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Author has written 6 stories for Ouran High School Host Club, and Hetalia - Axis Powers.

I'm not gonna lie, i don't anticipate writing very many boyxgirl stories, any girlxgirl stories, and there will be no hardcore yaoi scenes either! Now that you know, let's begin!

I like to think that I'm a pretty exceptional writer, but I also like to take pride in my skill in drawing (though mostly anime...). If you have any interest in my drawing skills, check out my deviantArt account (under the same name, of course.) Just be aware that there's an over-exposure to ita-cest, but if you're okay with that then go forth!:

I am a cosplayer, though my friends and i have really just started. so far i've cosplayed Misa Amane (DeathNote), Elizabeth Middleford (kuroshitsuji), Soubi Agatsuma (Loveless) and Trisha Elric (FullMetal Alchemist). My current characters are Trisha (cuz i have a mother complex X3 if i could cosplay all of my favorite characters' mothers i would. I'm talkin anne sophie, kotoko, hell i might even do misaki if i could! Too bad i'm already soubi. yeah, ritsuka, it ain't happenin. just tell me you don't want me to be soubi if that's the way you feel!) Edward Elric (yeah, i guess i also have an elric complex cuz i once did alphonse elric, wanabe version), Italy (Hetalia), Tamaki Suou (OHSHC, sorry if you don't understand that. i don't like typing the whole title) umm did i get them all? OH! SORRY ALOIS! yeah, i'm having a lot of fun with that one. my poor little ciel XP i couldn't do lizzy again though. noooo~!

Fun (and immensly awkward) experiences cosplay has given me:

I feel the need to do this, just because the world deserves to know how awkward i can be when "in character"
Experiences from misa: umm, i found a rem at a convention, and had to get her picture. she was amazing! the awkward part was her ryuk just staring at me. i didn't really want his picture, just because their cosplay was so good that they were actually scary, but i had to get my own shinigami! Oh, i also got a few glares from other misa's, but then we found a whole group (or rather we gathered it) of deathnote cosplayers and they were awesome, best day ever! Oh, another memory. One that only hangs on my memory: My L grabbed my butt while i was in my tiny miniskirt. that will never happen again, though, because she is now dating our once was BB and they very happy together (at least that's what i gather, they don't talk to me much. YEAH, I SAID IT! if you two are reading this...well i didn't say your names, did i?) Yeah, that was a pretty uneventful cosplay...

FMA troubles: OMG, I had my friend (roy mustang was her cosplay) carry around my giant stuffed husky toy, that i named Black Hayate, all day through an entertainment superstore (i don't really know if it's okay for me to name be safe) but she refused to say the dog rant! i love that rant, i have it memorized! actually i love all of roy mustang's rants. i would join his military in a heartbeat, even if i did have to wear a miniskirt...yeah, it'd be worth it... but then said friend fell for a roy cosplayer at a con, and since then "hawt mustang" has been theoretically stalked. poor girl (she was pretty hot though) Oh, and then there was meeting Sonny Strait. I got really flustered, because he singled me out, and i got embarrassed. i did find my little ciel's freakout pretty funny when, right before the panel he had to go do something and he put his hand on her shoulder, which he did to a few cosplayers, as he assured us he'd be right back, and she turned around ready to tear somebody's throat out snarling "who is touching me??!" i just stared at her and told her who it was. she thought it was an alois who promised to stalk her, so she was on edge, and VERY in character. Don't worry ciel, i'll stalk you WAY more intently when i'm alois, even though we'll be together the entire time! What else? I'm in an arguement with my two friends (they are the cosplayers being mentioned over and over again) over what ed cosplay to do. they want me to do pride from the square enix video game, but i'm not really sure if i'm willing to do that... if i do, i have to tone my stomach, cuz there's no way i could be proud with the way it is now! yeah, personal moment, sorry. Oh! there was one other thing. my friend had me hold an apple as Edward. If you get that joke, i don't know whether to give you kudos or apologize to you that i did such a thing. it was a joke, okay!. oh, and the fight of risembol vs the military, aka trisha vs mustang. yeah, it was late at night, there were water guns, and then we had ice cream outside. I don't know what we were thinking, it was cold.

Kuroshitsuji fun: oh yeah, this anime is a riot, at least when it comes to us it is. many many memories, and still more to come! Ciel and i, as a really crappy version of butler grell, had a sword fight with wooden swords over our sebby. i think i won, der ain't nothin grell won't do to score himself a sebby. later ciel proceeded to push me into another grell who, incidentally, goes to our school! when school started this year i saw her in my percussion class, and though she was vaguely familiar, it didn't click until she noticed my OHSHC shirt and came to talk to me, and as soon as i heard her voice i knew! now i'm all but in love with her, i mean, really, a percussionist AND a cosplayer! plus, she's an AP student and we like similar things, i mean things that have nothing to do with anime! ah, she is the highlight of my life, i shall follow her till...she graduates. she's a senior T~T kay enough of my sadness, this was supposed to be fun. OH! i made my sebby propose to our ciel! that was entertaining, but it took forever to get her to do it, and she had to take quite a hit from a yaoi paddle just so ciel would listen long enough for her to do it. ah, and then there was the time that sebby had a really bad day in the kitchen. she spilled pasta all over the floor! luckily, i wasn't italy then so it didn't make my heart hurt too badly. poor poor pasta. it would have been so delicious! there really was nothing as lizzy, except when i tried to teach the other two how to dance the waltz and some lady recorded it. she said it would end up on youtube but i don't think it did...hmm... and then, alois! HE my friends, is a genuinly amazing character to cosplay! i think the thing that disturbed my ciel the most was when she got butter on her hand, and she sat there, staring at it, until i grabbed that dainty hand of his and licked it off. nyeh heh heh ~ i love this character!

Days of Loveless: ah, the game of life. Well, as it turns out, my little ritsuka got married before i did, so he took kio as his groom just to smite me! well, who the hell does that leave poor soubi with? By time i got married i was sure i would at the very least take myself a little hebride, i don't know who but it sure as hell wouldn't be a woman. that goes against soubi's ways. well, as it turned out, my friend becca (becca doesn't cosplay, she's too proud to change her gender for even a moment, but she hates girls in anime. don't we all?) refused to give me a blue peg, she gave me a pink one! well i had to make due, so i took my little pink she bride and made up a background story. her name was evelaan, spelled just like that. she was a sixteen year old russian exchange student, because that's legal in japan, at least that's what i've come to understand. four years difference isn't that bad anyway. in the game my poor little wife beared Soubi's four children: fraternal twins and their siblings. well, our happy family unsettled little ritsuka, the jealous little sugar pluff that he is, and evelaan became a regularly fought over OC. After that, any time that russia was even spoken of, whether it was about the country or even just a conversation about hetalia, i'd be pinched, smacked, hit, etc, and god help me if i smiled. well i do love my ritsuka, so i gave up on her, but now, if anyone has ever read "Letters Back Home" by theNoahsArkCircus you know who evelyn was based on. There was also a time when we were playing darts, which i suck at, and my seimei watched as i failed even more horribly than usual. He felt the need to tell me how he felt about it so he bluntly "wow, soubi, you suck at this game" and i turned around and looked at him and said "I know that seimei, what do you want from me?" and, very seriously, he looked at the board and said "i want you to get a bullseye" so i threw my last dart, and i bet you can't guess where it landed. ;) The only other thing from that cosplay that wasn't an obvious soubi characteristic, therefore not really awkward, kinda thing was at the con when ritsuka gave me a piggy back ride to ease my feet, which ached terribly because of the heels i had to wear just to gain a little height over her. those shoes were the devil... OH! and then theres the little HIV microbe plushy that ritsuka and seimei collaboratively bought for me. when they gave it to me ritsuka got really serious, looked me in the eye, and said "now we're the only people allowed to give this to you, soubi, and that's an order"

Ah, thusly, i end with Hetalia: The awkward moment to come: I kiss my holy roma on the cheek. sure it's not that bad, but we've been best friends for like five years, plus we once did that thing where little kids pretend to date, but the most exciting it gets to is holding hands in the park. yeah, i know. i'm lame, that was in sixth grade too. i've never seriously dated, and the way my life is going i may never do so! yup, another personal moment. but i will do it, because that couple is fricken adorable and it will make up for my kyouya's ignorance because i anticipate it will happen. maybe not as kyouya, or even as spain, but it shall be so. Oh, then there was my week long pasta binge! i ate pasta with at least one meal every day! it was amazing! but eventually i came to the dilema where there was no sauce to put on top, so i made it a dessert pasta instead! i smothered it in whipped cream, and before you think "that's disgusting!" just think about the ingredients in pasta! it's made of the same stuff as pastries, right? flour, milk, egg, and a dash of salt, and don't tell me i'm wrong because we made that pasta by hand and that was the recipe! anyway, my point is it was delicious, thus ending my pasta binge (that was the last of the pasta we made) so the two poses i'm sure to get: the kiss, and then my germany with me slung over his shoulder, yay! ~

Random fact about me, yeah, i'm a cosplayer and a novice percussionist, but i don't know much about anything else so if i ever appear not to know what the hell i'm talking about, just know that i don't. i suck that bad.

So, I dread to admit it, but I have switched fandoms. Trust me, I still love TamaKyou, but Hetalia couples are just so much better! I have about a million favorite Hetalia couples, each of them involving Italy. I'm sorry, I'm biased! What can I say?Okay, I better revise my list of favorites. Here goes:

favorite couples of mine include:
RoyxRiza (FMA)
NaruxLin (Ghost Hunt. I'm highly partial to characters played by J. Michael Tatum, and as it turns out, i don't generally like couples where both characters are full japanese. there's no reason for it, it's just a trend i noticed a while back)
I can't lie, EdxHei is pretty adorable
Can i say JirouxAlice (Black Blood Brothers) cuz i really dislike Mimiko, even though she's played by Coleen Clinkenbeard who i almost always adore, but i love Jirou (what did i say about Tatum? yeah, that's three of his characters, if you cared to know) and Kotaro is too cute, and Alice was a cool character...yeah, i'm saying it.
SoubixRitsuka (Loveless) because i can't help myself, I'm Soubi and i fricken love my Ritsuka! I can't say i dislike SeimeixSoubi either, cuz i love my x-Seimei just as much, even if he doesn't love me the way my little Ritsuka does or at all really.
YukixTohru (Furuba) because they had so many cute moments, and i really don't like Machi or Kyo very much.
Also from that show was ShigurexAkito, cuz Akito makes me really sad. their relationship is adorable.
And, just because i wish it hadn't ended, HatorixKana. Hatori deserves someone like that, and the memories are so bittersweet. HaruxRin might be on the list, but i don't know... and if it didn't work out between her and Yuki, my next hope was MomijixTohru. poor me, i just hope for stupid things i guess.
As far as inuyasha goes, i'd have to say either MirokuxSango or InuyashaxKikio, cuz kagome is a...never mind.
Just because i am alois, i have to cheer for AloisxCiel.
Alright, Hetalia time! This list has grown infinitely since I started watching the show, and now it's just an extensive list of "Italyx_"
First, is still GerIta/HRExChibi, because you can't deny canon evidence...and...okay, don't kill me Spagna...I am an Ita-cest supporter. Honestly, it's a really cute couple and if you wanna argue about the morality of incest let's do it, honey, it'll be a good time~!
Second: (this is also not a very loved couple, but if you just looked into it you would totally know why I love it!) PruIta. Hey, there's canon evidence that Prussia has a crush on Italy, and therefore it's an adorable couple! If GerIta wasn't so canon it might have just as much, or more, of my love!
A few adorable crack couples: AmeIta, UKIta, RussoIta, JaIta, SpaIta (Oh come on, you can't deny that one. Even you SpaMano fans, you know it's cute!), BelaIta (yeah, I've actually seen one really cute story for that) ElixFeli (That's HungaryxItaly) Um...I think that's it...
Hetalia couples that have nothing to do with Ita (I know, shocking!)
HungaryxAustria, BelaRussia (again with the incest, you perve. Eh, what can I say?), JapanxUK, USxUK, JapanxGreece, PolandxLithuania (and I hate them seperately.)...I must be forgetting a lot of them...
ZeroxYuuki (Vampire Knight) cuz i think Kaname is a botch. yeah, i said it.
Maybe i ought to say RanFanxLing Yao (FMA: B) just cuz i love them, but i don't know if it's as a couple yet...
Oh! and SuzakuxLoulouche. i have a really cute poster of them together, it doesn't get any better than that... X3
Oh, and there's actually a few couples from the Mortal Instruments Series. let's see...MagnusxAlec, Jalec, SebastianxJace (oh yeah, I went there!), ClaryxJace (surprisingly, not incest! As it were, I will deny any incest of straight, human couples. again, wanna tango about it? go ahead) IzzyxJace (I dunno, they seem like they'd be cute together to me...) yup, that's all the "real book" you're gonna get. I'm an anime nerd, remember? I don't think about couples when reading novels!

Hey, if you wanna see me write a fic for any of these couples, shoot me the plot and I'd be happy to oblige!

This also has to be done, and i'm not saying you people who like these couples are wrong or that they aren't nice couples, i just don't like them.
Least favorite couples:
EdxRoy, simply because i love RoyxRiza too much, though one story of my Spain's makes it cute.
EdxEnvy, because i think it's awkward. It's on a thin line between incest and cross species contamination... (Hey, one or the other is alright but no double offenses)
EdxWinry, because i don't like Winry. case closed
EdxAlphonse, AKA elric-cest. need i say more? (Yeah...actually, you know what? I'm only okay with Hetalia-cest. Human-cest is just awkward...)
and pretty much every other Edxcouple imagineable, because ticia has me thouroughly convinced that Ed belongs with Alfons.
KyouyaxHaruhi. the very thought of it flips my stomach. i can accept tamaharu, but something about haruhi and kyouya... uuhhhuh. -twitch- no
i don't know if this is a couple, but ClaudexCiel. It saddens alois inside. claude can have sebby, danke very much.
NaruxMai, cuz i hate mai. she's annoying, and throughout the entire series, even when she tells her tragic story, i wish she could just be deleted from the program.
I really dislike most incest, know, it's just kinda... (You know by now of my exceptions in Hetalia. What can I say, Lovi makes a sexy blushing Seme and Feli his adorable pouting uke, and then BelaRussia...there's just something so adorable about two sociopaths, who happen to be siblings, being together that gets me...)
And with my long list of Hetalia do's, I get an equally long list of "Hell no!"s. Here goes:
FrUK, GerFr, German-cest (nein, okay, just nein. It's not because it's cest, I just don't like it) ANYTHING FEM! Pretty much anyone with Prussia that isn't Italy or the occasional Canada, ESPECIALLY PrussiaxPrussia, fem or otherwise. What is that? I know he's arrogant, but really? You know what, no France couples, no Germany couples (I'm learning to accept some of them, though...), LiechtensteinxAnyone (she's too young!), anyone with Sealand, No Austroxanyone that isn't Hungary, CanadaxAmerica (What's that called, NorthAmericanContinent-cest? Heh, no) AmericaxJapan (I dunno, don't ask. It irritates me) that's all I can think of for now

Okie dokie, quote time~! (These are all gonna be from fanfic's that I didn't write, because I love to tell the world about the most amazing authors. Hope you all don't mind [if you do, tell me and I'll take your quote down])
"America idly wondered if Italy tasted like the candies did –strawberry and really, really sweet...Following a sudden impulse, Italy stood on his tiptoes and pressed a soft kiss on America's lips, effectively silencing him...Much to his surprise, all that America managed to comment before sweeping Italy in another kiss was simply a "hey, you don't taste like strawberries!" "Ve~?" Then it didn't quite matter anymore." And this is the second story that made me love AmeIta (Stars of Yaoi, "Wearing the Hero")

"As he made his way back home, Prussia couldn't but smirk all the way back. He'd spent a wonderful day, and he'd definitely made progress. He'd kissed Italy, which was what made him smile like a cat who got the cream, and he could still feel his lips tingle pleasantly.
And on top of everything, he was in love.
Looking up at the night sky, Prussia laughed, almost giving in to the need to dance around.
Italy's lips tasted like ice cream." There's a nice taste of the most uber adorable couple ever (also Stars of Yaoi, cuz she's pretty bleeping awesome, "Tastes Like Ice Cream")

""The potato bastard wanted to boil his disgusting potatoes when I was boiling water," Lovino grumbled, "So if it tastes like shit, it's because there's lingering potato in the water."
"I could never hate Ludwig for anything," Feliciano giggled.
"It wasn't him," Lovino snapped, "It was the pseudo albino."
"Then I'm afraid you got your names wrong, Lovi," Feliciano took a bite of his food before continuing, "Gilbert would be the potato bastard's brother."
"Don't swear, Feliciano," The older one said, "It's fucking rude."" Ah, I just like that quote...this is a great story though, and angsty but sweet... (Double Spoiler, "In Sickness")

""Uwah! What is that thing?" Feliciano screamed as he saw Lovino pull out the shiny object.
Lovino just glowered at the object in his hand for a second. "It's a fucking stapler! What the fuck am I supposed to do with a fucking stapler? Staple someone's fucking papers?"
"Lovi," Feliciano said softly raising a finger to his lips. "I think I hear someone."
Lovino's face turned pale as he too suddenly noticed the silent footsteps coming towards them. He grabbed Feliciano's collar and shoved him into the nearest bush and quickly dove in after him. The two moved closely together as they listened and waited for the appearance of the person. They nearly screamed when they saw the heavy boots land almost a foot away from their hiding place. Lovino held the stapler in his hand tightly.
The boots turned towards the bush, stopped, and waited, then turned away.
Lovino bit his lip. "Let's jump him," he whispered quietly to the shaking Feliciano. "With my mighty stapler we'll bring whoever the hell that is down."
"B-but," Feliciano stuttered. "What's if it's someone stronger than us?"
Lovino shrugged. "We'll go down with a fight then . . . Ready?"
"No," Feliciano squeaked.
"One . . . two . . . THREE!"" This right here is a story that my wonderful, beautiful, amazing nii-chan really needs to get his arse moving on. What happened, you gave up when you became a PruCan and EdxRoy fangirl? C'mon, Tonio, the plot's practically written for you! Anyway, I just really like this line, because it's funny to imagine. (Incoming-Duck-Fiend, "B R Act")

This list, by the way, will get longer!

Well that's as much ranting as i can take, and it probably didn't accomplish anything. i doubt anybody reads the entire thing...

since my characters have a variety of nationalities

Au Revior, Sayonara, Hasta la Pasta and Ciao Bellisima!

(Yeah, italy got two just cuz he is adorable, and i don't have to show how bad my italian accent sucks online. don't worry, it WILL get better)

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