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Tracy: Well it looks like my computer is alive again. For how long nobody knows. Still be 3 months or so b4 i can afford internet.

Tracy: (sitting in her footon) Im 19, you should know that I am a girl and my name is Tracy.. if you didn't then you've got problems.. and here are a few minor details about me.

1. I have thick long black/brown hair.
2. My eyes are a blue/gray color.
3. I love baggy clothes!
4. I'm a goth-thug crossover (if ya can even picture that.. 5. I have a spontanious temper 6. my number one pet peeve is ppl eating MY hotdogs, cuz i don't share those. THEY'RE MINE YA HEAR!
7: and i have very pale skin.. cuz i dont go outside much..
8: I can also be found at mediaminer as Evil Inga and Evil Yami Inga
9: I can't spell to save my life...sweatdrops
10: The only friend I ever had just ditched me and doesn't have the courage to tell me why!

(sitting on the floor is the spitting image of Tracy except he is a dude not a girl)

Evil Yami Inga: That's an understatement.. not to mention your grammer is terrible.. and.. (is hit in the head with the millinum belt) ow!

Tracy: Don't be a smartass! (growls to herself) ANYWAY ... (thinks about what to say next) .. umm... I like DBZ, Sailor Moon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Blue Seed, Zelda, Trigun, Wolf's Rain, Princess Mononoke, Card Captors, Blue Sub.6, Van Helsing, X-men 1+2, Pirates of the Carabein, Bill and Ted...Day After Tomarrow..(thinks).. umm.. and a bunch that I can't remember right now..

E.Yami Inga: munches on one of Tracy's hotdogs Yet another thing about Tracy... She has CRSS... Can't Remember Sit Syndrome..

Tracy: (eye twiches and Superbeast by Rob Zombie starts blasting in the background.)

E.Yami Inga: Eeep! runs away

Tracy: (eye still twiching.. song still blasting) Can't. Control. Anger. (pulls out her bat of superior reviewers) Must. Hurt. E.Yami Inga.. GET BACK HERE! (chases him down)

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