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Hello mein friends! Finally was able to get on and update this! Well there's not much to me I suppose...

Been writing for almost six years now in novella role play, and now I'm starting to try a hand at Fancfiction! So please, enjoy...or try to!

Likes: Cats, My Man, Good fanfiction,comics, anime, and video gaming!

Comics: I'm a big Blackest Night fan, and Deadpool..Green Lantern, Superman, Batman (Bruce Wayne, not this Dick Grayson crap) Red Hood, Countdown series. Nightwing, Teen Titans, Punisher, Dare Devil, The Hood, Green Arrow, Birds of Prey...and so much more @_@

Games: Resident Evil (all), Fable (all), Call of Duty (all), Soul Calibur, Mortal Kombat, Alan Wake, Silent Hill (all, well cept homecoming), Marvel vs Capcom(1,2,and 3. Three is awesome btw), Ninja Gaiden, Deadspace, Darkstalkers, Devil May Cry, Gears Of War.

T.V. :Being Human, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Smallville, Supernatural, Chopped, Lost Tapes,Charmed,Merlin,Fact or Faked, Angel, Buffy Vampire Slayer(earlier seasons before Willow went lesbo creepy apeshit..)annnnnnd Monster Quest lol

The Character of Angelica Burrows is mine! I created her, so if you want to use her...please ask!!

Also I love colaberating on things :D So ask!

For you Doctor who fans...this is hilarious xD

I would walk five hundred miles xO >_> to meet you David boy lol

And that brings me to the first summary of my first complete story on here.

Story Cover

Resident Evil: Redemption.

This story follows the first sucessful testing of the Progenitor type T virus. She became Umbrella's guinea pig, their tool. In this story she finds out how the world can change with a simple mistake, and that trust never comes easy to those who suffer. Within the woman,Angelica Burrows, lies the secret to an enemy's power. Withing her lies salvation of ex S.T.A.R.S members,Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. Behind a shroud of mystery and hatred, Albert Wesker learns to face his own mortality. But will Angelica return to her Umbrella brother in arms? Or will she become a dark angel of deliverance for those the company made suffer? Find out in, Resident Evil: Redemption.

As I said, this story is complete, and hope everyone enjoys! My other two are still in progress...

Story cover

Doctor Who: Requeim for a Doctor

This takes place just after Donna, and right before End of Time.

During the Time War a small sect of Lords hid in an outer demension under orders, their leader enraged that the Doctor disobeyed and stayed behind to save the dying planet of Galifrey. Plotting and scourging, the Council had hired an assassine to exact punishment upon the disobediant Time Lord. Upon the mission, she refused after attempting, her heart moved by the passion of a patriot burned. The Doctor lived on despite the Council's edict, and the assassine was exiled to a distant, primitive planet.

Meet Dawn Smith. The day the Doctor came into her life changed the course of Time itself...literally. Embarking into a universe of wonder and adventure, Dawn returns to a life that noone had known she led. During a friendship still blooming, a danger lurks in deep space. A rift appears on earth, inverting the timestream itsef. The lost. When the Tardis finally comes to safety inside the rift split, a new planet reveals itself. Before Dawn and the Doctor can find answers to so many questions,The Time Council entervenes, tearing the two apart from each other for an unknown reason. The Council seems to recognize Dawn...but she's only a simple human? Or is she much more?

Who is Dawn Smith? What dark secrets lay hidden in the shadows... Only the Doctor can find out... Find out with the Doctor in: Doctor Who:Requeim for a Doctor

It's in progress and slow coming..tedious... heh...I suck at writing brit fics u_u. Be

And onto the next...

Story cover

Resident Evil: Beginnings

This prequel story of Umbrella. Angelica is transfered to the Raccoon training facility, along with several hundred trainees. They are all to be settled until the construction of the Arklay facility is done. James Marcus recieves horrid news from Spencer, and realises that he is more than expendable. Charles Trent is approached by William Birkin to replace the aging scientist, and Wesker has a battle of the wills with new project manager, Angelica. Lisa Trevor is pulled between two duties, and caught between a battle of corporate preportions. Is friendship more important than power? Will Trent take Marcus' job? What will Marcus do in the eyes of such betrayal? Wesker and William have orders to committ a horrid act and Christmas becomes a deadly holiday. Will the snow become red with lies and secrets? Angelica Burrows is torn in a war of a crumbling company. Wesker believes his actions will lead to untouchable power. And Birkin's mind and heart are heavy with a Judias guilt... Will the G virus be handed off to another company in revenge? Will Marcus survive the oncoming attack on his countenance? Find out in the prequel... Resident Evil: Beginnings

Well...those are the big stories for now, ha! Hope everybody likes and keeps up... Sorry for talking everyone's eyes that sounded bad...anyway.

Resident Evil:Legacy

This is the third installment to what I am now calling "The project Angel Chronicles". It is the sequel to Redemption and takes place about three years afterward. The mysterious man known as Trent has now made known to the public of his desire to ressurect the Umbrella Corporation as the company's new CEO. All is met with frenzied hatred and opposition, but after a contract to rebuild Raccoon City in good faith is set under way, the world has begun to believe that Umbrella has truly turned over a new leaf. Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine not however. A covert expedition to one of Umbrella's hidden facility shows that not only is Wesker still alive...but is being tested on in order to refine and make use of the new strain within his blood under order of the new CEO. Wesker is not without aid, hwoever, as special agent Ada Wong has also come to retrieve her superior after searching desperately for any trace left of his existence after the events in Africa. New dangers and old friends resurface as Angelica reveals her past and present to her former colleagues, telling them that she had no idea what Trent had planned all along... A mysterious little girl seems to be the center point of "Trent's" ressearch, and Angelica will enlist the aid of friends and foes to rescue her... who is this little girl? And why are Angelica and Wesker so desperate to see her freedom? Why is her blood so important to mankind? Sins of the mother will be passed down...and a father's legacy will be revealed in... Resident Evil: Legacy

Happy Reading,

Angelica Burrows.

P.S I am posting this picture for a SPOILER for my next in the Project Angel Chronicles.. it is set place after Legacy, will have a couple new characters along with the old... now this picture is a SPOILERRRR for the end of Legacy, so do not look at it seeing as Legacy as not been completed, unless you want to find out who Angelica and Wesker's child is.. :P anywho... this is the new cover for Resident Evil: Generations. The summary will up within the month...hopefully :D

SPOILERS for the next Doctor Who!!! It will be a sequel to Requeim, and some old and new characters will be coming back :D Also I may have to amend the fact I said I'd never write a story about 11. Personally I love 10, and he will always be my Doctor, but 11 has been doing some good things as well.. I do hope my debut writing as him will go over well.. Well here is the spoiler poster for Doctor Who: Echoes of Time

Doctor Who Echoes of Time Summary!

Dawn Smith has resigned herself to a life free of adventure in the past, safely guarded under the watchful eyes of River Song while the Doctor battles the universe itself with Amy Pond and her husband, Rory. But River Song cannot stop the inevitable, and the cracks of Time are spreading. Dawn-Elecion, has not seen the Doctor under pain of time, and has no idea what has transpired.. In his eleventh hour he will turn to a woman he only thought resided in his dreams, and his human half will survive on in another world.

As Rose and the Tenth Doctor Duplicate struggle to cope in a parallel world, they have no idea that the cracks in time are begin to shatter into their own reality. With the small piece of Tardis that was left behind with them, can the Tenth Doctor and Rose cross over into the other dimension before its too late? Will the cracks in time shatter the time lock that Elecion set down to bind the Master's evil half of his soul? Or will the Tenth Doctor's sacrifice into his Eleventh self be in vain as Rassilon emerges from the sealed zone.. Find out in, Doctor Who: Echoes of Time

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