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Hi, my name is, well, it actually starts with a K, but just call me Emilia!

I am learning the Cello and Dutch this year. I'm in 9th grade and I am homeschooled.

I want to learn how to speak in French, German, Japanese, Dutch, Gaelic and Celtic.

My greatest wish, well, thats kinda hard, but one that would be for myself, is that for my 16th birthday, my family and friends would have a surprise party for me.

I am a Christian and proud of it! I do not agree with the life styles that gay people take on when they are gay, but I still love them, because they are God's creation and he made them for a reason, I just want to help them figure out their lifes.

I try to love everyone, even when it is hard.

I am for the most part, a very nice person. I can get a temper if I allow myself to, but rarely does it go to a point where it is hard for me to control it. apparently I also look funny when I am mad, but be careful, because I have a serious right hook.

I am skinny and 5" feet tall. I have long curly dirty blond/bronzy red hair, with ivory-slight pinkish skin and big brown eye's.

I have plently of people that I know, far too many friends, tons of family members (somewhere around 50ish cousins, no joke, not counting the rest of my family), and some close best friends (Cameron, Madylen, Philomena, Mikey, Hunter, Madi, Philomena, Gina, Andrew, Justine and probably a few other people (other then my mum and cousin's Jennifer and Cortnie).

I love living in the rainest and windest state of America, which also has tons of tree's and is right on the sea, which I despertley love!

My favourite color is constently changing, but two of my fav's are Purple (lavenderish) and Orange (pumpkiny orange).

I draw and paint, I love to read and write, and I love most kinds of music, except mostly rap, but I still like some kinds of rap.

I'm not always sure what I will write next, because I have so many interest in so mant different kinds of books, but for the most part, I like manga's and Harry Potter (mostly marauders).

I hope that you have fun reading my storys!

Love you!

Ps. Just a side not, but my profile picture is actually a picture with the full Marauders in it (as of right now), but because of it s size only James and Remus can be seen. This wasn't done on perpose, actually Sirius is my most favourite character, this was entirely because of its size. Just thought I'd let you know!


So just so you know, all of my stories I will have finished writting before I put them up on here, just because I know that I am what I say under this. I'm sorry if for a while I don't post things, but that doesn't mean I am not working on something, I just really need support on my writing or it becomes hard for me to want to write on here.

I am a perfectionest and procrastinator, so I am very sorry if it takes me a little while to upload!

But if its been more then a month, then keep sending me e-mails on here and I will check them and start up my writting.

I have low self-confidence (which does not help with being a perfectionest or a procrastinator) so I might stop writting because no one has said anything about my story, so just reveiw and I will most likely keep writting. :)

~Love you!~


Okay, just so you all know, for the next few months I will be writing a story called The Marauders Turn. This might kind of go a little slow, but I hope to get the chapters up only a week a part, no longer then that. Thank you to those that have read and reviewed my story, it really makes me want to write more, it encourages me a lot!

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Mischievious Marauders by randomgirloutthere110 reviews
This is a collection of drabbles for the Marauders' Era characters. I take requests and will do every character. I hope one day to write a full length fanfiction based off of these. I hope you enjoy reading them! :
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