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~8/17/04: "The Yu-Gi-Oh New Year's Party: 2004!" has been deleted. I decided to do so before FF.Net did it themselves so I wouldn't be banned again. "The Life of Shinimegami and MoonlitMeowth" and "Gundam Wing Insanity!" are also gone, thanks to FF.Net and their @#&-up rules and crap. So far, I've been banned about five freaking times. I'm seriously thinking of just dropping this entire site, but I'm just angry right now; I don't mean it. I'll just forget about script-form writing, which is THE BEST form of writing, by the way, and do EVERYTHING that's "legal" here on this #&@! site.
Yeah, that's it. Go on with your lives, now. I'll just be over here, sulking...

~6/26/04: "Yugi's Chibi Dilemma" has been completed! My first multiple-chaptered story finished! does a celebration dance and throws ketchup packets into the air _ Now I can work on my other stories. You won't be disappointed...! pause Uh, I hope...! ; Ja Ne! .~

~6/19/04: Yup. I reposted "The Life of Shinimegami and MoonlitMeowth", for those of you who have read it in the past. It's under "Anime Crossovers", so you can find it... or... you can just go down to the bottom of the page where my fics are listed... -_-;
And I'll get to work on my other stories now... yeah. Have a nice day... goes to sleep

~6/9/04: Back again. I know I haven't been working on my stories for a LONG time, and I'm sorry. I just haven't been inspired for a while... but I PROMISE I'll get going during summer vacation... which is only in another week! Yay! does a celebration dance
Anyway, I just wanted to let you all in on another thing. I've joined, which is one of the LARGEST art websites on the Internet. I'm taking drawing requests, and I've also started an art group, which is dedicated to a Yu-GI-Oh slash pairing (Dark MagicianxYugi). You're all free to request something from me, as well as join my art group. Here are the links:

To view my artwork and/or request something:

To join my Dark MagicianxYugi art group:

Oh, and I think you have to be a member of deviantART in order to join... or, at least have your icon put on... Oh well. If you join, but you're not part of, just let me know and I'll recognize you here in my FF.Net profile. -
Okay, thanks again for your time. And I WILL come back from the dead and write! You won't be displeased (at least more than you already are at me ;)! Ja Ne, everyone! .~

~1/31/04: Okay, you guys... I regret to inform you that my Harpie Lady fanfic has been deleted. And NO, I did NOT do it myself. For some reason, I violated some new "law" here on FF.Net. So, I can only say that I am truly sorry. I just noticed it today, so it must have been a while since it was deleted. Oh well... I wasn't really thinking about continuing it anyway, as much as I don't like to admit it... Well, that's all I really have to say... Thank you for your time...

~8/30/03: Yeah, I know that "The Life of Shinimegami and MoonlitMeowth" has been missing for a while. Well, it turned out it was deleted for certain reasons. But don't worry! It's now on my account on Yeah, I've had the account for a while now, but I've never said anything about it. Anyway, here's the link to my profile page:

Yep, that's about it. Hope it works out with you all. And I'm still doing my best to work on my stories. It's just that school starts in TWO FREAKING DAYS and I have to prepare. Okay, ja ne for now, peeps! .~

~6/23/03: Okay. Now, I KNOW how pissed off you people have been getting about how it's been months since I last updated. WELL, you can all find out WHY by e-mailing me and I'll give you the answer. And just so you guys won't get mad at me AGAIN, I'm putting up a schedule-type-thing about when I'm planning to update. So PLEASE don't give me a hard time, okay? Pleeease? gives chibi eyes

The Silver Rider: updated 6/21/03
Return of the Shadow Games: updated 7/29/03
Yugi's Chibi Dilemma: completed
All That: Anime Style: on hold until further notice
Silver Feather: on hold due to writer's block
Trainer of Legends: on hold until further notice
I'm With You: completed
May It Be: completed

So... does that make it better? I sure hope so. Now you guys can't be mad cuz you'll know when I'm working on them. _

~3/1/03: Update peoples! I now have my own pen name for! For all you people who want to see my original fiction/poems, here's the link to my other profile page: Go and check it out, guys_


Hmm, what to say? Well, here's some basic info about me.

~Gender: Female

~Hair color: Brown

~Eye color: Blue

~Favorite color: Silver

~Nickname: Edward

~Age: 15

~B-day: October 23, 1988

~Favorite Animes/Mangas: Yu-Gi-Oh, Gundam Wing, FAKE, Dragon Knights, Fushigi Yuugi, Tokyo Mew Mew, Magic Knight Rayearth, Wolf's Rain, Excel Saga, Di Gi Charat, Gravitation, Cowboy Bebop, Legend of Zelda (yeah, I know, even if it isn't REALLY an anime..).

~Favorite Video Games: Legend of Zelda (NOW it counts ), Galerians, Galerians: ASH, Soul Caliber II, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Pokemon (only the games, not the show).

~Fav Duel Monster: Harpie Lady

~Fav Pokemon: Lugia

~Fav GW pilot: Duo Maxwell

~Fav YGO character: Ryou Bakura

~Fav LotR character: Legolas Greenleaf

~Fav Excel Saga character: Lord Ilpalazzo

~Fav Di Gi Charat character: Puchiko (of course_)

~Fav Legend of Zelda character: Link (duh) .

~Hobbies: Drawing, playing the piano, singing, writing, acting, reading, playing Duel Monsters, playing my Gamecube and GameBoy Advance, making my younger sister's life a living hell (j/k).

~My Duel Monster: Harpie Lady (Jasmine)

~Jasmine's Pet Dragon: Dragonsnap (male)

~My Pet Dragon: Eiprah (female)

~My Pokemon: Lugia (Seiryuu)

~My Gundam: Silver Feather (like in my GW ficcie)

~My chibi Harpie Lady SB: Iris-chan (given to me by my very good friend, KuroKarasu!)

~Favorite Anime Websites:

~Gundam Wing Sites~

The Gundam Boys: Off Duty- This is for all you Duo and Quatre fans like me! Full of humor! You have to read the "Gundam Wing: Survivor" and "Duo and Quatre's Fashion Reviews for the Uninitiated" fics! You guys gotta check it out!

Duo's Hangout Lounge- A great Duo-fan site! If you love shounen-ai, come read the fics here! So kawaii!

illusion of innocence- One of my favorite yaoi sites! Plenty of doujinshi, manga, fanfics, fanart, pics, and more! Oh, and the site is mostly fixed on Quatre, just so ya know. Come here if you like shounen-ai!

The Shooting Stars Collection- This site is HUGE! There is SO much stuff here! Galleries, fanfics, chibis, Domon comics, manga galleries, a personality quiz, and MUCH MORE! For every Gundam Wing lover out there, this site is for you!

Heero is not Toast... & Other Gundam Wing Facts- Another of my favorite Gundam Wing sites! Here, you can find out why Heero is not toast, adopt chibi GW characters, torture four different Relenas, and more! Gundam Wing fans MUST check this site out_

~Pokemon Sites~

Lugia's Island~~~~seishou taikai- A shrine to my favorite Pokemon, Lugia! Has wonderful images of the god of the sea! If you love Lugia like I do, then go check it out!

Blue Forest, Home of Lugia and Suikun- A shrine dedicated to Lugia and Suicune. Has great screenshots from Pokemon the movie 2000, and some of Suicune from Pokemon 4 ever. A great site! A wonderful Pokemon site! Has beautiful pics of Pokemon, drawn by the owner of the site! Contains info on all of the movies, monthly art contests, even a Pokemon pet shop, and more! This site is for Pokemon lovers everywhere! Come check it out!

~Yu-Gi-Oh Sites~

KuroKarasu's Harpie Lady Gallery- A site belonging to my very good friend with many lovely pics of my favorite Duel Monster! If you love the Harpie Lady, then this site is for you! (note: contains some Tea-bashing) A cool site for all duelists everywhere! Make your own Have/Want list for cards and much more. Come and see!

Sanctuary- A beautiful shrine to Ryou Bakura. Contains some yaoi doujinshi, cool screenshots, and even lets you adopt your own YGO bishounen! Come here if you love Ryou-san like I do_

~Legend of Zelda Sites~

Zelda: The History of Hyrule: OMG, this site has like the BEST Legend of Zelda manga! Oh, I linked this from the manga section, but you can all check out the rest of the site to your heart's content! But seriously, YOU ALL HAVE TO CHECK OUT THE MANGA AND DOUJINSHI SECTION! I recommend "Love Navigation" and "Love Navigation 2", but that's just me...ahem, please, if you love the Legend of Zelda, PLEASE, check this wonderful site out_

~Other Sites~

Gale Poisoning: A Japanese Galerians fansite. This site contains wonderful pictures of Rion and Cain together coughslashcough. I highly recommend this site to anyone who love Galerians... and Rion and Cain... .~ (note: do NOT come here if you hate slash, or don't know what that means)

Gaia Online: An anime roleplaying site. I strongly recommend this site to everyone who loves anime. And it's free to join! You can make your own character, shop for clothes, and meet other people! Oh, and if this is your first time hearing about Gaia Online and you'd like to join, please refer to me! My name is Sule Aiwe. Thanks! .~

deviantART: Most likely the LARGEST art community on the net. Here, you can post your art... and there is possibly NO end to what you can submit. Anime, video games, fantasy, you name it. There's just about every genre of art in here. And, like always, it's free to join. Artists are strongly recommended to view this site!

Quizilla: The title pretty much says it all. Here, you can take quizzes made up by people all over the place. Join and make your own quizzes, too. Very entertaining!

~Favorite movies: Lord of the Rings, Final Destination, Final Destination 2, Galerians: Rion, Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, The Day After Tomorrow, Spirited Away, Castle in the Sky, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl.

~Favorite music group: Evanescence

~Favorite song EVER: "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen

~Quotes I've found/heard from random places:

"How long a minute is depends on which side of the bathroom door you're on." -sign in a restaurant I was in once-

"Boys are like potato chips; you can't have just one." -a keychain I saw-

"I smile because I have no idea what's going on." -a keychain I saw-

"It's only funny until someone gets hurt... then it's hilarious!" -my friend's shirt-

"A great magician is never caught doing tricks." -Di Gi Charat #1-

"Ninja monkeys are meeting as we speak, plotting my demise." -a shirt one of my friends had-

"Sheboynga!" -my friend Cory-

"When life gives you lemons, suck them." -um... I forget where...-

"You're just jealous because the voices only talk to me." -a shirt one of my friends had-

"Keep staring: I might to a trick." -a shirt I saw someone wear-

"Two Yugis are better than one!" -my sister (MoonlitMeowth)-

"Tough guys wear pink." -a shirt I saw a guy wear in one of my classes (the shirt was hot pink, by the way )-

"Those who said that words can never hurt you never got hit in the head with a dictionary." -my friend, Natali (Satire-Joy on FF.Net)-

"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today." -anonymous-

"Edward is the silent wind of doom! Woosh!" -my catch phrase/slogan-

Well, I can't really think of anything else right now. Oh wait, somthing else. RYOU BAKURA IS MIIIIINE! So is Duo, but I like Bakura a little more cause he's sooooo CUTE! . Oh, and Legolas is mine toooooo. _

Uh, well, I'll try and think of other stuff for later. Anyway, R&R all my stuff! You're all wonderful! Ja Ne! .

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