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ULTIMATEbudokai3 (Yea, Same writer on 'Fiction Press', same guy on YouTube, same guy on DeviantART)

First and Foremost, Id like to point out that, im NOT a writer, Lol

I just joined fanFic to try my shot at creating stories using various Fictional chars and storylines put into my own imaginative perspective from different universes, (DBZ, Mortal kombat, Street Fighter, DC comics, Marvel, etc). This is only fiction and should not be considered non fiction or CANON in any way shape or form. If non fictional or Canon events similar to this should occur, it is merely a coincidence. I give credit to the creators of these fictional characters, plots and all other material not of my own and do not consider them my own at any point in time. This is only to improve my writing skills and expand my imagination...eventually. I dont share personal info, so dont ask. i am a fan of various fictional works as you will find out by my stories.

I will also began writing on 'Fiction Press' really soon, so please view and review there as well. :)

reviews and comments are welcomed. I am OPEN to Requests as long as they meet MY requirements(more stated below).

Trivia- My username is comprised of 2 of my favorite games, ULTiMATE MK3 and DBZ:Budokai 3= BUDOKAIultimate3 Or ULTIMATEbudokai3

A note about how I write and what i write about...

Im trying my hand at writing fics (adventure, Humor, romance, fantasy, etc)and there are rules I go by when writing such, here they go:

1) I try to stay as CANON as possible with:

-Storylines (Unless it is an Alternate Universe...but then I guess, technically most fanfics ARE AUs, Lol)

-Char personalities and traits, most times they will be IN CHAR.

-Char relationships(more will be stated below)

2) I do Team Up pairings and Romance Pairings, based on canon and/or if they make sense:

I wont pair people who i feel DO NOT go together, PERIOD. They must go together like: Ketchup and Mustard, Lois and Clark, Goku and Vegeta, Buffy and Angel or Buffy and Faith, Liu Kang and Kitana, Kool Aid and Sugar, Tommy and Jason, Scorpion and Sub Zero, tommy and chuckie, Arnold and Gerald, white and black, you get the idea...

NEVER will I write a story FOCUSING on a pair that I feel dont go together!

I normally dont really like to read romance fanfics that focus on odd pairings or 'fanboy' pairings. no matter how good the story may be. there are only VERY few exceptions...

3) Content

-VIOLENCE,- The violence will be as graphic as i need it if the story calls for it. If the violence is Graphic the story will be M rated obviously, which could and WILL happen. i have NO limit on how graphic i will be in terms of violence.

-LANGUAGE,- im not big on cursing too much, so the language will never be "STRONG" as i see no need to have every other word a cuss word. Racial slurs will try to be avoided unless intended.

-SEXUAL CONTENT,- RARELY will I do LEMONS. Other than that, sexual content will be normal description, EX(the made love, had hard sex, etc stuff of that level). Sexual abuse/rape will also be rare IF ANY!! I take Rape issues very seriously. SEX SCENES involved in stories will NOT be anything illegal; child, incest, stuff like that.

Im not against homo, or lesbians, but i will not write any romance stories that MAINLY involves that kind of sexual preference. As a side pairing is fine but NOT a MAIN pairing.

Im not gay and to be honest, I don't agree with the lifestyle...for men atleast... ;) *wink* , BUT, im not against homos or lesbi, i respect people as they are despite sexual preference, race, etc. RARE YURI and NO YAOI. sorry, besides i wouldnt know how to write that anyway. Lol, its very uncomfortable for me to even THINK about writing YAOI, no offense.


I enjoy various shows, games, movies etc, but these are my Favorite chars from my top favorite entertainment in no real order after DBZ. I chose these chars because of their overall level of AWESOMENESS. there are plenty of chars i like because of SOMETHING they have, but these chars have a few things that makes them an ALL AROUND AWESOME char.

1)DBZ - Goku, Vegeta, Vegito, Mirai Trunks, Piccolo, Broly, Frieza, Cell(1st form), Cooler, Buu(super, kid)

YuYu Hakusho - Hiei, Yusuke, Kurama, Kuwabara, Genkai, Toguro(younger), Bui

Mortal Kombat - Scorpion, Kung Lao, Liu Kang, Kitana, Smoke(human), Sub Zero(Both), Jade, Skarlet(yea, i like her, alot), Reptile(human), Sonya, Cage, Fujin

Street Fighter - Ryu, Gouki/Akuma, Chun Li, Sagat, Gen, Guy, Cammy, Gouken, Guile, Fei Long

Tekken - Kazuya, Marshall Law, Forest Law, Hwoarang, Eddy Gordo, Christie.M, Nina.W, Lei Wulong, Xaioyu

DC comics - Batman, Captain Marvel(billy), Supergirl(M.turner version), Justice League, AMAZO(JLU), The Joker,

Marvel Comics - Spidey, Wolverine, Ironman, Mystique, Xmen, X-23, Silver Surfer, Venom(eddie brock)

TMNT - Shredder(2003 version), Raph, Leo

MMPR - Original 6 (jason, trini, zack, billy, kimberly, tommy(green) but i like Zeo, turbo(until tommy left), Space, time force, Ninja storm, dino thunder(tommy's back and the white ranger is SICK), jungle fury.

Avatar TLA/Korra - Toph, Aang, Zuko(season2 and on), Roku(WISE BADASS), Iroh, Master Piandao(aka sokka's sword teacher), Ty Lee, Korra, Mako, Asami, Bolin, (ill tell you, i HATED Azula...she was too cunning, smart, manipulative and just straight up STANK!)


UPDATE: LiuXkitana part3 of NEW 3 part story now available.


Mortal Kombat: The Fall - Rated T for Violence and Language

Raiden must guide a seemingly confident Kung Lao and a group of other earthrealm hopefuls as they fight through the evil tournament Mortal Kombat to save Earthrealm from falling into Darkness.

This 5 chapter mini story is the beginning/Prologue of My Alternate MK Universe/MKU2.

UPDATES for 'The Fall'

Prologue: Raiden - Now available

Chapter 1: Cage - Now Available

Chapter 2: Blade - (Delayed because of LIFE)

Chapter 3: Sub-Zero - N/A

Chapter 4: Scorpion - N/A

Chapter 5: Kung Lao - N/A

Epilogue: Shang Tsung - N/A

Mortal Kombat: Parallel - rated T and may change to M. contains- Mild Violence, language, humor, sexual content(lite lemons if any).

UPDATES: Chapt 10 underway


'After leaving Outworld from what seemed to be a final battle with Quan Chi. Liu Kang and his allies get transported to an alternate universe thanks to Quan Chi's 'last act'. Now, they must meet and team up with alternate versions of themselves from the past and find a way back to their timeline to stop Quan Chi before his deadly new schemes can begin.'

This story is only a small(and i do mean SMALL) part of a Much larger FanFic project in the near future involving MY "Alternate MK universe."


I have released a MK:P Daizenshuu guide,LOL, refer to this page in the story for any info you wish to know about the story so far, as it will clear up any issues and confusions. Daizenshuu will be updated a day or two after each new chapt gets published.

Thank you all for the reviews and adding this story to your favorites, im honored and i greatly appreciate it. please continue to enjoy it and review.

Chapter Updates on MK:P - This will be a 19 chapter story complete with a "Prologue" and "Epilogue"

Prologue - now available

Chapt 1: The Too Distant Future - available now

Chapt 2: Different Worlds - available now

Chapt 3: The Princess and the Champion - available now

Chapt 4: Kold Reality -Available now

Chapt 5: The 'Dragon King' - Available now

Chapt 6: Crisis on Earthrealm '2' - Available now

Chapt 7: Return to Earthrealm '2' - Available now

Chapt 8: Damages - Available now

Chapt 9: Infiltration - Available Now

Chapt 10: The Depths - Available Now

Chapt 11: Hanzo's battle - coming soon

Chapt 12:Preparations - N/A

Chapt 13:Hellfire - N/A

Chapt 14:Reinforcements from a Past - N/A

Chapt 15:Into Outworld - N/A

Chapt 16:Parallel - N/A

Chapt 17:The Losses Begin

Chapt 18: 2nd Chance

Chapt 19:


Liu Kang X Kitana: A Mortal Kouple. Rated T - mild violence, language, sexual content(lite to mild lemons), humor and sexual humor.

This is an Anthology fanfic of Romantic and humorous short stories, one shots, drabbles etc, involving my favorite MK couple and their hilarious attempts at adapting to Earthrealm customs...with the assistance of their friends: Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade, Kung Lao, Jade and other Earthrealm heroes.

This is a romance/humor fic. It takes place mostly after Armageddon, when evil was destroyed for the time being and the peace begins once more though this time, longer than usual.

This Story is ongoing and never really ends, I think up a new scenario for the two lovers to go through and write it up.

It will include other MK chars, mainly from the forces of light...as the forces of darkness have been put to rest in the netherrealm...for now...though a few my pop up, this IS MK after all!

I will be editing and rewriting some LiuXKitana chapters, so check those out.

- Thank you all for the reviews and adding this story to your favorites, im honored and I greatly appreciate it. please continue to enjoy it and review.

Updates on LiuXKitana: Part 3 of 'Anything you can Do' NOW AVAILABLE!!!.

Prologue - available now

The Proposal - available now

First Date pt 1 - available now

First Date pt 2 - available now

The Carnival - available now

Drivers License - available now

Los Angeles - available now

Bachelor Party - available now

A Mortal Wedding Pt 1 - available now

A Mortal Wedding Pt 2 - available now

A Mortal Wedding Pt 3 - available now

Mortal Honeymoon Pt 1 - available now

Mortal Honeymoon Pt 2 - available now

A Real 'Thrill'- Available now

Tale of the Dominatrix Incident - Available now

Anything You can Do pt1- Available Now

Anything You can Do pt2- Available now

Anything You can Do pt3- Available now


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