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Hullo (fake British accent acting up again).

My pen name is It'saBunchaJibbaJabba (of course). I am currently writing a TT fanfiction, although I am reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians (finished the first series, now reading The Lost Hero), and I am also reading The Kane Chronicles (waiting for the second one to come out), and I enjoy playing Scribblenauts (got Super Scribblenauts BOO YEAH). I also used to read Harry Potter, but I finished it, and... yeah.


Q. If you could go back to any time period in history, what would it be?

A. lolwut (HINT HINT type that in Scribblenauts LOL)

Q. What is your favorite knock-knock joke?

A. lulzknockknockjokesrfornoobsliekheatwave (for those who can't read bad grammar, here's a translation: Lol, knock-knock jokes are for noobs like Heat Wave.)

Q. Am I cool?

A. Let me give you permission to answer that yourself.

Q. What's your personal quote?

A. Get outta here.

Q. If you could have a super-power, what would it be?

A. Hypnosis. I could hypnotize you into thinking you can't type.


I'm cool.

Camp Half-Blood exists.

Thus, so does the Roman Camp Half-Blood.

You're viewing my Profile of Doom right now.

I'm not un-epic.

Thus, I'm TOO epic for you, so you should get out of here.

I mean, right now.

Still here? Wow... noob... wow...

-infects your computer with a virus called FlapjackOwnageVirus that is so pwnage it makes you leave-

Uh, still here? Darn it, I knew that my FlapjackOwnageVirus-powers would have to charge. Anyways, while I'm waiting for the power to charge, I'm gonna tell you my stuff on Toontown.


Flapjack Supertooth (106 laff):

High Dive




Wedding Cake



Species: Dog

Color(s): Coral head, orange arms, green legs.

Epic Meter: OVAH 9000

The Catfish (27 laff):





Cream Pie Slice

Squirt Gun


Species: Cat

Color(s): Blue

Epic Meter: BELOW 9000 (but greater than 8998)

Heat Wave (15 laff uber):





Cream Pie Slice

Squirt Gun


Species: Cat

Color(s): Red

Epic Meter: 10/9,0010

Those are all I can remember now. Now, I will tell you the 10 Most Ugliest Cogs!

10: Chief Justice

Even though we can't see his face because of his blindfold, how do we know he doesn't wear the blindfold because he's TOO ugly...

9: CEO

Look at a picture of him. It will explain all. Plus, he celebrates Christmas WAY too early.

8: Head Hunter

His undersized head... big body... the perfect combo for ugliness...

7: Two-Face

NOBODY has 2 faces sticking out of their head anymore!

6: Yesman

He looks like Mr. Hollywood. Oh, before it's still in my mind...

5: Mr. Hollywood

Did you have your face surgically made to stay frozen in smile FOREVER? Plus, you look like Glad Hander, who is fat.

4: Glad Hander

He looks like Mr. Hollywood, and he is fat.

3: The Big Cheese

He's DARK GREEN! And dark green is the color of ugliness (in my world).

2: Legal Eagle

Legal Eagles remind me of Sphinxes, which I always despised because of how ugly they look.

And the final one...

1: CFO

Who has a cash register for a head anymore?!

Uh... now I'm gonna tell you my top 5 favorite movies.

5. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone/Chamber of Secrets/Prisoner of Azkaban/Goblet of Fire/Order of the Phoenix/Half-Blood Prince

Seriously. HP is like pwnage apples dipped in epicsauce.

4. Toy Story

Toy Story is like the Downsizer Series 3 Trading Card. Look at it to see what I mean.

3. Toy Story 3

It's in the same movie trilogy as Toy Story. Plus, there's more toys :D.

2. Up

You get to see an old dude that owns a flying house that is attached to billions of balloons, plus an oversized flightless bird, PLUS a talking dog, PLUS a fat eight-year-old, what more can ya get?

And the last one...

1. Coraline

I recommend this movie to people at sleepovers when you've finished telling the spookiest scary stories. And no lights. :D

Whoops, looks like my powers are fully charged. Ok, one, two, three.

-successfully owns your chunky Windows 95 computer that you always view ownage stuff on and makes it short circuit-

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