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To anyone that bothered to click on the glowing blue (or purple, if you felt the need to read it a second time) "FakeJake93":

Personal, but not too personal, information: Hence the user name you clicked on, my first name is, in fact, Jake. (just Jake; not short for Jacob... but legally only Jake). And no, I am not 93 years old, but was born in 1993. As far as anything ideological goes, I am completely unaffiliated religiously, and have always been more interested in my own personal philosophy than trying to find some title to live up to.

Favorite Works: I've been inspired by many great authors whose books/movies/TV shows I have read or seen, three mentionable pieces of art being, His Dark Materials (by Phillip Pullman, whose philosophy, if it follows that of his series, very closely resembles mine), The Dark Tower (though I'm not necessarily a hardcore Stephen King fan, his magnum opus was, in fact, incredible), and Lost (still heart-broken that it had to end). Breaking Bad is the one of the best written TV shows I have ever seen, and George R.R. Martin is a mad genius in A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones. Also, Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra were incredibly well-written; I have immense respect for those writers, too. Crime and Punishment, 1984, Grapes of Wrath, Of Mice and Men, and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead would probably be my favorite of the classic works I've read.

Me and Writing: I've loved to write ever since I could write, but hopefully I've improved somewhat ever since I was two years old, taking up three sheets of paper with massive illegible letters. Though, most of my works (disregarding my early childhood years, when my writing reflected whatever I happened to be into at that particular moment) have been with original characters and stories; fan fiction never really came across my mind. Regardless of what kind of story it is, I always try to tell one that has some meaning to take from it, so that you, the reader, or me, the writer, hasn't wasted their time reading or typing out something that, in effect, was nothing at all in the end.

Why Majora's Mask?: Obviously, given the story I've chosen to write on this website, I do enjoy playing video games on top of trying to act all deep and philosophical, the Legend of Zelda series (most notably Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, and Majora's Mask) being on the top of the list, mixed somewhere at the top with the Metroid Primes, a few of the Marios, the Behemoth's three arcade games, and the Fable series. And more recently, Skyrim. A few months before I started the story, Majora's Mask was finally released on the Wii's virtual console. I decided to replay it, since the last time I'd picked it up had been when I was in elementary school. Then being seventeen years old, I fully grasped what a dark, amazing story this game had. But I also realized that, though the creators had done an excellent job incorporating it into a video game, the fact that it was a video game, and a rated E Zelda video game at that, restricted some of the directions it could take with its plot. I decided to bring this plot line to its full potential on here, and finally finished it after over 4 years of writing!

Anonymous Reviewers: If you post a review from a guest/anonymous source, I still want to respond to the critique/praise/comment you left for my story! Since I will soon no longer have new chapters to put responses at the bottom of (and because my word count was quite boosted by them), I've compiled all of my responses into a single blog post here: I recommend using the find/search function to find the chapter you left a review to, as the post is quite lengthy. I'm not using it for anything else but to post responses to reviews (for now).

Will you ever write another FanFiction story?: I know I said, not that long ago, that I probably wouldn't ever write another story on here, but I think there's one more thing I have left to say. I plan on writing a short story that is a sequel to my novelization of Majora's Mask, honing in on one thing left open-ended in particular. I imagine it's not what most people would expect, but I couldn't help but connect the dots for myself, and so I want to share it here. I've already posted the first chapter, and the others should be quick to follow, given it will be a rather short story (comparatively speaking). As for anything else, I could spend my entire life world-building in Zelda, but a large part of me wants to focus on original works! So, I'll still always be writing, but I want to concentrate on my goal of finally being published.



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