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Hello My Lovelies. If you haven't already guessed I'm Danielle. Wife to the gorgeous Rob Pattinson. Okay well maybe not in real life but there is no harm in a girl dreaming right?

I'm 23 years old.

I am British, but where alot of people say they are proud to be British I am infact not. But I'm not going to even start why. I just hope to maybe move to America one day. Whether that will remain another dream is left to be decided.

Have no quarms in admitting I'm a bit of a loner. I have a hand full of amazing friends, which is enough for me.

Over a year ago, I was completely obsessed with Twilight, and of course the gorgeous Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, but then I went and watched Vampire Diaries. Now I see I wasn't so obsessed with Twilight, it was more the stars, and a certain ones singing voice. But of course I'll still be heading off to watch BD part 1 but this time not at the midnight showing, waiting in line for three hours, like the two before hand, and then going to see them a few hours later.

Vampire Diaries is AMAZING!! I think many would agree. The writing is phenomenal, as is Damon Salvatore. Yummy yum yum. I had not read the books, I did start but the book Elena annoyed the hell out of me, as well as Stefan bored the hell out of me. He does that in season one and two but I grin and bare it. DELENA all the way. And that boring bitch bonnie who blows leafs around every couple of episodes and then gets a nose bleed and is all smug and cocky about it, better stay the hell away from Damon, in the show. That happens and you can think whatever you like I aint watching!! (I'm in a ranting mood)

I LOVE LOVE Damon, Klaus, Alaric, Elijah and I'm quite fond of Rebekah. (Always find it amazing how Vampire Diaries can make you Love the baddies.) I hope Elijah comes back soon, this Hiatus is killing me already and the last episode was only last week - But boy was it an hell of an epi. Proud to say I saw Katherine come a mile away... bit sick of it being hero Stefan... They are suppose to be showing his 'Rippah' bad side, they are making him more of a wuss. Kudos to Damon for kicking his ass.

Okay enough about VD, I would be flooding the profile with it, if I go on anymore. I could talk FOREVER about it.

Other things I enjoy are Reading. I will read anything thats grips me. I am a huge fan of music and listen to it all day, sometimes even going to bed with my iPod. I love alsorts of music, but mainly the oldies. Not really into chart music nowadays apart from the odd exception.

Fave music: Ray LaMontagne, Van Morrison, James Morrison, Billie Holiday, Tom Waits, Kings of Leon, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Who, Gavin DeGraw, Jeff Buckley, Amos Lee, Adele, Johnny Cash, Bon Iver, Jason Mraz, Nina Simone, Simon and Garfunkel, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, James Brown, AC/DC, REO Speedwagon, The Styx, Kansas, Journey, Lynard Skynard, Michael Jackson, Muse, CCR, Iron and Wine and I'm just going to stop before I can't lol

Movie, I LOVE Movies. Once again I will watch anything.

Fave Movies: LOTR's Trilogy, can't wait for The Hobbit. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Shawshank Redemption, Color Purple, Green Mile, The Departed, Harry Potter, BraveHeart, The Prestige, Moulin Rouge, Remember Me, Fight Club, Walk The Line again list will go on but I'll stop. Impossible for me to choose an actual favourite movie.

I have to say I love writing (Obviously) Imperfect Perfections is on Hiatus... I just had it all mapped out but my heads not in it at the moment, I'll probably return to it but for the moment I have other FF's I was working on. I loved writing Unbroken promises, it was a little idea that came to me one night, though I would do a one shot but ended up being over 60,000 words. That is what I'm like, when I start, I can't stop.

For the past three years I have been Roleplaying with an amazing bunch of people online, who have come to be some of my closest friends, even though I haven't even met them.

I have written a couple of fanfiction but never had the guts to publish any, but somehow I fished them out and finally gave myself a kick up the ass to do it.

If you like you can follow me on Twitter @DanielleLPattz I promise I follow everyone back, I know how annoying it can be when people don't. Its just clicking a button right? Anyway I'm still typing and rambling so now I'm going to stop.

Bye xx

TVD - Damon/Elena, Alaric/Damon (Awesome!!), Stefan/Katherine, Stefan/Klaus/Rebekah (The three of them together are hilarious, but wasn't enough of it.) Elijah/Katherine, Damon/Rose (Only because of the Ep when she dies :() And Bonnie/Pistol in the mouth, Quite fond of the friendship between Damon/Meredith, she understands him.

Twi - Edward/Bella

Supernatural - Dean/Jo

Life - Tom Hardy/ME!

Love the team up between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone (She's awesome, he's hot!)

RPing History;

Stars in the Limelight - Robsten - Played Rob. (Whatever happens always going to be my fave =D)

Something Undeniable - Robsten - Played Rob.

Blood and Moonlight - Twi AH - Edward

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich - Twi Cast - Rob and Kellan

Remember Me - RM - Tyler

Beauty of the Dark - TVD - Damon and Lilly (Character Creation)

River Runs Wild - TVD AU/AH - Damon and Stefan.

Undisclosed Desires - Nian - Ian

(Yep I play guys. Don't know how it came about but just did and now I always play guys and just seems the norm and easier for some bizarre reason.)

Set Fire To The Rain - TVD AU/AH - Damon



An Eye For An Eye Treats;

Damon's Bracelet from Elena -

Elena's Origami Rose from Damon -

Elena's Engagement Ring -

Elena's Wedding Dress -

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