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Author has written 5 stories for K-ON!/けいおん!, Lucky Star, and Angel Beats!/エンジェルビーツ.

Update 5/7/2012: Hey everyone! My exam is in two days, so I haven't written anything to upload yet, but thats NOT A PROBLEM!. It's time for... SHAMELESS SELF PLUG. I've made a DA account to... to... basically upload what I've got here. OTL

Welp, drop by and say hello if you'd like :D

DA: mckiwi(dot)deviantart(dot)com

Update 4/21/12: I probably won't update for about a month right now. Some personal stuff's happened, and I also have an AP exam coming up so bear with me for a while :/

Just your average Fanfic writer, as well as a person who has spent much more time on this site than he would like to believe. Hope you stick around for the ride :)

Gender: Male
Age: 17
Recently (re)watched:
~Guilty Crown - Character designs by redjuice? Check. Music by supercell? Check. I'm on board.
~Nisemonogatari - Aww yeah :D
~Nichijou - Finished :(
~Fist of the North Star (Hokuto no Ken) - On pause, but the manliness is pulling me back in.
~Shakugan no Shana Final
~Minami-ke - Watching. I am boss.

Favorite anime (atm) - Guilty Crown
Favorite anime (of all time) - Tie between so many, I can't pick one favorite T.T

I am from Canada. Japanese isn't my main language, but I am in the middle of learning it. My mother language should be Mandarin, but I've forgotten so much already that English has probably become my native language now.

My thought process while writing is strange to say the least. When I write, I never plan my story out. I just type, and see where it takes me, and then I refine it further.
I am very imaginative, yet at the same time I suffer massive writer's block and I can't think up ideas.
Stories can be expected, but I have school to juggle as well, so don't expect them too soon.


10/19/10 - Second one-shot on the way, no romance at all. All I have are ideas for it, and I'm transferring them to text.

10/20/10 - Second story up, and looking through the K-ON! Fics, I think that if it's not a fic with pairings, no one will want to read it as much. Huh.

10/22/10 - Yup, I was right. So far, my second story has only a fraction of the views my first one (which was a pairing fic) had. Not that my first one had much views anyways, but yea.

11/1/10 - Start of November, and a start of a new fic. This one will probably take a while.

11/12/10 - I really can't focus on writing my story(s)[Bad spelling I think] right now, so I guess I should just reveal my story ideas for now. I am currently working on my Lucky Star/K-ON! Crossover (Maybe not the most original...) but I have so many song fic ideas running through my head right now that I don't know when I'll accomplish any writing at all. (x_x")

11/17/10 - Beginning the second chapter of "Similarities" although I really should be doing my homework right now...

11/26/10 - Second chapter of "Similarities" up. I think I'll be updating every other week or so. Also, any and all stories of mine will be on hiatus for updates after December 14 because of family matters. I'll leave it at that. Also, can anyone please tell me why I can't find any Nerdhead songs other than Brave Heart? It's their best song, but I want to listen to some others as well. On another note, I started watching Angel Beats, and it's pretty awesome. And it's by Key. New fanfics, here I come.

11/29/10 - I just finished watching the last episode. I will admit it. I haven't cried watching an anime, if even a little bit, once. Hate me for it, but I haven't cried at anything(Anything) in a year or two. Angel Beats has just made me tear up, and the last time anything close to this happened was when I watched Clannad After Story. Congrats Key, you make the most emotionally moving anime ever. I am expecting anything along the lines of a sequel or something.
...Please? :D

12/4/10 - Uagh, massive writer's block!!Well, it's writer's block, and the fact that I'm working on an Angel Beats! one-shot at the moment as well. I'm very, very sorry, but I may be late on updating "Similarities". Or getting anything out at the moment actually.

12/10/10 - I would've updated today, had things been going better. But they aren't, and I'm in a writing slump. I feel too apathetic to write anything, and ideas just aren't coming along. Hopefully things will be better and I'll try and update by the end of next week.

1/2/11 - A little late, but Happy New Years and (I suppose) Merry Christmas too (Creepy image of Chiyo's dad is creeping into my mind now). I could've been on time, but I was away snowboarding. Going down a black after it just snowed is fun, if not a little painful. I've got the third chapter of Similarities uploaded, and I'm preparing to write a two-part for chapters 4 and 5. My Angel Beats story is also coming along at a slow pace. On a sadder note, school is starting again (for me) so yeah, expect delays.

1/10/11 - So, Similarities is about 50% through chapter 4, and chapter 5 I have an outline for, so in due time it will be complete. On the downside I have tons of homework, so it's hard finding the time to write.

1/12/11 - In the end, the outline of chapter 5 was mostly forgotten and merged with chapter 4, which is UPLOADED!! Now to go watch me some Haruhi.

1/29/11 - Writer's block once more T.T
In case anyone was wondering, I will turn Similarities into a crack fic by crossing it over with Haruhi. I will leave it to you to figure out how that will happen. No direct character interaction will really happen until a while later though.

2/5/11 - After being inactive for almost a month, I have the next chapter uploaded. Vote please!

2/22/11 - Uploaded a story I had just finished writing. Very short drabble cuz I was bored.

3/12/11 - Poll's over, working on new chapter

3/23/11 - Late, but the new story is up. I may update more often than usual as it is currently spring break for me.

4/6/11 - So, school has started for me, meaning that my writing slows down significantly. I should have the next chapter up soon though.

4/15/11 - I just want to thank the people that review my stories. It's really helpful to me as a writer to receive feedback from everyone.

4/19/11 - Just wanted to note that I think I derailed from my original story concept. Oh well, writing this is more fun :D

5/11/11 - Deleted and re-uploaded a chapter on What is This I Don't Even due to me being unhappy with the way some parts of it were worded. I think the chapters are still messed up right now, sorry for any confusion.

8/16/11 - OMG I STILL WRITE HERE XD Anyways, yeah I know I haven't updated/written a single story, and the way things are looking I may never will. I've had summer courses for the past month, and when I do get the time to write no ideas come up...I've run out of things to say. Enjoy the rest of your summer people!

11/3/11 - Without realizing it it's actually been over a full year since I've been on this site! I think I should've written a commemorative chapter or something for this occasion, but I digress. Just want to take this time to thank all the awesome authors out there (accounting for even more wasted hours than I would like to think), and the awesome people that read my stuff and review. Which isn't to say that the people who don't review aren't awesome, but it's a nice touch :)
I'm just gonna open a poll and see what I should do now (new story or more chapters), but I do have a writing project I'm working on that will hopefully come to fruition. Hopefully, you'll see it on this site in under a month :D

1/11/12 - Nisemonogatari has begun airing = Happy me :D

2/6/12 - This chapter is taking a lot longer than it should. On the bright side, know that there will be a relatively long chapter out hopefully very soon.

"Time to check 2ch. Yup, they're already flaming away"

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