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Hi I'm Haxisal-XIII I'm 15 years old and I live in England

My Other Profiles!

Deviantart- Haxisal-XIII (Foremly Godess-Of-Darkness) -

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· Sometimes smart people can do very, very stupid things.
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Unorganized Organization reviews
Organization XIII probably needs to change its name, with more members appearing so regularly, Xemnas wonders how he is going to cope with all the new chaos brought with them. As emotionless as they are friendships, love and hatred all bloom, stirred in with a good helping of chaos and an evil... 'mastermind', it'll be a blast! ACCEPTING OCS.
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After being trapped in the Realm Of Darkness for 11 years, Aqua is finally pulled into the Realm Of Light. However it's hard looking in the mirror and not recognising the person staring back at you, as a Nobody, can she learn who she was, and still is?
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New challenge, for fanon/crack couples; see inside for rules, themes and details
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THIS IS FOR: Zexiontwo's 100 Songs of the hearts Challenge- Love can show in the most mysterious ways in the most unlikely of people and circumstances, is anyone safe from cupid's arrow? NON YURI MAIN COUPLES INVOLVE AQUA AND KAIRI!
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