more than either of her parents. She has a fast tongue, possibly even quicker than Volteer, who is legendary for being difficult to understand. She joined up with Savron's gang not long after coming to the Temple, and loves to go with Savron on adventures, and is quick to come up with her own if the purple has an imagination dry spell.


Age: 16 Race: Shadow dragon Sex: Female Element: Shadow

Bio: Black scales, magenta underbelly. Nine magenta horns crown her head and stick out in all directions like an actual crown. Very slim, but not curvy like most dragonesses, her eyes are deep green.

Likes: Eating, playing with her brother, debating, good stories and books.

Dislikes: Being hungry, Torch and his gang, people who pick on others who are weaker than them

Family: Father: Eclipse , Mother: Midnatla , Adopted Brother: Vash, Adopted Sister: Falwee.

Personality traits: Assertive, considerate, gracious, hopeful, modest, sincere, sympathetic.

Danrah is the heir to the shadow dragon throne, and the only bloodline child the monarchs of the shadow clans has. During the labour process, Midnatla suffered a problem with the delivery which left the egg unable to escape her womb. They had to choose between losing the egg, or keeping it and losing Midnatla's ability to bear children. They chose the later. Danrah was born into extreme luxury and careful parenting. Her parents were often busy with their royal duties, but spent as much time as they could with their only child. Danrah was given the best of everything, education, toys, friends but she also had to work for them. Her parents wanted her to be the best future ruler in the history of their clan, and even though they pampered her constantly, she had to go out and help her people, meet with the peasants and farmers, and learn that nobility did not make them any better than the average person. Danrah grew up to be a kind dragoness, always considerate of others and never flaunting her power over anyone. But she also learned to be strict, and unbending when the need arose. When she was ten, her father came across an orphaned dream dragon while touring his kingdom. The poor drake was no older than his daughter and was being harassed by a group of villagers, who were tormenting the young dragon mercilessly. The young dragon was just a little older than his daughter, but what really pulled the king's heartstrings was the sight that the drake was protecting a small child with his body. The young wind dragoness was no more than four. The king immediately had the mob rounded up and adopted the two into his family. Danrah quickly became friends with her two new siblings, and was completely sympathetic to their plight. Vash was also assigned to be the protector of Danrah, for his bravery against the mob, and when Cynder came to visit her homeland for the first time she took the two in as her pupils, Falwee being too young to go to the Temple.


Age: 17 Race: Sub-Element dragon Sex: Male Element: Dream

Bio: Deep black scales with blue swirl patterns along his legs and down his body. Two very short horns and, long spiny tendrils that hang around his head like thick strands of hair (think dreadlocks though formed in a Mohawk fashion). His eyes are brown, but so dark they are almost black. His tail ends in a serrated blade and his 'tendrils' are grey. His underbelly is a deep navy blue.

Likes: His adoptive family, having fun with sister(s), telling stories, writing, lazing around, bacon.

Dislikes: Thugs (especially low class ones), snobby dragons, doing too much work.

Family: Father: Braith, Mother: Kassin, Sister: Falwee. Adoptive Father: Eclipse, Adoptive Mother: Midnatla, Adoptive sister: Danrah.

Personality traits: Appreciative, callous, careful, disciplined, obedient.

Vash was born in a poor peasant family in a large town that had set roots in a dense forest on the very border of the Shadow dragon's land. His parents, Braith a wind dragon and Kassin a shadow dragoness, were superstitious farmers who still followed the old tribal customs of the old tribal dragon culture. Vash's parents were very distant towards their first born child due to the fact he was a dream dragon, and often punished him for the slightest error, even if it was not him who had made the error. His life was hard, and coupled with the excessive chores he was put through, it only got harder. He was seven when his parents had their second child, a small wind dragoness who they named Falwee. Vash adored Falwee, and they played endless games together, and she loved her brother back more than anyone ever did in his life. Their parents also loved Falwee, but the little wind dragoness had far more affection for her brother, than her harsh parents, and would often come to his defence, much to their displeasure. At the age of eleven, Vash, sick and tired of his parent's treatment of him, got into a heated argument with his mother, which lead to a fight. Eventually, distraught, Kissan commanded Vash to leave and never return, to which he gladly complied, sad only that he would have to leave Falwee behind as well. But the small wind dragoness had other ideas, she followed Vash, who rejoiced at her coming, glad that she would be with him. They wound up in the streets of their town, fending for themselves. Vash took good care of Falwee, and never let her go hungry, even at his own expense. It wasn't long before their parents came looking, and set a mob loose after Vash, who had 'kidnapped' Falwee. Braith and Kassin refused to acknowledge the dream dragon as their son, and watched as the mob beat their disowned son to a pulp. Vash used his own body to keep the mob away from Falwee, never backing down even when met with violence. Before the mob could kill him however, the king miraculously appeared and his soldiers stopped the mob. The king had Vash's parents arrested for their actions, and adopted the two as his own children. Vash found himself with a loving parents, and a new sister who accepted them as if they had been born into the family. Vash set himself up as the protector of his two sisters and was always there for them when they were in need. Eclipse, the king, eventually made his son the official protector of Danrah and Falwee, allowing him to pay his son for his services as a show of respect for his courage. Vash is kind, and loving of his family, but suspicious of others. He hates thugs and brutes, especially those of the lower class, who he sees as barbarians who have no honour. He is always willing to go out of his way to aid his family, and will obey a direct order to the letter, but only if it came from somebody he respects. He and Danrah were eventually brought to the Temple by Cynder as her disciples while on a trip to visit her homelands.


Age: 17-2/3 Race: Lightning dragon Sex: Female Element: Lightning

Bio: Topaz scales, more thickly built than most females. She has the curves that make an attractive dragoness, but not the slim build. Her two horns arch above her head and their tips curl towards each other. Her eyes are deep, ocean blue. Her muzzle ends in a beak. Her horns and underbelly are a light yellow, approaching white.

Likes: To paint, being alone, helping those less fortunate, music and dancing.

Dislikes: Being in crowded areas, being the center of attention, Torch.

Family: Mother: Dyama. Deceased: Father: Amphious

Personality traits: Artistic, distant, determined, fun-loving, passionate, reclusive, strong-willed.

Voltlyn was born as the daughter of a small business drake working in Warfang. They always managed to get by, selling trinkets and produce. Voltlyn often worked with her father, helping with the sales. Because of her busy life she rarely got to make any friends. Her family troubles started when her mother started gambling. She racked up a massive debt to the wrong kind of people before her husband got her help. She recovered from her addiction, but the damage had been done. The debt collectors came for their money, and when unable to get the money killed Voltlyn's father. The two were devastated, with little to no income they were forced to find hard, low paying jobs. After nearly two years of breaking their backs to survive, Voltlyn managed to get a job for her and her mother as servants to a great noble house. The house of the noble named Charah. Voltlyn was assigned to be the hand maid of a dragon named Torch, who was a young drake of her age. With the high pay and relative ease of the job she was given, Voltlyn finally thought her life could slow down for a while. Her charge however, did not take lightly to having just any servant, and took control of her life, making her do demeaning tasks and work overly hard for her keep. This continued even after Inferna, the Guardian of Flame arrived at the Charah house hold for a tea party and recruited the two as her students. Voltlyn is a shy and well meaning dragoness, who has lived hard and knows sadness. Because of her busy and reclusive life, she did not develop any friend making skills and is unbearably shy in groups. She belongs to Torch's gang, she no longer works as his servant, yet he still has a strong hold over her for reasons none have yet determined...


Age: 18 Race: Fire dragon Sex: Male Element: Fire

Bio: Bright red scales, two large horns that curl backwards, eyes are a golden yellow. A crest of gold crowns his head. He is large and bulky, with plenty of muscle. Wears only the finest of clothing and jewelry. usually a cape of gold silks, a sash or a drape of some kind. He wears a golden pendant of the finest craft, and often baubles decorate his horns. His horns and underbelly are a golden yellow.

Likes: To hold his position over everybody's heads. Degrading others, fine foods and drinks. Beating Igneous.

Dislikes: Igneous, lower class dragons, to be proven wrong, lowborns.

Family: Father: Pyron , Mother: Charah, Half Brothers: Kohl, Blaze.

Personality traits: Aloof, ambitious, arrogant, charismatic, deceitful, egocentric hateful, self-absorbed.

Torch is the youngest son of Pyron and a prince. Pyron, dragon kingof the Dragon Realms, is well known and loved by his people in Warfang. Pyron is fair and considerate, but just as often ruthless and prepared to do anything for his kingdom. Kohl is the current heir to the throne and shows much promise in becoming a great king. Torch however, was not given the lessons of kindness and compassion Pyron gave Kohl and Blaze. Torch grew up away from his father, and was raised in an estate in another city. He is the bastard son of King Pyron who, after his wife's death, took Charah to his bed. Charah was a greedy and ambitious noble, who wished only for the throne. Pyron soon came to see her avarice and refused to formalize their relationship even when she announced she was pregnant. He denied Charah any right to the throne. Charah raised Torch, keeping him separated from his father, and only allowing the occasional visit from the dragon king. Torch grew up to be like his mother, ambitious and arrogant. He wished for power, much like his mother, but found the idea of being a king to be a tedious prospect. He set his eyes on becoming the next fire guardian, and devoted his life to achieving this goal. When Inferna accepted him as one of her students, he was ecstatic. When he arrived at the Temple, he found his rival, Igneous. Igneous was just as powerful and intelligent as Torch, and the bastard prince immediately saw him as a threat to his dream. Now he pushes himself to beat Igneous, but can never get far enough ahead to beat Igneous more than once at anything.


Age: 17 Race: Ice dragon Sex: Female Element: Ice

Bio: Frost blue, grey eyes, four horns that curl backwards. Slim, average muscle, shorter than an average dragoness (highly attracitve). Always wears the most fashionable clothing for dragons (sashes, capes, drapes ect). She wears silver horn rings encrusted with sapphires. Wintra's horns and underbelly are a light, sky blue.

Likes: To degrade others, flirting, shopping, manipulating others actions, Torch.

Dislikes: Tirren, losing, getting dirty, low-borns.

Family: Father: Daimial, Mother: Artisa.

Personality traits: Bewitching, callous, cruel, deceitful, frigid, selfish, vengeful.

Wintra is the heiress to a large town in the mountains north of Warfang. Her family are good friends of the Dragon King Pyron and got an estate not far from the walls of the great city. Daimial is a haughty and cultured dragon, but completely loyal to Pyron. His wife, Artisa is a well groomed dragoness, but is a bit of an airhead. But what the duchess lacks in brain power, she makes up for in beauty. Artisa is considered the greatest beauty of the Dragon Realms and Wintra takes after her in that sense. But the resemblances between Wintra and her mother are only scale deep, Wintra is far more intelligent and cunning than her mother, or even her father. Because of their status Wintra's family spoiled her greatly, giving her anything she wanted, whenever she wanted it. Her rich life style and naive parents allowed Wintra to grow into a selfish and cruel dragoness. She met Torch at a young age and they quickly became friends. Both shared the same interests and desires, and for the first time, Wintra found her match in intellect and manipulation. She became devoted to Torch, ever loyal to the prince. She was accepted into the Temple almost a year after Torch and soon the two started up a gang, with Torch, Wintra, and Thunder being the ringleaders.


Age: 19 Race: Dual-Element dragon Sex: Male Element: Lightning, sound.

Bio: Vibrant yellow scales. Two horns that thrust forward in jagged pattern (like lightning bolts). A giant for his age, Thunder towers above all of the other students at the Temple. Muscular in the body builder style. Wears only a little finery. Thunder's horns and underbelly are a very dark yellow, appearing almost brown.

Likes: A good joke. Making fun of the less fortunate, or weaker. Fighting.

Dislikes: Being touched, weaklings, the dark.

Family: Father: Magnus, Mother: Electris.

Personality traits: Aggressive, arrogant, brazen, easily amused, impudent, honorable, vain.

Thunder is the only son of Duke Magnus, and heir to a vast mining company. Magnus is a high class noble with connections everywhere, he is roughly as wealthy as King Pyron, but money does not buy respect. Pyron could barely tolerate Magnus in his courts, who was always stuck in the old ways. Thunder grew up to share his fathers narrow minded view on the world, believing that dragons are superior to all other races. But unlike his father, dislikes business and prefers fighting. Thunder is a powerful fighter, but no less intelligent than his father. Electis, Thunder's mother and an old friend of Charah, would often visit the noble fire dragoness. Through them, Thunder met Torch. They quickly established a tight friendship, and started sparing together. Thunder has very few equals in the battle ring, with only three having ever beaten him. Torch, Igneous and Savron. Thunder holds an advantage over most dragons, by possessing a second element, sound. Every three generations of Magnus's bloodline, a lightning dragon is born with the power over sound. Being the unimaginative and narrow minded dragon he is, Magnus named his son Thunder, after the element he would possess. Despite being a formidable fighter and arrogant dragon, Thunder takes defeat well. Rather than becoming angry, the Lightning dragon learns from his mistakes and becomes a more diligent fighter.

Dark Legacy 2: Umbral Visions

Tantius Pyrrius

Age: 23 Race: Feran Sex: Male Element: Fear

Bio: Crimson Scales, short brown mane, large bat ears with one having a bit bite taken out of it. Two scars down his face and three along his side. Moderate muscle build. Short for his age. Orange eyes, black underbelly and wings.

Likes: Art (especially music and dance), mythic lore, making new acquaintances.

Dislikes: rain, loud noises (hates thunderstorms), violence, pork, having his attire get dirty.

Family: Father (Deceased): Baron Caelus Pyrrius; Mother: Baroness Bamette Pyrrius

Personality traits: Apologetic, cool tempered, informed, outgoing, hesitant (thinks too long about things), self conscious.

Tantius Pyrrius is the only son of Baroness Bamette Pyrrius, an influential noble in the feran court. He himself has no special political rank back in Grasbronda yet, but was being groomed to take his mother's place once he was old enough. He is a smart dragon who wants to do good for his kingdom and people. He was duped by Prince Ramolous into believing that the Guardians meant them harm during the brief war, though his mother was not. He was kept from doing anything foolhardy during the war in order to wait it out. After he discovered Ramolous' betrayal he cut all ties with him and began trying to learn from his mistakes, seeking to more critically analyze those around him instead of blindly falling for tricks. Because of his intelligence, charm, rank and, parentage (as Bamette was one of the behind the scenes influences of the treaty between the ferans and the Dragon Realms) he has been brought to the Temple as the first Feran student to go to learn there. It is the hopes of the Feran Council that he will become the official Guardian of their people, a task he is more than eager to take on.

Loneliness is a tiny acorn planted in a field of wheat. - Dardarax

Anger is a crackling flame, it only burns brighter when fed more fuel. - Dardarax

Truth and honour are gold nuggets, they are valued and upheld by society, but are rare finds indeed.- Dardarax

Friendship is a delicate flower. If left out in the cold, it will wither and fade. But if nurtured, it will blossom into something beautiful. -Dardarax

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