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Author has written 11 stories for How to Train Your Dragon, Legend of Zelda, and Danny Phantom.


Thanks for taking a look at my page!

I also have a DeviantArt account that I post my art on. My username on there is rift-raft. Check it out if you'd like, but it's basically a dead account.

For those who want to contact me: I TAKE AN UNGODLY AMOUNT OF TIME TO RESPOND. I am talking months. I apologize in advance for that. To get ahold of me, either PM me here, PM my reddit account, or email me through my commissions email. Don't worry, I don't bite! But I am awkward, though. So awkward.

I HAVE CREATED A REDDIT ACCOUNT CALLED Actual-Rift-Raft. This is to prove my identity on a thread that I have commented on.

Link to the 90 Days tumblr: ask-trapped-toothless (dot) tumblr (dot) com.

Here are the links to the awesome fanart for IHHS that these wonderful people have drawn! Make sure you take the spaces out.

luzamon.deviantart.com /art/ I-hear-him-scream-288597565?q=favby%3Arift-raft%2F39657427&qo=19

ivangriscenko.deviantart.com /art/ ShadowBlend-I-Heard-Him-Scream-329006720?q=favby%3Arift-raft%2F7260006&qo=3

goldengriffiness.deviantart.com /art/ Hiccup-the-Night-Fury-W-Lines-394747107?q=sort%3Atime%20favby%3Arift-raft&qo=1

/art/ Above-the-Clouds-422271385?ga_submit_new=10%253A1388026411

/art/ Brush-test-460109945

/art/ Hiccup-Fury-Practice-Sketch-446023457

Here is a link to a music video that Varghul was so kind to make for I Hear Him Scream! You can click here for it, or copy/paste this into your browser (remove the spaces):

https:// www. youtube.com/ watch?v=lpsgHkJrXy0

And shameless self-promotion for my own art:

rift-raft.deviantart.com /art/ GOT-YER-TAIL-204549666

rift-raft.deviantart.com /art/ IHHS-Aftermath-287733677? q=gallery%3Arift-raft%2F8438617&qo=10

Rift-Raft’s Writing Commissions


1. GoldenGriffiness (25% discount!) (Multichaptered story)

2. Roamerfromaofw (25% discount!)


What I am willing to do:

· Fanfiction

· Original Ideas (You describe your OCs and their setting, summarize a story idea, give a basic character with a specific motive, ect. Basically anything non-fandom.)

· Drabbles

· Oneshots and Twoshots

· Multichaptered Stories

What I am not willing to do:

· Smut

· Academic writing

· Fanfiction for a series I am completely unfamiliar with (Sorry, Tolkien fans!)

· Extreme abuse and/or rape

Current Fandoms:

· Most Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks movies

· How to Train Your Dragon

· Danny Phantom

· Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra

· Some anime, such as Attack on Titan, Noragami, From Beyond, The Devil is a Part-Timer!, Samurai Flamenco, Death Note, Fruit’s Basket, ect. I am a little iffy on these because I am not too familiar with Japanese culture, but I’ll give it my best shot if that’s what you want!

· The Legend of Zelda

· The Legend of Spyro

· Super Smash Bros.

· Okami

· Assassin’s Creed (I have not completed Revelations yet)

· The Hunger Games

· Undertale

· Steven Universe

I’m likely forgetting something, so feel free to ask if you’d like something that isn’t listed here! Worst comes to worst, I don’t know it. If you really want something then I will look into it, provided it isn’t a long novel/TV series/video game. Generally, if I have to spend money or a lot of my time to get familiar with the series, I won’t be likely to agree. Sorry!

Base Prices:

-Drabbles (100-1,000 words; About 1-3 pages): $3

-Oneshots (1,000-5,000 words; About 3-10 pages): $5 for the first 2,000, then $0.25 for every 100 words.

-Twoshots (Two installments of 1,000-5,000 words; About 15-20 pages total): Same pricing as Oneshots, except each installment has their own separate payment.

-Large Oneshots (5,000-10,000; About 10-20 pages): $7 for the first 5,000, then $0.45 for every 150 words.

-Chapters (10,000; 20 pages and onwards): $10 for the first 10,000, then $0.50 for every 150 words.

-Multichaptered Stories (Typically chapters with a length of 3,000-5,000 words and more than three installments, with five maximum): Base pay of $12, then negotiate the rest depending on the total word count of the completed story and how many chapters it has. I will not write each chapter to a certain word count, but end it when I feel it is necessary and the best place for the story’s flow. For this reason, prices can vary quite a bit.

Explanation of Pricing:

My pricing is based on the amount of words that are in each piece. This is because one page (about 450-500 words) on my Windows 8 computer may be a page and a half on a Mac. It's mostly to keep things from getting confusing. The difference between the cutoffs is the starting point of the piece. If you ask for a drabble, I will write up to about 1,000 words. If you would like a oneshot instead, I’ll write at least 1,000 words and go from there.

The weird pricing for the oneshots is really just to save you money. Also, I can almost guarantee that I will not want to fit a oneshot plot in under 2,000 words, since it wouldn't be developed at all.

You may specify a desired length, and I will do my best to fulfill it. However, please don’t ask that I get everything in a specific word limit. If you ask for a drabble and I give you a piece that’s 1,500 words, I won’t charge you for the extra 500 words because we did not agree on a oneshot. Likewise, if you ask for a drabble and I somehow manage to fit it into 800 words (unlikely, but hey, it happens), please do not ask me to put in filler to reach the 1,000 cutoff.

For non-drabble pieces, I will ask that you pay the “base” price listed at the minimum word limit first. After I finish the piece, I will send you proof of the story’s completion and ask that you pay the remainder. Once that goes through, I will send you the story and/or post it. This is to avoid the very few people who would take advantage of the down payment and refuse to pay the rest after I have sent the finished piece. I apologize if it is inconvenient, but I have heard far too many horror stories to take any risks.

I WILL NOT post any stories involving original characters and settings unless you specifically give me permission to. I would like to post fanfiction commissions, but if you really don't want me to, I won't.

All prices are negotiable. Your satisfaction is my primary goal. In addition, I understand that some prices may be out of your range. If something did not go the way you wanted it at all—especially with a multichaptered story—then I may rewrite. Keep in mind, though, that I ask that you do not completely disregard my work. Regardless of how much you dislike it, I will have spent a lot of my time and energy on your piece. Please do not demand full or half refunds simply because "you don't like it". The same goes for topics that I am unfamiliar with. I will tell you from the start if I am not as comfortable with the commission as I would normally be. Please accept this and do not ask for full or half refunds on a piece that I told you I would struggle with. Bring it up to me, and we’ll work it out!

I would also like to ask that you keep in mind that my writing takes both time and a lot of effort. Please do not ask for cheaper prices because $12 for 10 pages seems “too expensive”. I will have spent several hours writing, editing, and rewriting those 10 pages; you must understand that it is not an easy or blowoff job, and that I put all of my effort into it. My prices reflect that, and I ask that you respect them.

Multichapter Policy:

To avoid guesstimations on pricing and whatnot, I will give you the multichapter once it is completed. This is so we can agree on the pricing instead of having to change it if it is finished and the original price was set too high or low.

Multichapter stories will take significantly more time than a twoshot with an extra part or two. I will spend some time plotting, editing the final draft, fine-tuning recurring themes and symbolism in the final draft, and basically working on it as if it were my own original story. Because of this I ask that you be patient.


I would greatly prefer not to write on a deadline. As a pre-med student, even my summers are busy. During heavy homework/test times during the semester, I will be lucky to even open Word. If you absolutely need a deadline, please let me know at the start of negotiations. If it is brought up halfway through, I cannot guarantee that it will be finished by that time.

In addition, if you feel that I am taking far too long, please let me know. I don’t want to be unfair to you; if you wait an outrageously long time—say, over a month—for a oneshot, then you deserve a refund of some sort.

If you ask me to write original character/world work or for a fandom I need to go back and “redo”, I will likely spend a week or so familiarzing myself with the subject so that I can work as closely to the original as possible. Because of this I ask that you be a little more patient so that I can give you a quality piece.

Cancel and Refund Policy:

If you decide that you want to cancel your commission, please let me know as soon as possible! This will both save you money and me time. My policy goes:

Not started: 100% refund

A quarter through: 85% refund

Halfway through: 50% refund

3/4 through: 30% refund

Finished: 0% refund

If you decide to cancel and I have already started, I will finish the last sentence and send you the draft and refunded money as soon as possible.

How to Contact Me:

To contact me about commissions, please either PM me here or email me at riftraftcommissions@gmail.com. We can talk through Skype and whatnot later, to get the final details hammered out.

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