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Author has written 5 stories for Claymore, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Age, and Steven Universe.

What's up? As you can plainly see above I am Zeta The Sixth, or just Zeta for short. The girls may call me Zee-zee.

I have read many fanfics and my interests go far and wide causing me to know a little about everything and a lot about things I'm really interested in.

My hobbies are generally reading, writing, drawing, and philosophy and playing the shit outta video games.

Likes: Manga/Anime: Mostly anything published in Shonen jump but a few other series here and there.

Video Games: Square Enix and Bioware games :Dragon Age, Kingdom Hearts, Mass Effect (ME3 ending sucked BTW) The World Ends With You, Final Fantasy, and the like and others such as Bioshock and Prototype

Books: Mostly fantasy and Horror like Goosebumps (the original books), and the Inheritance Cycle except for the not-so-great ending i think. (Which unfortunately seems to be a common occurrence these days)

Movies: Anything Action or Thriller along with a few others (love the shit outta parody movies for instance) (the one's meant to be funny not the cheep carbon copy knock-offs)

TV: Again mostly action and Thriller new favorite right now is Person of Interest and The Walking Dead

Hates: Being lectured about something rather then being taught something


The FCC (Faggoty Cock-blocking Clam-fuckers)

Copyright laws

People who are full of themselves and need to be smacked down a peg

Authors who don't finish what they start, especially when the stories are good.

being forced to eat new foods


yaoi (especially in works with already established hetero love interests)

Eragon (2006) Movie (Seriously, what the fuck Hollywood? Why kick my childhood in the nads? Oh, and if you even THINK about saying otherwise about the movie, i will hunt you down and scoop out your eyeballs, because CLEARLY you are not using them for anything productive)

Age: Old enough to know it doesn't really matter

Sex: Not often enough I say, but can't complain

Alignment: Somewhere between True Neutral and Chaotic Neutral I can't be sure myself I've tested on many of those morality/alignment tests and I've scored both fairly equally. I think it's mostly because I'm not very hung up on whether or not I'm a nice or mean person. (aka "Good" or "Evil") which is why I always score neutral. However I don't like being held down by anything which is why I'm not too keen on laws and value freedom the number one trait of a Chaotic Neutral person. On the other hand I'm also pretty keen on the almighty dollar, in other words I'm kind of greedy which is more of a trait that comes from a True Neutral person who usually focuses on profit and their own benefit, which i do often. And that's why I'm lost in between the lines because I can't make up my mind which is more important to me, Profit or Freedom.

All in all just a jack of all trades I know many things about many things and like to think I know nothing about nothing.

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Another Path reviews
A... hmm... a side-quel of my other story "Change". What if things had gone differently? What if Pink Diamond had rebelled?
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Exactly what it says
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