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Author has written 14 stories for Digimon, and Harry Potter.

I just want to let you know that I'm also working on "A Modest Proposal" for those wondering. I plan on finishing Kiss Me Freely before posting A Modest Proposal, or at least finishing the first three chapters of A Modest Proposal (I have two done) before posting them, just so that the readers won't be waiting too long for updates. Thank you, all of you awesome fans, for being so amazing. I love you all.

A big thanks goes out to KittyRin for making a wonderful trailer-video of Merry Christmas Mr. Malfoy!!! It's wonderful and I love it; she put so much work and effort into it!
The link is here. Please leave her a nice review, as it is a very nice trailer! Thanks darling!!!!!!

Another note: so, apparently somebody must have submitted Merry Christmas Mr. Malfoy to this livejournal community, Dramione Awards Archive, as I randomly found it on google. However, I have no clue what or if I won something, haha. You can find the link here and if you know anything, please let me know. Haha. Thanks!!!!

Note: Now, after having received nearly 50 voters, with two choices per voter, I have closed my poll. I know some people may be "omg, liek 50 izn't enof!" but, you know...50's not bad considering I do not think a lot of people visit author profiles to look at polls.

So, out of the 50-some-odd (45 to be exact) people, 20 voted for "A Modest Proposal" and 20 voted for "Teacher's Pet" to be my side stories, both of which I have already begun. So, once I've completed Kiss Me Freely, I shall start posting the chapters for both of those fics. It will take less time to write "Teacher's Pet," as I plan for it to be a short, maybe ten-chaptered PWMP. "A Modest Proposal" will, obviously, be much longer and therefore take longer to complete. Thank you guys for voting and for your patience.

Note: if you add me as a friend on my facebook (link above) please send a message saying that you're from here and tell me who you are. I've been getting a few random friend-adds on facebook lately and I've been ignoring them. It only just came to my attention that the link to my profile is here, so I assume that maybe some fans added me.
If you have added me in the past and I never replied, please re-add me and message me the details I ask of you above.
Thanks. (P.S. I has come to my attention that with these new FF changes, facebook sites no longer appear on the profiles. If you want to befriend me, PM me and I'll send you a link to my facebook profile. Just remember to still tell me who you are, because I easily forget things.)

The details on the authoress:

Name: wouldn't you like to know? Add me on facebook and you will.
Age: born in the year of 1989, in the month of January.
Sex: Female
Nationality: Canadian/Quebecoise
Heritage: Finnish/Irish/Scottish/Native American

I currently have a Bachelor's Degree in Classics: Classical Civilization (study of archaeological and historical evidence of Ancient Greece/Rome/Egypt), and I am pursuing a second Bachelor's at another University for Education: Secondary Social Sciences (I plan on teaching our next generation about history). It's tough, but fun.
I am not a fan of Twilight; you will not see me writing anything or reading anything related to Twilight. I consider it to be the biggest piece of rubbish ever (I'm sorry...for a 32-year-old woman, the writing is just pathetic. Storyline sounds...typical, for the first book, but the writing style is sad.) and I refuse to read the rest of it (I got to maybe...chapter 2, before I gave up...my brain was melting). I would rant, but I would be ranting for years. (I also happen to hate Fifty Shades of Grey just as much, even more so because if you just go on FF(dot)net or AFF(dot)net, you get much smuttier, sexier, and well-written stories that have infinitely better plots than this pathetic woman's work. I honestly feel like she just took advantage of this 'Twilight-drama crap' and used it to make money when she has no skill whatsoever). So yeah, don't ask me to do anything that involves either of those two series/pieces of fictional garbage.

I am a huge fan of Draco/Hermione. I tend to write fics in that particular subject, as well as Mimi/Yamato (Digimon). I have toyed with the idea of writing a TIVA (Tony/Ziva from NCIS) fic, as well as maybe a JAM (Jules/Sam from Flashpoint) fic, but I'm still unsure, as they are much harder to get right than Hermione/Draco or Mimi/Yamato. I also prefer writing M fics; I don't like having to edit or censor things; I feel it just makes it harder to write exactly what I want to write. If I feel it sounds better with a curse word, then I will put it in. So there.

Now, onto my works:

Completed Works (note: I do plan on editing each and every one of these in the near future):

Secrets Tied in a Big Red Bow -- Mimato, almost Harlequin romancy, which scares me, but still rather cutesy and fluffy. Mimi comes back from America after ten years and winds up having to stay with Yamato during her Christmas vacation. Romance and fluff ensue. Rated M.

Aphrodisiac -- first ever oneshot, Draco/Hermione, non-stop lemon, mostly caused by something Hermione wasn't supposed to drink. Heh heh heh. Rated M.

Morning Shower - two-part oneshot, Draco/Hermione, sexy lemon in a shower, with a bit of humor on the side. I was very impressed by the number of reviews I got from this one and consider this to be my best written oneshot. Rated M. Follow-up is Revenge of the Muggle-Born.

Leather and Lace -- Mimato, OOC, a crime novel with a BDSM twist. Mimi's a therapist, Yamato needs her help. What happens when they find out they more than each other's help? Rated M. (better summary in story) In my opinion, my best work of yet.

Revenge of the Muggle-Born - Sequel to Morning Shower, Draco/Hermione, lemony goodness with some humour. Essentially, Hermione gets her revenge on Malfoy for certain things he did to her in Morning Shower

Spontaneity and Excitement - Finale of Draco/Hermione Sexcapades Trilogy (Morning Shower, Revenge of the Muggle-Born and this one). Hermione asks Draco to add more excitement and spontaneity in their sex lives. What happens when he does a little more than just that? Warning: has to be the nastiest of all my oneshots. Very explicit.

It Began with a Muggle Contraption - Latest oneshot. Hermione is playing with an odd Muggle contraption, to the confusion of Draco. When arguments and explanations ensue, something rather unexpected happens.

Merry Christmas Mr. Malfoy. Dramione fic: Hermione discovers that Draco never had a real Christmas, despite being the spoiled child of one of the Wizarding World's richest men. In order to give him the best possible Christmas, she is ready to put her friendships and potential relationship on the line. How will Draco react? This fic is a mix of humour, romance, drama, and a variety of other things, including hints of angst here or there. The perfect story to read around Christmas or, hell, any other time of year when in the mood to read a little love story.

Kiss Me Freely: the sequel to Merry Christmas Mr. Malfoy. Draco and Hermione don't want to keep their relationship a secret for long; they want to let the world know of their love for each other. The only problem is: how will everyone react? Will Harry be willing to forgive and forget for the sake of his friendship with Hermione? What's going on over in Slytherin that has Blaise worried for his friends' safety? And how far will Ron go to get his point across? Will Hermione and Draco's love withstand the war that is about to erupt between their friends? The more serious sequel to Merry Christmas Mr. Malfoy, with promises of laughter, happiness, romance, smut with dashes of anxiety, sadness, depression, and insanity, it is sure to be entertaining!!

Current Fics Being Worked On (not necessarily posted, yet)

Mimato fic, which is a request by cancercute, called Irresistible. Mimi is an up-and-coming famous model, and Yamato is a world-renown photographer. They meet in one wild night of sexcapades, but what will happen when their work lives collide? Possible scandal, lemony goodness, and a lot of random, PMS-style emotion will follow. Note: I will most likely write it out first, and then post the chapters eventually. I know what I want to write, but I've been very busy with my Draco/Hermione fics. -- On hiatus.

Another fic I'm working on is Warriors of Light, which is a Mimato/Sorato (mostly Mimato focus) fic that takes place ten years after their were originally taken into the DigitalWorld. At random, all of the original eight DigiDestined find themselves back in the DigitalWorld and find out that there is another evil they have yet to completely defeat and bring light back to the world. However, at the same time, there are internal conflicts and broken hearts to mend. Note: Am currently on hiatus for this fic due to writer's block and the focus being now on Irresistible concerning Digimon fics.

There is another non-Digimon fic I'm working on, it's a Harry Potter fic (Draco/Hermione), called A Reason to Live, it takes place during their seventh year at Hogwarts, where the Deathly Hallows never came into existence. It's basically my version of the seventh book, and it will involve love, romance, angst, action, and, obviously with the war, death. And no, it is not one of the typical "Draco and Hermione are Head Boy/Girl, share a dorm, fall in love, Draco changes his mind last minute." sort of stories, this is one where we find out a bunch of things about Draco that I think would've been cool to have in the real 7th book. And no, he's no longer a pansy like J.K. made him out to be. He's mature, ladies, mature...well, matured is more like it. On hiatus. --> This story is actually possibly being re-vamped. Not sure yet, but it might get changed. --> NOTE: I will no longer be writing this. Instead, I will be taking scenes from this and incorporating them into Red Dawn (current working title). I'm leaving it posted for now once I get stuff prepped for Red Dawn (note: working title).

Oneshot turned into chapter story: Teacher's Pet - Draco Malfoy is in need of a tutor, what happens when that tutor happens to be Hermione Granger, the woman he's be pining over for weeks on end? What happens when the subject moves away from school and into 'uncharted' territories? S.M.U.T.!! PWMP (Porn with Minor Plot) Harry Potter: Draco/Hermione

Another non-Digimon fic, which is another Harry Potter fic (Draco/Hermione), called L'Auberge Magique (directly translated as The Magical Inn, explanations for title choice will be given in first chapter). What happens when Hermione, Harry, and Ron are forced to live with three people they have grown to loathe and hate? Set six years after defeat of Voldemort, only compatible to the first half of DH, not compatible with most of the final battle, you'll see why. This will be filled with humour, lemons, love, angst, and everything that a group of 22-year-olds could experience when living together. Pairings will include: Hermione/Draco, Harry/Ginny, Ron/OC, Blaise/OC, Pansy/?? (I'm leaving Pansy's lover as a surprise). Definitely a comedy!

Yet another Harry Potter fic (Draco/Hermione), will be called Leave Out All the Rest. This one will be a romantic/tragedy. At twenty-years-old, Draco thought he had the rest of his life to live. What happens when, on the job, he becomes cursed to die on his thirtieth birthday? Where does Hermione Granger come into all of this? Will he get the curse removed in time? This story will really be my first romantic tragedy, and I plan on making people laugh, sigh, smile, and cry. There will be love found and love lost, kisses shared and battles fought. I plan on making this story my 'masterpiece' of Draco/Hermione fics. Hopefully, I'll be able to do it. As it is going to be complex, it will take some time to complete the writing and outlining process.

A Modest Proposal - Draco/Hermione - She was sick of her friends' meddling in her love life, he was not willing to be forced into marrying someone he didn't love. When a newly created marriage law suddenly makes their romantic-lives a lot more dire, Hermione comes up with a simple proposal. "Draco, will you marry me?" Will they be able to withstand the one year of marriage? Will they be able to keep up the facade of love around their friends? Is it really just to get away from the meddling friends and family, or is there another, hidden reason behind their actions? A story that promises comedy, romance, and drama rolled up together! Marriage law fic with a slight twist (first ever attempt on a Marriage Law fic, which seem to be abundant in Harry Potter fics, for some odd reason). Some ideas were drawn from the movie The Proposal, but not all.

My second to last Draco/Hermione fic is so far titled Red Dawn (although the title is still under works, but I want something to do with dawn or breaking light in the title). It's a dark/war fic, where the war has gone on for two years. The world Harry and co live in is a very dangerous and different place from their childhood and they do all they can to fight back and one day defeat the Dark Lord. In the midst of it all, a certain bushy haired Muggle-Born finds an alliance in the unlikeliest of all heroes, our very own Draco Malfoy. Will their love withstand the bloodshed and death, or will the very thing Voldemort yearns for break them apart? (This will NOT be posted until it is at least halfway complete and my other main-focus works are completed). Warning: will have character death, angst, torture, blood, some gore, and mentions of sexual assault/rape. It will not be a happy-dandy yay-yay-life-is-good fic. And I will be using a lot of stuff from world wars, particularly WWII, to add to it. You'll see. I know I sound horrendous, but this seriously came to mind when learning about the Eastern Front of WWII. I was thinking "Hey...Voldemort's like the magical world's Hitler, and what WOULD he do if he got into power?"
I state this in advance: I do not wish to offend anyone with this fic, but there may be semblances between the war and my fic, if only to add to the horror of the story and to truly bring to light just how horrific WWII truly was; all we hear about is the Western Front. The Eastern Front was far worse when you look at casualties, prisoners of war, and the idea that, in St. Petersburg alone, almost 2 million people died.
I will stop there...if I continue, I will just grow more and more upset over the atrocities and will list fact after fact until I've either become emotionally exhausted or I've run out of space. But, if you are keen, you will see similarities, including Hitler's hierarchy and treatment of Slavic and Jewish POWs integrated into my fic. It will, essentially, be WWII in the magical world, to put it bluntly.
I will be posting a slight 'teaser trailer' of this fic at the end of Kiss Me Freely, just a few paragraphs of my Prologue to give readers an idea of what will be in store.
Again, I'm sorry if I have offended anyone; I am not and will never, ever be a Nazi supporter in any way and I do not plan on using the second World War to my advantage. I'm using my fic to shed some light on a subject that has not been properly taught to many Westerners.
And to all those that fought for freedom and peace in World War II, to the millions of Russians that died because Stalin was too afraid to see what was in front of him, to all of the civilians caught in the crossfire, I am sorry you had to experience such a horrible thing. And thank you to all fighters for bringing about a better, stronger, and freer future.

Last fic: Draco/Hermione fic, so far titled Possession. This will be a DracoVeela fic and is a commission by the lovely dramione15hp. The main plot is that, on his 21st birthday, Draco is informed by his parents that he is a Veela. Obviously, he goes through the physical changes, and eventually discovers a harsh truth: if he does not become magically bound to his mate within the next year, he will lose all of his abilities as a Veela and will be forever shunned from the Veela society and his family. What makes matters worse is that he discovers that his mate is none other than Hermione Granger, with whom his relationship is rather strained given their past. Will he be able to come to terms with his growing affection for her and get her to return it, or will he be unsuccessful and have his life as he knows it changed forever?

TRANSLATIONS OF MY WORK! (holy cow guys)

Merry Christmas Mr. Malfoy:

Language: Slovak
Translated by: Jimmi08 - who did an awesome job!

If you have any requests (that you think I can do), please feel free to message me. Thanks.

Thanks for reading.

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CH.16!Matt Ishida & Mimi Tachikawa have been best friends forever.But a childhood game turns serious when Matt dares Mimi to pretend they're dating...& she accepts!Mimi realizes that the stakes for this bet are higher than she thought.[COMPLETED]
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Kiss Me Freely reviews
Sequel to MCMM. As lovers in a biased world, Hermione and Draco strive to fight against the war that was caused by their love, as friends and family fight to 'rescue' them from one another. Will their love survive this last year at Hogwarts or will everything fall apart? COMPLETE!
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I want more spontaneity, try something more...exciting." So, she wanted spontaneity? She wanted more excitement? Well, he was Draco Malfoy, so he would do his damned best. - Finale of Dramione Sexcapades. Rated M for a reason! R&R.
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Malfoy, you're a teacher's pet, that's why you're with me. Since I'm the teacher," she kissed his throat, "will you be my pet and...earn your grades?" Draco/Hermione PWP not a oneshot as originally stated , rated for a reason. R&R.
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It was one night of indulgence that Mimi thought she could forget. But what happens when that night comes back to haunt her in the form of Ishida Yamato? How can she avoid scandal and shame when all she wants is him? OnHiatus.
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AU Welcome to a world of sensuality and eroticism.Mimi is a submissive sex therapist and Yamato is a dominant cop.What happens when their worlds mix and in order to chase down the killer they must put their hearts on the line?MIMATO.R&R COMPLETE!
Digimon - Rated: M - English - Romance/Crime - Chapters: 26 - Words: 188,504 - Reviews: 272 - Favs: 136 - Follows: 62 - Updated: 9/18/2008 - Published: 5/3/2007 - Yamato I./Matt, Mimi T. - Complete
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A reason to live. That was something Draco Malfoy needed the most during the war, and, when he falls for a bushy-haired girl in his 7th year, he finds out that life is more than hate and anger. Dramione. Rated M for future chapters. On Hiatus.
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After ten years of living in America, Mimi has finally come home for Christmas. Everyone thinks that she's the same Mimi, but she's hiding more than Christmas presents in her closet. Mimato. Grown & Sexy Vol. 5. Story better than summary. COMPLETE!
Digimon - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 25 - Words: 111,249 - Reviews: 191 - Favs: 99 - Follows: 22 - Updated: 5/5/2007 - Published: 1/11/2007 - Yamato I./Matt, Mimi T. - Complete
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