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Hello! My name's Jake. If you're interested, I've got a bit to say about my relationship to writing and the fandoms I enjoy:

Favorite Fictional Works

All of these works have inspired me one way or another, some more directly than others. My greatest life goal has always been to return the favor - to meaningfully impact or inspire people with my own stories.

Novels: His Dark Materials, The Refrigerator Monologues, The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ, Lie with Me (Philippe Besson), The Dark Tower series, A Song of Ice and Fire (will he ever finish?)

TV Shows: The Leftovers, Watchman, OITNB, Avatar (ATLA and Korra), Fleabag, Steven Universe, Russian Doll, The OA, The Haunting of Hill House, Game of Thrones (S1-6), the Handmaid's Tale

Games: Zelda obvi (most notably Oot, MM, and WW), The Last of Us Part I & II, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Senua's Sacrifice, Metroid Prime, PM: The Thousand-Year Door, Fable, and SW: The Old Republic

Movies: Arrival, Alien, Aliens, The Lives of Others, Call Me By Your Name, Donnie Darko, Fargo, Ink, Rogue One, The Last Jedi, the Babadook, Zombieland

Me and Writing

I've loved to write ever since I could write, but hopefully I've improved somewhat since I was two years old, taking up three sheets of paper with massive, illegible letters. Most of my works have been with original characters and stories; fan fiction never really came across my mind. My writing tends to be gritty and 'realistic,' which I know is a controversial statement as people recover from GoT era. I am not a fan of violence for violence’s sake, and I make sure all of my narrative choices lead somewhere interesting (rather than just somewhere shocking and detrimental to satisfying character development).

Why Majora's Mask?

As you can probably tell by my favorite works, storytelling in video games is very important to me! A few months before I started fanfic, Majora's Mask was finally released on the original Wii's virtual console. I decided to replay it, since the last time I'd picked it up had been when I was in elementary school. Then being seventeen years old, I fully grasped what a dark, amazing story this game had. But I also realized that, though the creators had done an excellent job incorporating it into a video game, its E rating and franchise limitations restricted some of the directions it could take with its plot. I decided to bring that plot line to its full potential here, and finally finished it after over 4 years of writing! Though it's impossible to single-handedly perfect a 600,000 word story, I'm foolishly attempting to do just that. Hopefully I'll finally let the fic rest for good after these final round of edits!

What about an Audio book?

An audio book you say? I can't take credit for it, but there is one in the making! It's honestly more of a multimedia project with voice acting, music, and artwork. Check out the Youtube channel "DragonRand100 Audiobook" - I highly recommend it. In addition to my fic, there are other great fanfic audio books on the channel, too. I'm collaborating with DragonRand on this rendition (albeit minimally), and though it's still in its infancy - so many chapters left to go - I'm really looking forward to how the rest turn out.

There is another project that I am not directly involved with - though I'm continually humbled that others are inspired to turn my words into projects of their own. Space Voyager 1701's YouTube channel has completed another multimedia rendition! I'd paste links (no pun intended) to these projects, but unfortunately, this site won't let me do that.

Wait, you’re back?

I am! I stand by my earlier statement that world-building in the Zelda universe brings me so much joy. I would love to do something like that professionally. It’s a testament to how well Nintendo crafted these worlds (even if the individual stories in-game sometimes falter). I am still irked that Majora’s Mask will never be published. That being said, I've decided (probably foolishly) that I again have the spare time to write fanfiction on top of my 'original' creative pursuits. I'm excited to share another story with you all!

Why Wind Waker?:

I like Wind Waker as a game better than Majora’s Mask. Which is probably blasphemy, given that I wrote a 600,000 word novelization of the former. But a lot of my reasons for writing Legends of Which the People Speak are similar to why I wrote Majora’s Mask. One major difference, though: my version of MM relied heavily on WW and even built into it, which is why – even though it’s been over 5 years – part of me couldn’t help but formulate what a story post-MM (in “my” universe) would look like. So I’ve had ideas for a while, and am just now putting them down on (virtual) paper.

Do I have an online presence elsewhere?

Absolutely! I'm starting up a Twitch channel under the name "FakeJakeKyer." The community here means a lot to me, and I'd love to see anyone interested in fanfic there. The channel is in its infancy, and I'm not sure where it'll go (if anywhere). But I envision casual RPG-streaming, both from games I already love and have never played before. I'm notorious for waiting years to get around to certain games, and I'd love to get caught up in community with others!

Anonymous Reviewers:

If you post a review from a guest/anonymous source, I still want to respond to the critique/praise/comment you left for my story! Like with MM, I will post replies to anonymous reviewers at the bottom of new chapters for LWPS. My complication of replies to MM will remain on a single post on wordpress. Since I can't post a link here, simply search "jkt1215" before the wordpress portion of the URL. I recommend using the find/search function to see the chapter you left a review to, as the post is quite lengthy.

Will I ever write another FanFiction story?:

I’ll always be writing, whether here or in my own original works. I have no plans for further fanfiction writing after WW, but who knows what the future holds? My main focus will always be on getting published. I'll make sure to let readers know, if that dream is ever realized. Thanks to anyone who took the time to become invested in my stories. I'll probably be thinking about them for the rest of my life!



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