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WongYiuMun was here on 27-10-10. :D


My name is sw33t.heaven

Basically, i dun really write fan fiction although ill spend most of my time reading them =)

AbOuT mE~

Im a HUUUUGE fan of anime & manga ^^

~ My fave foods are wedges...YUM ;)

~ My fave colour is white, although there are some people who claim that 'white' isnt really a colour. BUT IT IS D=


~ I am very bad at writing stories == (use to write stories when i was young until i re-read them & realised tht they sucked.)

~ I LUBVEEE JAPAN! & my Ownerhead *mmmwaaah*

~ Im a teen XD

~ Currently learning the piano & violllin...

~ lubve to steal ppls invisibility cloaks (yeah thts rite im talking bout u LOLness'-') HARRY POTTER FTW!

~ Im gonna be mii ownerheads/LoLness'-' maid in honor wen she marries Logan Lerman : I didnt write tht D=

AnImE & mAnGa~

Although i havent been watching anime/reading manga for a looong time, im heaps obsessed =)

Some anime i think is the BEST are:

Angel Beats~
Myself; Yourself~

Clannad A.S~
Kaichou wa Maid-sama~
Kimi ni Todoke~
La Corda D'oro~
Lucky Star~ * ANND HEAPS MORE! Cant be bothered to list...


Tadashi X Akira - S.A
Hirose X Hayami - H20: Footprints in the sand
Usui X Misaki - Maid-sama!
Len X Kahoko- La Corda D'oro
Shana X Yuji - Shakugan no Shana
Chizuru X Ryuu - Kimi ni Todoke
Meroko X Izumi - Full Moon
Rima X Shiki- VK
Logan Lerman X LoLness'-' : THTS NOT ANIME (It is if you SQUINT??)


ps. i lubvve stealin mii fwends invIsibilIty cLoAk =P