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Hey, I'm Ona. I love an abundance of things, but I'm sure you don't want to hear all about that. I will try my best to please all of you with my stories, and i write them mostly for fun, but I want your criticism. I love questions and critiques, so feel free to PM and ask whatever is to your liking. Maybe you just wanna have a conversation, that's cool too.

About me:

I love reading, writing, music. And most of my writing inspiration comes from music, and I will surely tell you what songs. I'm into a little bit of everything, and I don't hold many grudges. Don't really care who you like, what you like, as long as you're cool and we get along, I'm open.

I love Chinese Food, bookshelves, video games, and people that smell nice. Oh, and guys and girls.

My Writing: Stories, Possible schedules, Ideas, and Musical Inspiration

Acid Rain: I wrote this story as an intro to fanfiction and to express my obssession with Ninja Assassin. Now, I know I haven't updated in forever, but it's mainly because I have a horrible habit of starting and not finishing. I promise I'll finish it, but for now that story's on hold.

Release Me: I KNOW I haven't updated in a month, but I will update, I promise. I've got several ideas jolting around in my brain for this story, and I'm not sure which one I like better. However, my beta is amazing and PhantomKino will help the process to move along. I have so much in store for this story, and Kaoru and Hikaru will meet. I'll probably update in the next week or so, so bare with me.

I'm also changing Wednesday/ Friday Update to Friday/ Sunday

Another Day, Another Drabble: You guys know the deal. Biweekly or weekly, new drabbles. If any of you are interested, I post on the dmhgchallenge on LJ sometimes, and it's a great competition. It's monthly, you write drabbles and vote. It's really fantastic, so if any of my readers are interested. check it out.

Upcoming Stories:

The Dreamers of Day: My new obssession. Inception and Arthur/Eames. I'll probably write several stories for this fandom, but this is my first attempt. Summary: The world opens its arms to dream-sharing four years after Inception. Satyre Inc. has taken the place of Cobol Engineering, supplying the world with unlimited PASIV devices. The team's been split up for many years with the occasional conversations between Dom and Arthur. When the world is unable to distinguish between reality and dreams, several people either drop into limbo, or become stuck in their dreams. When the threat becomes worldwide, the pioneers of Dream Sharing to try and take down Satyre Inc. Cobb, not willing to leave his children bows out, and Ariadne becomes locked into a partnership with Satyre that leaves her trapped in her subconscious, so Yusuf, Eames, and Arthur take it upon themselves to try and at least save the small percentage of humanity still in reality. Pairings: Arthur/Eames Yusuf/OC Ariadne/OC

Musical Inspiration for this story: The Big Sleep- Bat for Lashes

Sweet Dreams(Are Made of This)- Emily Browning version, originally by Eurythmics

Wonderful World- David Sylvian(feat. Stina Nordenstam)

Asleep from Day- The Chemical Brothers

Schedule: I'm currently looking for a beta, because PhantomKino doesn't like romance and it's blatant romance. I'm looking around, but once I find one, it should be up. I'll keep you updated.

Rating: M, for later chapters.

Unamed Dramione Project: I just have yet to figure a name. I've already a lot of it, but the name will come i suppose. Summary: Draco has always had a special relationship with death for as long as he can remember. From a child, whenever someone is about to die before him, time freezes, leaving Draco roaming free. From this angle, he's always been able to discern the cause of death, and it's up to him to stop it, or not too. As a child, he told Snape of this, and Snape swore to Draco, he had removed whatever curse was afflicting him. Yet, as Draco sits in Malfoy Manor witnessing Charity Burbage's death, his demons come back to haunt him. He tells no one, and during the war, he is plagued by these lapses in time and the unsavory voices of spirits. During a battle, he is yet again struck with a curious time freeze, and people he recognizes becomes the victims: Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Ginny Weasley. He decides against his better judgement to save them, Blaise Zabini witnessing it and Hermione figuring it out with logic. Them being the only two that know Draco's secret, it is kept safe from being said. Years pass, Draco still looking over his shoulder. Post-War, Draco settles down, but the demons of his past seem to keep plaguing his every thought. Yet again, he is met with Hermione Granger in a life-threatening situation, and he saves her once more. Only this time, there's no way to avoid it. Let's just say Hermione's curiosity gets the better of her and Draco's fears become too real. Main Pairing: Draco/ Hermione Additiong Pairings: Ginny/Blaise Luna/Neville

Musical Inspiration: Demons Die- Second Story( Mainly the second verse and bridge)

Atticus- Noisettes

Pale Septembre- Camille

Frostbite- Oh Land

Rating: T, Possibly M for later chapters

D'être: Ouran High School Host Club, For all you Tamaki/ Kyoya fans: D'être- To Be. The name of the adult, masked host club Kyoya decides to open in America. No, not France. But America. I named it "To be" because it's a masked host club, therefore when you walk in, you can be whoever you want to be. This is sort of a spin-off of Release Me, in the sense that Kyoya owns brances of Adult Host Clubs around the world. Glimpses of Kaoru and Hikaru and past endeavors, yet Tamaki and kyoya are at the forefront of this story. Summary: Kyoya opens up yet another adult host club, yet he himself is curious of what really happens behind closed doors. So, Kyoya poses as a customer at D'être, where Tamaki is currently working. With the misconceptions of identity and falling in love with a masked face, Kyoya and Tamaki delve deeper into each other than they ever have before.

Musical Inspiration: To be decided

Rating: M

Ideas: Stuff in my head. If you read this far, PM me, give me your opinions. I WANT THEM

Inception fans: I'm thinking of doing an origin story for every character really. Christopher Nolan left us in the dark about Yusuf and Eames relationship, and then he created an extremely flirty character (Eames) and paired him with a seemingly annoyed acquaintance(Arthur). But he told us nothing, so I've decided i'm writing an origin story. We know from the movie that Arthur/Eames had to military trained, it just makes sense.

Although, there are several origin stories dealing with this. I like to think that Arthur and Eames knew each other long before Inception; they played cat&mouse the entire film, so I'm thinking they've stabbed eachother in the back a few times. Whether it be emotionally or physically is what I'm deciding.

Emotionally: they had some sort of relationship, possible running across each other in the Underworld

Physically: Maybe they've always had a sort of competition during Dream-Sharing. i like to think they were pioneers and notorious at that. Arthur being the best Point Man, and Eames being the ONLY forger. So maybe they sought each other out and when they found each other, it became a game of wits and skill

I'd also add something about Cobb in there because Arthur was with Cobb, yet Eames knew Cobb. So there must've been some sort of run in between characters.

Maybe they were all apart of the very first, dream- sharing program? They had to be some of the first dreamers, correct?

That's all for now, folks.

Thank you, my lovelies!


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