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"Share Your Inspiration" Anonymous One Shot Contest!

Hosted by AgoodWITCH and Rosalynn

And the Winners Are:

In the Public Vote, the winners were:
1st Place - "Six" by Jen328
2nd Place - "The Lodger" by WutheringBites
3rd Place - "The Wave Dancer" by mpg

Mizzdee's Judge's Choices:
"Just Enough Time" by Sunshinegal3
"Six" by Jen328

A Cullen Wannabe's Judge's Choices:
"Shattered Pieces" by Sparkling Twilight
"Stay" by leechlover81

AgoodWITCH's Co-Host Choice:
"Just Enough Time" by Sunshinegal3

Rosalynn's Co-Host Choice:
"To Be Common Like You" by mpg

Congrats to all out winners, and thank you all for entering!

We all have our own sources of inspiration…if we didn’t, we wouldn’t be sitting in front of our computers, creating interesting and unique plots for characters we love.

Well, this is your chance to express that source of inspiration, whatever it is. Do you have a song that brings to mind a plot bunny that won’t leave you be? How about a picture that leaves you with a certain feeling whenever you look at it? Do you have a favorite poem, quote, city, or anything else that the mere thought of it gets your fingers pounding on the keys as the words flow from your consciousness? Whatever your inspiration, we’re asking you to share it with the world!

Contest Guidelines:

-Select a source of inspiration and find a way to represent it. For a song, please send the lyrics and if you like, a youtube video. If it is anything written, you can simply send the excerpt you are using. For a picture or location, send the picture, if a picture is not available, please describe it so it can be added to the inspiration wall. This information should be sent along with the entry when you email us at the contest address.

-All entries should be between 3,000 and 12,000 words, any rating. If you are writing a M rated story, please be of age for the country you live in.

-Entry should be a O/S developed for this contest, no side shots from pre-existing stories. Entry may be extended after the contest is over.

-Entries MUST be beta’d. If you cannot find one, please seek out Project Team Beta, we’d hate to have to send back your fic to because of the lack of a beta.

-All contest entries should be Twilight fics

-Limit 3 entries per person, including collabs.

-This contest is anonymous, please only allow your beta to know which entry is yours. If we find out that you have told people which story is yours, it will be removed from the contest.

-Send your story, including the heading below, and your source of inspiration to

Penname and authors profile (ffn and/or twcs): *This info will be removed before posting*
Source of Inspiration:

-After the story has been validated, it will be added to the profile and your inspiration will be added to the blog. We will be doing this once every few days, that way we can hopefully add more than one at a time so as to keep the anonymity of the entries intact. You will receive an email notification once your entry is validated, so you know that everything is fine.

Once you have been accepted, please pimp the contest and the blog as much as you’d like, while not pointing out your own entry. We will be tweeting about the entries and the various deadlines as well as the inspiration wall on the blog. The contest will be posted on a few websites as well as both ffn and twcs, so we’d love to have you help us spread the word and bring attention to all the entries.

Contest Dates and Judging:

-Entries will be accepted from November 1st until January 14th at 11:59pm EST. (We are doing this not only to give you plenty of time to write the story you want, but also to accommodate the busy holiday season.)

-Voting will be from January 16th to the 26th, giving people ample time to read the entries and cast their votes.

-Winners will be announced no later than January 29th.

-As well as the public vote, we have managed to get two great judges, A Cullen Wannabe and Mizzdee, who will each select a winner as well as a Co-Host’s pick from each of us. AgoodWITCH will be acting as the secret keeper, and will be the only one to know the identities of the entrants, but will pick her favorite story as well.


The stories with the three highest number of votes, along with judges picks and co-host picks will each receive a banner from either AgoodWITCH or Rosalynn. The 1st place winner of the public vote will also receive a $1o Amazon Gift Card.

Places to find us and ways to contact us:

-The Blog
-TWCS Challenge Page (Our Challenge is the 2nd from the top)
-Twitter: @SYIanonOSC (Contest Acct), @agoodwitchff or @rosalynn7885
-PM the contest Profile

Thanks to Wayward Pushers, Twilight Awards, and TwiFic News for posting info on our contest on their sites!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us. Good luck and happy writing!

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