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I'm a female

I'm 24 (Seriously people I am 24, just because I wish for a censored version roleplay and do not read your stories means naught. It merely means I was born an old fashioned christian woman.)

I love to roleplay with different people because it gives me different outcomes of how the story will fair out? I think that's how you say it anyway please feel free to PM I am always free. Until I get a job XD.

ONE TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL... -Shinichi from Detective Conan

Never give up- Naruto and masashi kishimoto

We never know, till we try - Ichigo from Bleach

If you believe in Jesus Christ put this in your profile and don't ignore it because the Bible says that If you deny me, I will deny you in front of my father and the glory of Heaven.

->This is why I insist in a censored Bleach I am a Christian, a presbyterian.

About my OC:

Balsa Tachibana (soul reaper)

Name: Balsa Tachibana
Age: 24
Appearance: Balsa is a headstrong officer, she trusts everyone, but is calm and serious, She has pixie cut brown hair, blue eyes, olive skin and she's very thin, but tall. standard shinigami white uniform, she denied the dark black color and also wore a haori of her own, a beautiful one with dragon scales. She is 5'8 and toned in her arms.
Personality: Calm, serious, comical, trusting, clumsy, intelligent, unpredictable
other: she is the spirit dragon

Balsa Tachibana(human)

Balsa is a headstrong officer, she trust everyone, but is calm and serious, She has pixie cut brown hair, blue eyes, olive skin and she's very thin, but tall. She wears odd things like one sleeved cloaks, sleeveless tank tops, cargo capris and work boots. She is 5'8 and toned in her arms.

As a young adult she has a blond highlighted spot on the top of her head. She stops braiding her left side as she is too old for it and it becomes a pain to handle, she is 5'7 at this stage She is tough, more trusting and open.

As a teenager she looked the same but she had her hair braided, that almost looked like it was clipped on that goes down to her neck on the side on the left side of her face, she had a bored expression on her face and scowl. She is 5'6 at this time

As a child balsa was determined, carefree, excited about meeting people and naive. her hair is as long as her neck, unkempt and wild. She has rosy cheeks and a big smile, She is very short 5'4

Quick message for rping(updated):

no cussing ie c-word, d-word, both b-words, a-word, s-word or f-bomb XD
no vulgar or gore scenes
no n u d i t y
no showy clothes; think of long skirts in school not short ones,
no senseless violence
drinking and smoking done in moderation

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