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Hey, Shasta here. Well, i have some stuff to say. I won't be updating my fics for awhile. Me and my good friend Kay...well, let's just say we're no longer friends...I guess the reason for this is because i have'nt been truthful in my profiles. Well, Kay, if you're reading this, the only reason i lied about my identity was to protect myself on the net. You know how it is. I'm really sorry and i hope we can patch things up.
Anyways, here's my TRUE profile. Keep in mind that i've left out somethings like my last name for safety...

Shasta's REAL Profile

Real Name: Sarah (but i spell it Sora cuz i'm a Final Fantasy nut)

Age: I'm gonna be honest. I'm 14 and 3/4. *gasps from the audiance* Yup, i'm 14 and i had 3 NC17 fics to my penname. Now what does that tell you about the world we live in, hmmm?

Pen-name : Shasta, after the title character in the show 'Shasta McNasty'cuz i can be damn nasty in the morning! ^-^

Nationality:Dublin, Ireland

Hair colour: It used to be chestnut brown, but i did'nt like it so i dyed it red. I'm growing the colour out so now there's like 5 inches of brown hair visable. It looks kinda cool, actually!

Hair styleMy hair is kinda lanky and dull and i often wear it down. It comes to my collorbone and it WON'T FUCKING GROW!!!

Eye colour:a kinda greyish green.

Appearance: Okay, i am gonna be complelty, 100% honest here. I'm chubby.
Yes, you heard right. I'm a blubbery 16st. Go ahead and laugh for all i care, cuz i don't give a fuck. At least i'm beautiful on the inside so HA!
Most of the time, I'll be wearing jeans and a tank top but in Ireland's cold weather, I wrap up in a jumper and my pink tracksuit bottoms.
My most prized fashion possessions are my denium jacket with a "Capsule Corp" logo on the back and my baggy skater-girl jeans.

Thinks I Like:Dragonball Z, Outlaw Star, Final Fantasy 7-10,
my PSOne(soon to be replaced by a spiffy PS2),Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings,
Fanfiction, sunshine, cookies, Stephen King novels, dogs (Cats are EVIL!).

Things I Hate: RUPERT GRINT!!!!! My computer, my modem, my scanner, my cat, my older brother who is a fucking caveman, rainy days, FORMULA ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Bravenet, Geoshittys, everyone in my school. (They all must burn in hell!!!!), Pop music. GARETH GATES!!! BRITNEY SPEARS! CHRISTINA AGUILERA!! TEENBOPPER BULLSHIT!
*grits teeth* Evil cover versions, Writer's block, DIETS! Guitar lessons, the fact that my only friend offline is moving away in April. SOB!

I think thats it. Happy, now Kay?!

¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨) ¸.·´¸.·*'·-» *~Shasta~*
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