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Beta Profile (for the time being)

Beta Profile/Bio:

I'd be more than happy to Beta your stories! I'm not picky about ratings or genres, whether you write K or M, I read them all. I beta slash, next generation, alternate universes, basically anything you throw at me.

There are two types of betas: Type one is the technical beta who only looks for simple things like grammar, punctuation, and spelling. They make sure the fic is tolerable enough to read to the audience. Type two is the beta who looks for characterization, plot holes, the danger of "mary sue" characters that often appear in many fanfictions and will even help you with developing ideas. Luckily for you, I am both Type one and two :) As a beta reader, I will voluntarily act as your guide and adviser.

As an extra bonus, I DO have experience with active creative writing workshops. I discuss almost every element of other people's writing, including my own, so I have a very good idea of things to discuss about your writing as well. With me as your beta, it will almost be like a virtual workshop experience. Because I want your writing to be the most polished it can be, I will go through every element of your writing with you and help you to the best of my ability. FanFiction often has a horrible reputation of being nothing but a bunch of glorified fantasies of hormonal teenagers who obviously fall asleep in their English classes, so hopefully your fic doesn't come close to that at all. Like I said before, I am your guide. I love to see a good FanFiction come together :)

Please note that I am not a published author, nor do I have any degrees or awards involving English literature and subjects falling in or around that category (I'm actually an astrophysics student at University, far from English Literature!). I do, however, read many books from many genres. I hope that the opinions and critiques I have formed from my readings and the knowledge I've gained from previous creative writing experiences will be a solid foundation for becoming a beta reader.

Also, note that I do not take fanfiction incredibly seriously. I understand that there are fanfictions that are written ironically, for cheap humor and for pure enjoyment. I do not think of fanfictions as a reflection of your intelligence or ability to write (I am one of those people who believe that the worst part of fanfiction are those who take it too seriously and far too personally). Although I will critique it and help you so it is written well, fanfictions to me are not literary pieces. Do not think that you are better than anyone else because your fic is credited more, or think that you are inferior because your fic still has no reviews or alerts. Read them, write them, enjoy them, despise them, but do not take them seriously. I keep this in mind when I beta read, so do not feel intimidated in any way, this is all just for fun! It's a great way for fans to come together and read stories from other fans based on that fandom you enjoy.

My Strengths:

I believe that my grammar is sufficient. Honestly, grammar will probably be the first thing I look at when reading through your chapter(s) and I will change them accordingly. Having good grammar is an important skill to have, especially if writing is something you deeply enjoy, so I will provide notes as I edit. Think of it almost like a learning experience :) Of course, my grammar isn't the greatest either. I tend to make mistakes and forget a few rules here and there, but alas, it happens. However, I believe the knowledge I have on grammar is well enough not to be too distracting.

I'm also good with description, whether you can't find the right words and phrases to describe something with, I'll be happy to help you with that as well. Also note that I will point out cliched or "cookie-cutter" descriptions that I would advise you alter if any are present. Another great skill to have when writing is to avoid cliches in any way possible. Quite frankly, they are boring and unappealing to read.

IF YOU HAVE CHARACTER ISSUES, for example, you're not sure if the character would actually say and/or do the things you write, then I can determine if it is out of character and be glad to give you some suggestions to make it sound more in-character. I would also point out if the character is out of character even if you don't inform me of any characterization doubts. This would be all in my own opinion of course, so take more as advise rather than law. This is, after all, your story, not mine. But do try to keep the characters in character, or else they could just be anyone with the same name.

I have good English, so if you have any issues with writing in the language itself, I can help you. Also, having done my studies in English and living in a part of the world where English is spoken daily, my good English skills will account for any if not all aspects of my beta-reading.

I can tell you whether your story has flow or not. Say if things are moving to slowly or quickly, I can suggest some solutions for you. This would be quite predominant in romance stories, especially if they are between characters that are not romantically involved in the original works. This would obviously require development within the story, and it is important that the development flows smoothly and evenly throughout. Fanfiction sometimes has a knack for pairing characters that are not romantically involved (sometimes enemies of each other) and writing something that does not develop their relationship because the urge to get these characters having intercourse within the first chapter is far too strong. Hopefully, that doesn't happen within your story :)

I am more than happy to brainstorm ideas with you as well. For example, you have a general idea of a story in your head, but you need more depth and ideas, I can suggest ideas to you. The only thing I ask in return is for you to let me beta the rest of your story, whether it's a one shot or has multiple chapters. I've had experiences in the past where people have asked me for ideas and guidance, only to find that they took my ideas for their own and didn't credit me at all, as well as restricting me to help them any further. The few that do credit me as their beta reader after giving them a few ideas have stories that clearly do not look edited at all. It is quite embarrassing on my part.

My Weaknesses:

Being a full-time student, I cannot guarantee that I will be on everyday and taking in every beta request sent to me. Not to say that I have better things to do, but due to how I prioritize things I may not be on for weeks, even months at a time. So yes, a weakness of mine is actually logging in on this site.


I prefer almost any type of fanfiction. I'm very diverse with different genres and writing styles. When it comes to pairings, I'm pretty open. I'd love to hear why you like your particular pairing, and perhaps I may even like your pairing through your story telling and how well you've developed it.

Not my Cup of Tea:

Throughout my years of casually reading fanfictions, I have come to despise certain trends that have seemed to arise in some stories.

I will not support any fanfiction that has rape. I have seen this theme in a few fanfictions I have read (I have been informed that there are a lot) and I find them to be disgusting. I will not support your decision of believing this is a valid way to form a romantic relationship. I may have exceptions for it though (if you could convince me that it is essential to the plot line or if it is a very dark story that does not result in a relationship between the raper and their victim). Having rape in a story really should be done cautiously, not because you just want to add an element of darkness to it just for the sake of it. It is a very sensitive topic that should not be taken lightly and should be an element essential to the plot line if it's to be added. This goes along with any type of severe abuse that is not necessary in the story, but instead just makes it eerie and insane instead of insightful or heart wrenching, which I'm sure is the usual aim. By all means, you have every right to write rape into your stories and I respect your opinion on it, but I will not support it if there is no need for it. (to clarify, when I say need for it [because obviously there is never a need for rape, I mean is it a part of the overall plot and is it an important element to the theme and conflict. There are many books out there that have rape in them, but many of them have them in there for a reason because it is suppose to convey a message, strengthen the theme, develop characterization, etc.)

I am not a fan of any fanfictions that have glorified main characters (OCs) that are obviously a persona of the author. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against you writing about yourself. This is fanfiction after all, there is no official rule that restricts you from doing this and you have every right to write yourself as the main character in your own adventure. Personally, I find these types of fics quite boring to read through quite honestly and would much rather read about a much more dynamic character. The reason this is "not my cup of tea" is because it's sometimes difficult to get fanfiction writers to stray away from their "mary sue" character, and that would mean I would have to beta a story I don't quite like. Basically, it won't end well for either of us.


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