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"We swear alliegence to no one. We'll never let go of the Microscope."

A Britman that does Britthings.

About Me:

I'm just some dude, tbh XD I can write a little and that's pretty much my only "talent" as it were :P Big fan of games and such. Also music, specifically the music of Area 11

My profile art was done by a lovely lady you can find on Twitter under the handle: @Lux_u_ray. Go check out her stuff and maybe kick a few bones her way if you're looking for some art! :D



SMT: Persona (3/4)


Fire Emblem

(Probably some more but i'm terrible at thinking...)




Persona 4: YuxRise/YuSe- It's just really damn cute. Like every single interaction is adorable :3

YoskuexChie- Basically Canon. I just love thier whole dynamic. It's great

Persona 3: ProtagxYukari/MinatoxYukari- This is probably the "realest" couple i've seen in a game in a while... If that makes even an iota of sense

Danganronpa THH: MakotoxHina- Unpopular but still. Look at that last free time event. It's just amazing...

Danganronpa 2 GD: HinataxChiaki- Basically Canon and still really adorable... "I want to learn lots of things!" *Dies*

Fire Emblem Awakening: MRobinxLucina- It's just so adorable... That's my kryptonite. If you make it cute, i'll probably like it a lot.

ChromxSumia- I love Sumia's character a lot, she gels very nicely with Chrom :)


Ships i'm OK with:

Persona 4: YuxYukiko/YuKiko- Did this on my second run at the game. It's pretty awesome, not gonna lie. But Rise exists, so sorry Yuki-chan XD

Danganronpa THH: MakotoxMukuro/Sayaka- I read Danganronpa IF... That's literally all the persuasion I needed.../ Basically canon, but also very tragic. Me Gusta.

Danganronpa 2 GC: HinataxIbuki/Mikan/Mahiru/Sonia- There's a lot of great characters in this game...

Fire Emblem Awakening: FRobinxChrom- Yeah, it's alright


Current Works-

Persona 4- Lovers in Fragments- The nature of this thing means i have to focus my attention on it. I'll move on to less oneshotty stuff at some point. But yeah, writing this because i like the paring and i like the idea. It's cute as shit.

Persona 4 - The Preistess' Impasse - A non-canon paralouge to Lovers in Fragments and my first multichapter fic. There was a sixth chapter that i blammed because it was shit XD

Persona 4 - The Progeny - (I need to stop doing P4 stuff for a while after this XD) A future story in which the children of the Investigation Team are sucked into a sinister plot. Also Nanako.

Persona 4 - Enkindling - (I lied about les P4 stuff XD) A oneshot about Yu's last night in Inaba. Cuteness ensues.

Persona 4- Conversations with the Kingpin - (I really can't get away from this stuff, can I?) A look at the online chat between Rise and her Senpai.

PROJECT 「BLACKLINE」- A written interpretation of Area 11's Digital Haunt.


Planned Works-

Unnamed Danganronpa and Fire Emblem Projects.

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