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My name is Charlotte. I'm currently 18, turning 19 next September. I live in Scotland, and love being Scottish. I have pale skin, with freckles. Brown wavy hair, and grey eyes. I would consider myself to have a curvy figure. I would say I am intelligent, but have been known to spout some stupid rubbish. I have actually been writing fanfiction for YEARS before I stumbled upon this site. In fact, back then I didn't even know that what I was writing was fanfiction. I actually thought it was abnormal. But, when I discovered there were thousands doing the exact same thing, I felt more confident in posting it.

I plan on studying Law, and hope to work in the Law industry as well. It's a long road that's in front of me (A year for a HNC in Business, four years for a BA(Hons) degree in Business & Law, a year for a LLM degree in Law and near enough another year for a PgDip). But I'll be honest, it's something I feel I'm suited for so that's not really scaring me or worrying me. And who knows, if I don't make it into the Law industry, I'm thinking of opening my own string of clubs called "Wilson's Watering Hole". Hehe. I like dreaming big, what can I say?? :)

I sometimes take a while to update; sometimes longer than I would like, but know that I'm working hard on posting a new chapter for a story at least every two weeks. I WILL NOT LET A STORY LIE UN-UPDATED FOR MORE THAN TWO WEEKS - I PROMISE!!

Like my Facebook page for sneak peeks, on future stories and upcoming chapters.

...My Story(s) Information...

Currently Working On.

Scarlet Cross. - Supernatural. - When Anna is captured by the angels, and forced into jail for "retraining" or torture, depending on who you ask, she doesn't believe she'll ever get out. However, one day, when the apocalypse has come and gone, the rise of the Leviathans and their subsequent fall, and the angels nearly being expelled from heaven, they come to her. She'll be free to leave her prison and considered obedient once more, if she goes to hell - alone - and rescues a soul. The soul of Jo Harvelle. Anna Milton x Jo Harvelle... being written for the spn femslash bang... Currently working on Chapter Three: 80% done.

A Matter of Fate. - Supernatural. - Castiel has been mated with his alpha, Dean, for nearly five years. They're ready for a child, but when they've been trying to conceive for the past six months, Cas starts to wonder if they're really meant to be together. Dean Winchester x Castiel... being written for the spn mpreg bang... Currently working on Chapter Two: 70% done.

A Fallacy in Your Head. - Supernatural. - When paying rent gets too hard for Dean, his brother Sam convinces him to find a roommate, someone to share the load and strain with. Dean's hesitant but his brother's the smart one, so why not? After interviewing far too many people, Dean's ready to give up and of course, that's when the struggling author Castiel enters. Bohemian!AU, based on Rent but not set in the Rent universe. Dean Winchester x Castiel... being written for the DeanCas bang...Currently working on Chapter Two: 100% done.

Echoes Down the Stream. - When Kara MacNeil came to Hogwarts, she thought she'd join the rest of her family and end up in Ravenclaw, but much to her surprise, the Hat places her Gryffindor. She makes friends, she fits in, and even though she's not the most popular person in the world, she's happy. Until Fifth Year comes along, and everything is suddenly changed by a boy with grey eyes. Sirius Black x OC (Kara)

On Hiatus.

Sweet Child O' Mine. - Guns N' Roses. - Love and hate so often go hand in hand. When Axl Rose and Erin Everly meet they realise that this statement is more than true. Their relationship goes through many ups and downs; on good days it's filled with smiles, laughter and love and on bad days, it's filled with fights, venom and hate. But what happens when bad days start to outweigh good days. How long will it before before Erin leaves him standing in cold, November rain? Axl Rose x Erin Everly.

Patience; Book Two. - Guns N' Roses. - Leanne's been through a lot with Izzy, and they've both decided to stay together and get clean and sober. But when they do, they start to see just how painful life with GN'R is and they don't know how much longer they'll be able to put up with it. Izzy Stradlin x OC (Leanne).

Future Story Plans.

Pirates of the Caribbean.

Jealousy. - Irene, and her first mate, Jean-Paul were once captured by the East India Trading Company, and by none other than Captain Jack Sparrow. However, when he noticed just how attached to her ship she was, he allowed her and her first mate to escape. Years later, when she has made a name for herself, they meet once again. And both of them will need help and more. Pre-CotBP, then Post AWE. Jack Sparrow x OC (Irene). !...SNEAK PEEK...!

Appetite for Destruction. - Lenna was a hired killer, the best of her time. So, when two naval officers, tired of chasing Jack Sparrow around the Atlantic, hire her to kill him; she's happy to accept. Though, as normal with Captain Jack, problems arise and he ends up saving her life; meaning she has to save his; by not killing him. Something that doesn't go down well with her contractors. Jack Sparrow x OC (Lenna). !...SNEAK PEEK...!

Smoke Without the Fire. - In order to save her father, Odette had to give herself up to an evil sorcer, who wanted to keep her as his prisoner. Keeping her hidden from view. Only true love could break her spell, and her master is going to make it as hard as possible by placing a curse on her; a curse that turns her into a swan at day, only allowed to return to her human form at night. Based on the ballet Swan Lake. OC (Odette) x Jack Sparrow x OC (Odile). !...SNEAK PEEK...!

Colours of the Wind. -Nya and her twin, Omari, are kidnapped from their home, and sold as slaves. As they are being transported to England, the ship is attacked, and they are transported onto a pirate ship, captained by none other than Jack Sparrow. He agrees to take them to safety, but Nya and Omari aren't willing to be dropped off at Tortuga, no, they want to go home. And Captain Jack Sparrow would be a fool to argue with these two. Based slightly on Pocahontas. Jack Sparrow x OC (Nya.) !...SNEAK PEEK...!

Dig A Little Deeper. -Tabitha, a fortune teller on the run from the law, ends up persuading Jack Sparrow to help her. As long as she acts as his guide. Telling him what path to take. Only, she's a firm believer in making your own future. So, expect a lot of arguments between the two. Based slightly on The Princess and the Frog, as well as The Crucible. Jack Sparrow x OC (Tabitha).

Broken Crown. - During a wild storm, Jack lost his footing and fell, knocking his head against the railing. He fell into a coma, and dreamed up another reality. One where he was still part of the EITC. And one where he meets the wilful daughter of a lord, Harriet. Though, there is a problem... he's bound to wake up eventually, and when he does, he's not too certain what is truth and what was just a dream. Jack Sparrow x OC (Harriet). !...SNEAK PEEK...!

Confusing Two Sparrows. - Eléna Marie always loved and admired her big brother, who just so happens to be Jack Sparrow. She's willing to do anything for him, including giving up her own ship and following him on to the Black Pearl. However when his beloved ship is taken from him she makes him a promise. One that could destroy her; yet she covers it up with sarcastic comments. 1st in series.

Chasing Two Sparrows. -Eléna Marie Sparrow had helped her brother recover his precious Pearl, and helped him kill his mutinous first mate. Now, she's still on the Pearl, even though she's fulfilled his promise to him. However, she's soon forced to make another promise - to help save him from Davy Jones. Yet, she didn't expect for her to assess just how much she means to him; and vice versa. 2nd in series.

Reuniting Two Sparrows. - With her brother imprisoned in Davy Jones' Locker, Eléna Marie finds herself making a deal with people she doesn't trust. But when they come back, things aren't as easy as sailing into the sunset, for the EITC wants to eliminate pirates. And Jack and Eléna are determined to stop them; and bring Lord Cutler Beckett to justice, once and for all. 3rd in series.

Alienating Two Sparrows. - When Eléna Marie and her brother Jack defeated the EITC, she thought they could go back to normal. Yet, his visit to the Locker has left Jack scared, and he's determined to live forever. So, her dreams of a simple pirating life are torn apart when his quest for immortality leads them straight into Blackbeard's path; and his devious daughter. 4th in series.

I Wasn't Even Looking For You. - Ellen never thought she would find love; she was just happy to live her life watching others do so. Erik never thought he would get over his fiance. And yet, when these two meet, they prove that they are wrong; that they will find love again, and that it'll be with each other. A side-story to my Jack/OC fic "Now or Forever". OC (Ellen) x OC (Erik).

Lake of Fire. - Brynne was a true mermaid, who used her beauty and voice to lure sailors to their watery graves. Yet, when she's captured and rendered vulnerable, she realises that her previous belief of sailors are not entirely true, because this one in particular has something special in his soul... she just isn't sure what it is that's so special. Jack Sparrow x OC (Brynne). !...SNEAK PEEK...!

On My Own. - Jack Sparrow knows what he likes; he has his favourite ship, favourite rum, favourite crew member, favourite island and as it turns out, his favourite wench. And it seems that he may be Yvonne's favourite customer. Jack Sparrow x OC (Yvonne).

Harry Potter.

I Gave You All; Book One. - Annalee Adler, a quiet, Jewish, Muggleborn Ravenclaw, is attending her 5th Year of Hogwarts. The only problem is, Sirius Black is on the loose. She knows he's after Harry and not her, so she's trying to act like she normally would. Only she seems to capture the attention of a certain Weasley twin, and she's not sure what to make of it. Takes place in PoA. 1st in series. George Weasley x OC (Annalee). !...SNEAK PEEK...!

I Gave You All; Book Two. - Annalee returns to Hogwarts for her 6th Year, and when the news of the Triwizard Tournament, and the Yule Ball is announced, she realises that this year may not be as simple as she thought. Last year she found herself getting closer to George Weasley, and when he asks her to the Yule Ball, and she finds herself telling him yes, she knows she's in trouble. Takes place in GoF. 2nd in series. George Weasley x OC (Annalee).

I Gave You All; Book Three. - George and Annalee are officially a couple now, but NEWTs are coming up, and Annalee is trying her hardest to get good grades but she can't because the Ministry is interfering with Hogwarts. She's not used to being rebellious, but when George tells her of the plans to form Dumbledore's Army, she can't refuse. Voldemort is back, and she'd rather know how to defend herself than get good grades. 3rd in series. Takes place in OotP. George Weasley x OC (Annalee).

I Gave You All; Book Four. - For her and her parent's safety, Annalee moves into the Burrow with the Weasley's. Fred and George have opened their Joke Shop, and everything is going fine, but she knows that Voldemort is at large, and is trying to hunt Harry down. But she doesn't matter. This family is like her own now, and no matter what happens, she's willing to stick with them; she's willing to fight for them. 4th in series. Takes place in HBP. George Weasley x OC (Annalee).

I Gave You All; Book Five. - Harry, Ron and Hermione are on the run, doing God knows what. The Weasley's are trying to act normal, trying not to let it slip that they've got a Muggleborn hiding in their house. Annalee can't go out; she's bound in the house until it's safe... if it ever becomes safe again. But when they get the call that they're needed at Hogwarts, they can't stop or look back. They need to help no matter what the cost is. 5th and final in series. Takes place in DH. George Weasley x OC (Annalee).

Twisted Souls. - Frank and Alice Longbottom, two souls who suffered a fate worth than death. Yet, before their attack, their life was good. Perfect. Even with the war looming over them. They had each other, they had their son and that's all that matters, isn't it? This is the story of Frank and Alice Longbottom. Frank x Alice Longbottom. !...SNEAK PEEK...!

Oh, Death: Book One. - Hester was a Slytherin. She wasn't a Death Eater wannabe, didn't care about someone else's blood, especially when she wasn't a Pureblood herself. She only cared about her brother and her own safety, and she's willing to do whatever it takes, such as side with Sirius Black and those damn Marauders to ensure her brother's safe within the walls of Hogwarts. Sirius Black x OC (Hester). !...SNEAK PEEK...!

Oh, Death: Book Two. - Hester's made it through Hogwarts and the first Wizarding Ward, but not without some heartbreaking losses. Now there's a price on her ass and she needs friends, friends who will help her again in the second War. She just never expected to see him again, and never expected for old feelings to still be bubbling below the surface. Sirius Black x OC (Hester).

Running with Scissors. - Rebecca Clark has a lot of dreams; graduating from university with a degree in medicine, in order to become Dr. Clark. But when she meets a certain boy with grey eyes and black hair, with secrets that she can't even begin to consider, her whole entire life is turned upside down. Sirius Black x OC (Rebeccas). !...SNEAK PEEK...!

Public Enemies.

Stairway to Heaven. - Katrina had always wanted to be a singer, and when the Great Depression hit, she managed to make that dream come true. The only problem was the club she sang at "The Blue Stowaway" was John Dillinger's favourite. One event leads to another, and soon, she's persuaded into using her position at the club to get information for him. But how long will it be before the personal and professional lines start to blur? John Dillinger x OC (Katrina). !...SNEAK PEEK...!

NCIS/Criminal Minds Crossover.

Shout at the Devil. - Emilia had been with NCIS, and Gibbs' team for a year now. They had turned into her family; the only people that mattered. When they're investigating a murder of a Marine, the BAU suddenly appear, saying that it is linked to the murder of three civilians. With the Director's orders, they have to work together to bring down the serial killer, but as usual, it's harder than it sounds. No pairings yet. !...SNEAK PEEK...!


Ghosts. - When a banker shows up at her father's shop's door telling him he's near enough bankrupt, his daughter, Samantha knows something is wrong; that someone is trying to put him out of business. And with the help of Nate Ford and his team, she's hoping they can stop who's behind it and save his business. Eliot Spencer x OC (Samantha).

Dark Shadows.

This Is Gonna Hurt. - "My curiosity has always been my worst fault. I was too curious about my Master; I was too curious about love; I was too curious about pride and vanity; I was too curious about jealousy. I was too curious for my own good, and in the end, that curiosity may end up costing me my life; a life I lived too carelessly." Barnabas Collins x OC (Amanda). !...SNEAK PEEK...!

Robin Hood.

I Was Just A Girl Then. - Marian didn't stop loving Robin, not really. She just convinced herself that she did, because he was away at war, and she wasn't even sure she was going to see him again. And she wasn't a fool. She knew the chances of him coming back to her were slim, and she wasn't about to keep pining over a man she'd never see again. Robin Hood x Lady Marian.


Farewell to Sorrow. - What if Kelly Gibbs survived that fateful car crash? What if she was just held prisoner? Waiting for the time she can break free and get home to her beloved father? The father she never forgot.

The Phantom of the Opera.

Hidden in Shadows. - Two years after the premiere of "Don Juan Triumphant" and the tragedy that followed, Firman and André decide to reopen the Opera Populaire. There's a new Primadonna on the scene as well as a new choreographer for the Corps de Ballet, and the legendary Phantom hasn't been seen since. But how long will it be before he comes out of the shadows once more? Erik x OC (Diana). !...SNEAK PEEK...!

She, the Unseen Genius. - The Opera Populaire has been haunted for many years by the Phantome of the Opera, who's fought for her Angel of Music to take the stage, and she's not allowing anyone to change that, or get near her beloved Christine Daae. Fem!Phantom. One-sided Phantom x Christine as well as Christine x Raoul. !...SNEAK PEEK...!

Guns N' Roses.

Patience; Book Three - When Izzy said that he wanted to leave Guns N' Roses, Leanne never thought he'd go through with it. But he does, and things don't drastically fall apart like she feared they would. If anything, they grow stronger, but her worried about whether he made the right decision still lingers in her mind, and she cannot decide if his future decisions are just because he's regretting his last one. Izzy Stradlin x OC (Leanne).

Patience; The Prequel - Before Leanne ever met Izzy, before Leanne ever heard of Guns N' Roses, she had a much different life. She was raised by religious parents who didn't seem to understand their daughter, and her only friends were her two brothers, Andrew and Brad, both of who had left home as soon as they could. Now she has to put up with her parents by herself, and the only thing keeping her going, is her seventeenth birthday that's drawing closer, and the fact she's going to leave for L.A as soon as she can.


Night and Nobility. - When Megara arrives in Camelot with the news that her father, Lord Alexander, has died, Uther allows her to stay in the castle until her brother comes to collect her and take his father's title. However, whilst Meg stays within Camelot, she starts to develop a bond with everyone, especially one Knight in particular. Gwaine. Slight AU Gwaine x OC (Megara). !...SNEAK PEEK...!

Love Me Again. - When Gwaine left Caerleon those years ago, he didn't just leave behind his mother and sister, he left behind the woman he loved. Unable to leave her family, Rachel stayed behind and gave up hope of ever seeing him again. Now, nearly ten years later, when turning to Camelot for help when Caerleon is attacked and Queen Annis does nothing, she meets him again, and she can't decide whether it's a good thing or not. Gwaine x OC (Rachel). !...SNEAK PEEK...!

Safe from Harm. - Too special to stay at her, Merlyn sets off for Camelot, hoping her life will change for the better. But when she arrives to find Magic banned, the young Warlock is suddenly thrown into a world of secrecy and deception, whilst trying to fulfil her destiny and help Prince Arthur become the greatest king Camelot has ever seen. Genderswap!Merlin; slight AU; first in the "Safe from..." series. Takes place in Series One. !...SNEAK PEEK...!

Safe from Destruction. - Merlyn has been through a lot with Prince Arthur already, but her destiny has yet to begin. She's learning more and more about herself as she fights gallantly to save the future King of Camelot from his supposed friends and foes alike. Between all the problems arising in Camelot and trying to keep her Magic a secret, Merlyn's got another eventual year in front of her. Genderswap!Merlin; second in the "Safe from..." seres. Takes place in Series Two.

Safe from Promises. - It's been a year since Morgana disappeared with Morgause. Only Merlyn knows the truth; knows that she was allied with the witch and only disappeared to be saved from the poison Merlyn gave her. Now, she's back and the weight has returned to Merlyn's shoulders. She knows she cannot go against the King's ward, even if she knows what truly lays in the young woman's heart. Genderswap!Merlin; third in the "Safe from..." seres. Takes place in Series Three.

Safe from Deception. - Things are never easy for Merlyn. They're never going to be. Morgana's true motives have been revealed and Camelot still hasn't recovered from it. Merlyn has too much to deal with and she's starting to find it impossible to fulfil her destiny, but she knows that Arthur is going to be the King he's been predicted to be, and that's enough to make Merlyn struggle along. Despite her pain. Genderswap!Merlin; fourth in the "Safe from..." seres. Takes place in Series Four.

Safe from Lies. - Camelot has experience three years of its Golden Age but as Morgana returns, Merlyn begins to fear it is all Camelot will experience. She needs to save Arthur; she needs to help him defeat the Saxons, unite the lands and bring Magic back to Camelot. However, she fears that that the last will only take a reveal from her and she's not entirely sure if she's ready for that. Not even with her dying breath. Genderswap!Merlin; fifth and final in the "Safe from..." seres. Takes place in Series Five.

Les Misérables.

Little Lives. Enjolras manages to survive the barricade, but nothing is the same. His brothers have fallen, and Marius, the only other survivor, is with his beloved Cosette. But when he meets a young woman who gives food to the poor every Saturday, he finally understands what Marius said years ago; how different the meanings for red and black can really be. Enjolras x OC (Amelia).


Ramble On. - Dean Winchester is a Marine, has been ever since he signed up to put his younger brother, Sam, through law school. Whilst deployed in Afghanistan, bored from his days on base, he starts reading a book by a science professor named Castiel Novak. And there's something in his works that makes Dean share his thoughts and feelings with the author he's never met. And well, it's totally possible to develop feelings for a person you've never laid eyes on, right? Soldier!Dean, Professor!Cas AU. Dean Winchester x Castiel.

Power & Control. - They meet in a bar, and after a drunken, yet mind-blowing night, Abaddon and Meg agree that an arrangement would be beneficial to them both, seeing as they both work high-stress, busy jobs that don’t give them a lot of chance to meet anyone. So they exchange phone numbers, deciding to simply pick up the phone if one of them is in the mood for some company. Only as time goes on, and they start to develop trust and explore their relationship, they soon realise that it’s maybe no longer an “arrangement” like they started off as, and that maybe they both want something more. Abaddon x Meg.

Three is a Magic Number. - When the Gates of Heaven and Hell are finally slammed shut, Castielle and Meg find themselves choosing humanity instead of the places they once called home. Castielle's grace disappears, and Deanna helps Meg become human with the ritual from the Bunker. Sammy bids goodbye to his sister and returns to Amelia's side. So, Deanna finds herself growing close to the ex-angel and ex-demon as they travel around America, and soon, a relationship evolves amongst the three. But when Meg suddenly goes missing, they realise just how deep their relationship is. Deanna Winchester x Meg x Castielle. (aka cisswap!Meanstiel)

Travellin' Soldier. - After Sammy leaves for Stanford, Dean parts ways with his father and starts hunting on his own. He's surprised when John gives him the Impala, but he doesn't complain. He finds himself following a trail that leads him directly into the path of one Castiel Novak. During Dean's stay in the town, they grow close and form a relationship that's unusually close for the both of them. But soon, the monster is gone and Dean needs to leave. He promises to write, and for a while he does, but when the monster attacks him and leaves him for dead, he no longer manages to send Cas any letters. Dean Winchester x Castiel.


Dirty and Dangerous. - They meet in a bar. It wasn't supposed to be serious, except it did turn serious. But with a relationship built on lies from both sides, how long will it be before everything comes crumbling down around them in a shocking revelation? Mike Warren/OC (Lisa). !...SNEAK PEEK...!

Sherlock/Harry Potter crossover.

No Reason to Pretend - When John Watson wakes up in St. Mungo's, the guilt is as heavy and sore as the scar from the curse that landed him in hospital. It's this guilt that pushes him to leave the wizarding world, and the people he couldn't protect, behind. But when he moves in with Consulting Detective, Sherlock Holmes, he soon realises that his past isn't all that ready to forget about him. John Watson/Sherlock Holmes. Collab with Why Fireflies Flash.

Complete Stories that are not published on this website.

Patience; Book One. - Guns N' Roses. - Leanne's early life was incredibly difficult, but she had finally found a normal life in L.A. where she worked as a barmaid. However, when she meets Guns N' Roses, a certain rhythm guitarist quickly turns her life upside down. And she can't decide whether she loves that, or hates it. Izzy Stradlin x OC (Leanne).

Broken Angel and Broken Man series. - Supernatural. -My random DeanCas one-shots ranging from angst to plain ol' porn without plot. Dean Winchester x Castiel.

Fem!natural series. - Supernatural. - A series for any of my works containing any member of Team Free Will as a woman! From my longfic Highway to Hell that's about fem!TFW meeting canon!TFW to some Dean/Deanna selfcest to random fem!TFW one-shots. Various pairings.

Femslash Oneshots. - A series of femslash one-shots, featuring various pairings from various fandoms.

A Very Bunker Christmas. - Supernatural. -Twenty-Five Christmas one-shots of Team Free Will doing the most classic of Christmas events, like snowball fighting, making snow angels and decorating their Christmas tree. A new one-shot will be posted each day of Advent. Dean Winchester x Castiel.

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"We cross our bridges once we come to them and burn them behind us, with nothing to show for our progress except a memory of the smell of smoke, and a presumption that once our eyes watered." Tom Stoppard - said by Dr. Spencer Reid at the end of Criminal Minds.

"Better to write for yourself, and have no public, than to write for the public, and have no self." Cyril Connolly. - said by Emily Prentiss at the end of Criminal Minds.

"They say love is giving someone the power to destroy you, but trusting them not to." Unknown - said by Derek Morgan at the end of Criminal Minds.

"Love is a kind of warfare." Ovid.

"The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails." William Arthur Ward.

"Religion is flawed, but that is only because man is flawed. All men. Including this one." Cardinal Strauss. Angel and Demons.

If you want to know anything else, just PM me. :D

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