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Author has written 3 stories for Harry Potter, and Teen Titans.


My name is Rye.

My favorite things to write about? Which is also my favorites to
1.) Harry Potter (My Favorite Parings are Harry/Hermione, Neville/Luna.
2.)X-Men Evolution (Fav Parings, RoguexGambit, KurtxKitty, LoganxStorm)
3.)Sailor Moon( Pairings, uhhh MoonxMask, and thats about it...)
4.)Yuu Yuu Hakusho (Pairings, YusukexKeiko, HieixOC, KuramaxOC, KuwabaraxYukina)
5.)Naruto {Pairings, SakuraxKakashi, NarutoxHinata, ShikamaruxTemari, SaixShino, SakuraxGaara, InoxKankuro)
6.) Teen Titans (Pairings, RobinxRaven)

I also write for real, like, I write books and novels, and maybe, MAYBE, I will post my old one which is called Sunset. I will not post what its about on here.

My favorite animal is the Wolf.

I completely endorse love, and believe age doesn't matter. Love is love. No questions asked.

I love Coca-Cola, and I am a Southern Belle to the core. :D

I have a quiet soul. I am shy. But when I find someone I love, I will love them with every fiber, every ounce of my being. That is reflected into my characters. :D

I looooove the United States of America! And this is also going to be reflected in my stories. :D Well, maybe not the Harry Potter ones, but still. :D

Hmmm I'm open to people writing me, and I love reviews. :D

I will put more up when I think of more to put up. :D



1.) I have given up on Day After Love Left. I just can not see this story going any further. If you wish to take it and use it, you may.

2.) Summers Autumn: I have decided to take on the Greedy Weasley Challenge by broomstick flyer. Challenge can be found here. This story is going to be a Harry/Hermione and Neville/Luna. I HAVE NO BETA READER!!!! If you would like to Beta Read my store, please message me. Thanks!!!
UPDATE!!!!!!!!! I have lost all my work on this story, my computer died(again...) and I cannot retrieve any of it. I recently bought a computer(again) and am starting over. I might revive this one, but I can honestly say I do not know where it is going anymore. It has taken a back burner. My muse for this has completely died.

Currency Conversions!!!!

I am going to make this easy for me to calculate(and hopefully everyone else) cuz I will be honest: I suck at math.

So with that said;

1 Knut = $10
1 Sickle = $1,000 (or 100 Knuts)
1 Galleon = $10,000 ( or 100 Sickles)

And to put it into Euros;

1 Knut = 7.46
1 Sickle = 745.82
1 Galleon = 7458.23

I will be using this conversion for all my Harry Potter Fics. Thanks!

P.S. Anyone know how to get to save the Euro symbol? It didnt save...

UPDATE!!! of April 2014
I do not know when I will be able to update my stories, I am going to work on them as much as I can, but since I am getting married in October(yey happines!!!) I do not know when that will be. Please do not get mad at me. I am doing my best with everything, and my family can be very demanding on my time with the wedding planning, and the moving in with the man. But I will do my best to give regular updates.

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