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Hello and welcome to my profile. I will be updating this thing gradually so stop by from time to time.

Some stuff about me.

I'm 21 years old and I'm a guy.

I haven't really written much at all so my story writing skills might be bland or just plain crappy. My stories are centered in the Sonic universe.

The only copy and paste it.

Please copy and paste this to your status if you're constantly asked to copy and paste things to your status by friends who copy and paste things to their statuses. Many people won't copy and paste this, but my truly sarcastic friends will copy and paste this because they're sarcastic by nature. If you don't copy and paste it, then this means you hate bacon. And if you hate bacon, the terrorists win.

Stories in progress.


Summery: A human with extraordinary powers, decides to use his ability to teleport to a vacation spot, but, since he hasn't fully mastered this ability, nor does he fully understand the complications of transposing dimensions, he ends up getting knocked out from the strain. He later wakes up to the sound of explosions and...Sonic, Tails and Knuckles fighting Eggman's robots?


Summery: The story of how Nero came to be.

My Characters

Name: Damien

Nicknames: Nero

Age: 19

Species: Gray Wolf

Gender: Male

Height: 4' 3"

Weight: 93 lbs

IQ: 132

Marital Status: Single

DOB: November 15

Birth Place: Central City

Residence: Outskirts of Station Square.

Occupation: Auto-mechanic, weapons developer, and sometimes a mercenary.

Social Class: Seems anti-social and can be of a loner

Economic Class: Mid-upper

Alignment: Depends on the situation, what's a stake, and how much it benefits himself.

Top Speed: 143 mph run speed, 230 mph while Shadow Dancing(explanation in abilities), 300 mph while Vanguard Boosting (explanation in abilities)

Basic Stats (adds up to 40, 10 max stat)

Agility -3

Speed -4

Strength - 10

Defense - 8

Evasiveness -3

Dexterity - 3

Intelligence -5

Skill -4

Special Attacks:

Kojima blasts: fires a beam of energy at a target

Kojima Pulse: sends out a 360 degree wave of concussive force

Kojima Forge: creates solid melee weapons

Detonate: detonates his weapon

Psychic Mines: fires a blast of Kojima energy at a location, does no damage, Each mine is linked mentally with Nero. More mines require more mental power. Mines detonate when the mental link is either broken or someone makes

contact with one.

Vanguard: A state resulting a higher power, strength, stamina or energy output. Similar to a super form but only focuses on one basic stat. Forms vary with desired increase in stat.

Merge: Nero fuses his mind with Kaiser's, resulting in his most powerful form, in which he names himself Danjuro. This form can match a super form, but cannot be maintained for a long duration.(longest time in this form is ten minutes.)

Abilities & Aptitude:

Enhanced strength

Able to survive underwater or vacuum(does not need to breathe if he's not exhausted)

Can see well in the dark

Keen sense of smell and hearing

Can only hover about 4 inches off the ground

Able to control his energy or anything made from his energy.(Ex. he seems to be telekinetic but he can only control his weapons made from his energy)

Shadow Dance: Ability where he uses his energy to unleash a short but powerful burst of speed(Flash Step from Bleach basically), the energy that surrounds him when using this ability bends the light around him rendering him partially invisible for the duration(which is only like a second).

Hobbies & Talents: Nero likes to study all sorts of melee weapons, which is why one of his hobbies is blacksmithing. He plays a few instruments, mainly guitar, but also the piano and violin. He's not in a band however, he just plays along with music. He doesn't play performances either, so he's not famous, but can and might play for his friends. Nero studies many kinds of swordplay, as well as developing his own style.


Electricity depending on how strong, can either interrupt his internal Kojima energy flow, or stop it completely.

Nero is the half with the negative emotions, even though he has all of them, the negative ones will show up easier and stronger, which means that he's vulnerable to anything that can put him through a lot of either despair, anger, or fear.

His keener senses is not only a strength, but a weakness in itself. Strong smells, loud sounds, and bright light can and will subdue him.

His increased muscle density makes him as strong, if not slightly stronger than Knuckles. The downside is that he is much heavier. This affects his speed and ability to stay airborne.


Miles "Tails" Prower, Sonic, Knuckles


Shadow (they are both evenly matched, always ending up in a stalemate, unless Shadow removes his inhibitor rings or goes super.)


Eggman, Dr. Finitivus, Metal Sonic

Known relatives: Alex (older brother)

Likes/Favorite activities:

Practicing his swordplay, playing either his guitar, piano, or violin(whichever he's in the mood for).

blacksmithing weapons he designed(with metal, not his energy mind you).

Nero also likes it when people come to him to buy a weapon he created(he makes 2 of each, a combat ready and a display weapon).

Dislikes/Least favorite activities:

Hates it when GUN pesters him for making weapons for them.

Doesn't like it when people ask him about his past.

Doesn't like it when he doesn't get paid for a job he was hired to do(you backstab him and he will make sure you never sleep soundly at night).

Hates it when people wants to hire him to kill someone.(Not a hitman, only takes this certain job depending on the target and how it will effect himself and everything else)

Gourmet of choice:

He has an expensive taste. He likes Italian dishes except spaghetti, he also likes seafood such as shrimp, crab, and either baked or grilled fish.

Beverages of choice:


Favorite color(s):

Dark red, black, white, and everything between the last two.


Very serious, anti-social like, intense. He doesn't like to joke around when things gets serious, and never underestimates an enemy. When he speaks, he is blunt and straight to the point. He always speaks the truth and has a bad habit of pointing out the bad things in someone. He believes that pointing out the bad things in someone may help them one day change for the better. He is always calm and seems indifferent or emotionless, but he can be quick to anger, quick to sadden, or (if you really know him) quick to scare(only a few things scare him).

Physical Appearance



Skin Color (i.e. muzzle, arms):

White muzzle and chest fur

Eye Color:

Right eye(masked): Red glowing iris, black sclera

Right eye(unmasked): Red with yellow ring, distorted pupil, black sclera

Left eye: Red glowing iris, white sclera

Hair/Quill Style:

Long hair down to the middle of his back


small, black, canine like


large, lupine(similar to Tails' ears)


top part of his tail is gray with a white, bushy underside

Other bodily features:

Large scar diagonally across his chest.

black scar across his right eye when unmasked.


Dark sunglasses.

Black fingerless gloves with dark red metal plates on the backs.

Black boots with dark red metal plates on the toes and heels.

Black unzipped trench coat.

Items & Weapons:

Creates his own weapons out of his internal energy. Prefers katanas, zanbatos, scythes, dual-scythes, and an odachi(long katana)




Lapse of Time: Armored Core Silent Line

Back Story: Will be explained in Origin

Reference image:

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