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Ok my name is Kelsey and im new here to fan fiction, im 13 years old and i love writing stories. I have blond hair and blue eyes. A friend that i met on You Tube said that i should put my stories on Fan Fiction, so i am. I love Total Drama Island, Action, and World Tour. I love Scooby Doo and think that Shaggy and Velma just look CCUUTTEE together! :) I am a fan of Duncan and Gwen and Trent and Courtney! Now im also a fan of Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and Fire Emblem as well. I might make some stories of those too although i made a cute story of Kingdom Hearts, Xion and Roxas fan! Also i think Tifa and Cloud look cute together as well.

My Favorite T.V. in the world is total drama world tour

My Favorite Characters in the exact order are Gwen, Duncan, Courtney, Trent, Heather, and Alejandro

My Favorite type of music is pop and my favorite singers, and or band are: Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Flyleaf, Paramore, Three Days Grace, Escape the Fate, Avril L, My Chemical Romance, Lady Gaga, The Fray, Evanescence, Pink, and Red Jumpsuit Apprentice.

TOTAL DRAMA WORLD TOUR Favorite to least(ONLY TDWT): Gwen, Duncan, Courtney, Heather, Alejandro, Bridgette, Noah, Tyler, Cody, Serria, Izzy, Owen, Lindsey, Ezekial, Dj, La Shawna, Harold, and i think that is all of Total Drama World Tour

Im a huge Total Drama fan maybe one of the biggest!

Oh and i love Stoked (Fin and Reef!) They are just soooo cute! They are so totally falling for each other! Oh and i watch Totally spies, spongebob square pants, suite life on deck, big time rush, icarly, also on STOKED My little brothers favorite Character who Emma likes, for some strange reason i cant remember his name? Oh well but I really focuse on Fin and Reef if anything on STOKED!

I love Horror movies, comendys, romances! I am into mysterys aswell, but anything else, no way! I dont like action movies that much to much shooting! :0

You see thow if i had to pick between either Gwen or Courtney it would have to be Gwen, she is just my number 1 favorite that i worship and write the best stories on. I am writng one but it has to much violence in it for me to stick on Fan Fiction which the violence is only in one chapter :( Its only when Courtney and Gwen fight. Why you ask, because they hate each other! Oh i also love INUYASHA! I love Kagome and Inuyasha Miroko and Sango and Koga and Ayume. I like Teen Titans as well. Oh and Family Guy, 6teen, W.I.T.C.H., and H20!

Oh and everyone out there who has read some of my stories please do REVIEW! Thank you!

Note 2 self: Tomorrow right stories! Well after HomeWork! Crap i havent down it yet!

Total Drama Word Tour: It sucks now that her and Duncan are OUT! I almost cried yesterday, i forgot Duncan left and i realized that it was gonna suck without his beautiful voice, i love his VOICE! :) Oh and when he sung it was awesome!

While on the other hand Courtney and Trent should start hooking up!!!!

Al whatever needs to stay out of LOVE LIFES and just stick with him and Heather.

"Cody Jr. Noo!" HAHAHA! Serria is so funny!

"Gwen stealer." Cody kicks the statue face of Duncan and a egg comes out of his nose, WTF!

Still got bracelett that a best friend gave me from last year! TWO MORE YEARS IN SCHOOL WITH THEM TILL I MOVE TO EDGEFIELDS SCHOOL! Have no idea what it is called although i go past it like everyday so...haha...

Now im listening to "Lost in you" By: Three Days Grace! :) Love that band, you would know if you read upper in the profile!

Ok... enough of that! (Me: But i love it!) Dont care! (Me: But i do!) oh put a sock in it! (Me"Pouts and leaves") Cry baby

Its down to the Final three, who will win? Heather, Alejandro, or Cody? Find out next week! Also the cool thing is, is that i am at school in class right now typeing! Its strange but awesome! *DunGwen* *Gwuncan*

The final episode of Total Drama World Tour comes on in 59 minutes! Im not ready!

Well it has to come sometime right???

"Jacob! Nine o clock isnt in till 54 mintues you got time!"

Yeah he wants to watch my show to at nine and so does my big brother who finally got out of school lasy year! Freakin 18 year old!

Heather WINS!!!! :) YAY! GO HER!!! LOL!

Finally got my games back, more Kingdom Hearts can be played. I was thinking should i put some of my Kingdom Hearts stories on here? You know they are all mostly on Xion and Roxas but still. Also Larxene and Axel. Sora and Kairi. Riku and Namine. You know, if there are any Kingdom Hearts fans out there and they would like me to make a story, please send a message thank you! :)

InuYasha has started over and im rewatching every episode. Maybe i could make some stories of that you know, couples

Kagome and Inuyasha

Ayume and Koga

Sango and Miroku

Finally updated a new Chapter on my Total Drama Island Gwens High School years! Yay! Working on Chapter Seven and 19,753 words through all of the story thats alot to me now! Im proud of it too!!!!

Gwen and Duncan

Courtney and Trent

Heather and Alejandro

Bridgette and Geoff

Xion and Roxas

Namine and Riku

Kairi and Sora

La Shawna and Harold

Ayume and Koga

These are mostly the couples i am worrying about you see!!

Well if i must say this week was pretty darn rough! Oh and a of mine friends her name is Amy and she wrote a Duncan&Gwen story and she asked me to put it on fanfiction since she cant get one for some strange reason. But if you like it please do not give me credit for it. All i did was add the """" marks. KK??? I am planning on putting it up soon so be looking out for it if you are a DxG fan. She said that i have experied her to write. Yay! I changed my Username from KelseyMicheala1 tooooo... PrincessDunGwenLover! :) Oh yeah and i am still writing Gwens Highschool Years soooo dont be mad at me if im slow or anything but i got a chapter of "But I Only Love You" Its a Gwen story at first but with friends involved it becomes more romantic! :)

Hey you guys i might not put any new chapters intill after christmas break i have a science fair project to do! :(


We are making a story together! (Total Drama Island Crossover too Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch) Oh and it will not be DXG! :( Sorry you guys but this story is based on Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch! Main character Gwen who is known to be like (Luchia) but not the color pink she is BLACK!!! Oh and the story is going on my accout but dont give me all of the credit please! Half of it will belong to CAKEDECORATOR!!! :) I hope that you look forward to it in the close furture! :)

Xion is the best, Roxas loves HER not Namine. Namine knew Roxas for 5 mins, Roxas knew Xion for most of his life. This is why Roxas Loves Xion. Copy and paste this into your profile if you think its true!

I happen to like certain couples for certains reasons BUT THEN; there are reasons because my heart tells me they are meant to be. OKKKK!!

I love Duncan and Gwen because they have alot in common on the outside but on the inside; they do different things like Gwen she draws, and Duncan hes a Delinqent. Yes i know that opposites attract but not in my book.

Mostly; all of the couples that i support all have alot in common.

Gwen and Duncan

Xion and Roxas

Ayume and Koga

Xion and Roxas are both nobodies and happen too be apart of the same thing (SORA). I dont care that Xion was just a puppet but to Roxas and me (Including all the Xion and Roxas fans) we see her as a regular girl that is Axel and Roxas's best friend. I really dislike Namine always have always will. For once that Bit*h can draw worth Sh*t!

Ayume and Koga are both from a wolve pack and seem to have very different personalitys. I just wish that those two were in Inuyasha more well mostly Ayume since Koga is mostly always in them. :)

You know what im gonna do soon after i complete all my stories! Im gonna make a Kingdom Hearts Xion and Roxas story! Either that our im gonna put the old ones that i have made on FanFiction soon.

I need somemore Kingdom Hearts and Inuyasha fans out there so if there are any out there who would want to be MY FRIEND! Just go on ahead and ask! :) I will accept ALL offers, so dont be shy you guys! :)



Im working on many different stories at once you guys; thats what is keeping me up in my stories here in FanFiction; also science fair and im just to LAZY! But thats just me!

Christmas is in TWO DAYS! :) Today is Christmas Eve's Eve! Lol!

Talkk Tooo Youu Guyys Laterr!!



Happy New Years! :) What! Im late by a day; dont be mad at me! ...Joking you guys!

School starts back tomorrow! Bummer!

Well i got nothing to say here so;


I am back! Yeah and it is now MAY! What have i been doing you may ask? I was just being myself! I needed a break from the Internet! :)

So anyways i have loads of new favorite Anime shows!

Mermaid Melody


Sailor Moon

Mew Mew Powers


Lucky Star

Vampire Knight

Oaran Host Club

Yeah i have been watching these shows as well. You see i am on the VERY LAST episode of Mermaid Melody and i dont wanna watch it because i dont want it to be over. Also Sailor Moon i used to watch it but i am watching them once again. Mew Mew Powers i started watching again. You know BLAH BLAH BLAH! :)

So anyway i am working on a HUGE Mermaid Melody Story on Chapter 31 but i dont know if i should put it on FanFiction.

So anywayz! I AM BACK AND I AM CHANGING MY USERNAME TO Princess Lucia! :) Sorry i just love her!

I decided it to be Princess Aqua of DQ since on Dragon Quest xi i created me a character named Aqua. She has long light blue hair with little curly edges. Light blue eyes, pale skin, not that tall but not that short either. Her partners Ubb (Dragon Ball Z) Duncan (Total Drama) Vincent (Final Fantasy) But when Vincent left i created Sara. My younger brother character is Duncan and my older brothers character is Vincent. They came to Aqua's world to help her out. She is a Theif and she uses claws. :) Yeah i love her with all my heart!

I love Sola and hopefully lots of the Sola fans can bring out more stories up. Yeah...i will put some up, it might be an old ANIME only four years old or five but there should still be people supporting it! I know some of yall are out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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