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OK!!!! hello!!!! Its awsomekelly here!!!!! GO ON MY PROFILE!!!! and i have combinded my account with two of my other friends!!!!

ITS OMGIHAVEBLUEHAIR HERE!!!!! whats up???? since we r all friends, we have decided to combined our accounts like awsomekelly said. dont worry, we will still be working on our own accounts, this is just for ideas we share with each other. sooo DONT FRET!!!

It's rainingtearsofchocolate here!!! Three different lives, three different users, COMBINED INTO ONE!! Yes, that is how you use the word "combined", as my comrades above me have both failed to do. Yes, even you, awsomekelly - there is only one 'd' in combined. Not to be redundant, but yes, we are still on our old accounts, but if the three of us all have an idea, it'll show up HERE. Awsomekelly took a magic wand, went bippity-boppity-boo!, and here it was. Stories will be coming, so keep an eye out!

Awsomekelly - SHUT UP RAININGTEARSOFCHOCOLATE!!!!! im awsome and thats why i spell it like that!!!!!! and your not so u spell it like that OTHER WAY!!!!! soooo hahaha!!! YERP IM AWSOME!!!! AND NO ONE CAN EVER SAY ANYTHING DIFFERENT!!! even u, apple.

OMGihavebluehair - do u 2 EVER stop fighting?? hahaha that brings back memorys of when i first emailed u guys!!!! anyway, We hope u ENJOY!!!!AND I WROTE COMBINED RIGHT BY THE WAY!!!!

rainingtearsofchocolate - No, I will NOT shut up. You can't make me. Well, technically, I could say something different. Any time I wanted to I could just say the exact opposite of that. Why do people on FF always say emailed? We're not emailing! We're ... PMing? Yeah, I guess that's right. Sorry, but it's the tiny things like that that bother me. Like apostrophes and commas. Why do they look alike? The comma is an apostrophe wanna-be. Hey, that rhymed. NINJA!!!

Awsomekelly - The ninja doesnt match your personality at all. Ninjas are fast and quick thinkers. Two things that u lack very much. By the way, i ent to your neighborhood, i didnt see u around there. And I say emailed cus im AWSOME!!!!

OMHihavebluehair - UGGHHH its gonna be tough to work with you 2!!!!! THEY NVR STOP FIGHTING PEOPLE!!! I wonder what its like for them at school. and why do u always have to point out stupid things, rainingtearsofchocolate??? OOOOOO UR BEING GANGED UP ON!!!!

rainingtearsofchocolate - I guess you have a point there. But I am handy with a sword. You should have seen me; I was whipping it every which way. You could HEAR it whizzing by. It was epic. Hey, I entered yourneighborhood. Maybe we each were in each other's neighborhood at the same time! :D You make no sense. Even if you went to the awesomest person in the world, they wouldn't have an excuse to use the wrong words!! Oh no. Ohhh, no. I'm just realizing - I'm waymore a grammar snob than I ever thought I was. Ah, well. Bluehair, did you change your pen name? What does the H stand for? Hahahaha!! Because that's what I do. I point out the obvious. Especially when I'm tired. I DON'T CARE!!! I CAN HANDLE YOU TWO!! *pulls out ninja sword* LET'S GO!! RIGHT NOW!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Awsomekelly - Can i punch him?? PLEASE????

OMGihavebluehair - No!!! u cant. AND WHATEVER ABOUT THE H!!!

Awsomekelly - Aww man!! Oh well. Ill do it at school when Bluehair isnt there!!!!

rainingtearsofchocolate - Oh, NO you won't. Because I'll keep my sword handy. Then I'll go all samurai on you, and you won't stand a chance. So ha.

Awsomekelly - NO WEAPONS AT SCHOOL!!!! your plan backfired!!!! so HA AND HA!!!!!!!!

rainingtearsofchocolate - Well, you can't punch people either! So triple HA!

Awsomekelly - I couldn't care less. I could get suspended for punching u, and so would U!!!!! MWAHAHAHA!!!

OMGihavebluehair - oy. Thats a stupid rule at your school. then again, mines the same. but, whatever.

rainingtearsofchocolate - No, no, no. You all misunderstand. You see, I won't bring my sword to school. You'll try to punch me (at which I think we all know you'll never succeed), and as I'm dodging your attacks, they'll find YOU and suspend YOU, while I pretend to be hurt and get sent to the nurse's. THEN, once you're at home, I'll hide. When you go into your backyard, THEN I ATTACK!!

rainingtearsofchocolate - Uhhhh ... hello-oo? Awsomekelly? OMGIhavebluehair? Helloooooo?

rainingtearsofchocolate - Well, I was GOING to wish you people a happy Thanksgiving, but it looks like you're not here. So I won't. Goodbye. ( :) )

Awsomekelly - WHATEVER CHOCOLATE LOVER!!!!! HAPPY THNXGIVING 2 ALL!!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!! OK, srry for the long wait of the story. SOOO SORRY!!!! Just so u no, im more cordinated than u. WAY MORE!! so, i will punch u when u least expect it. Its like how kevin calls jordan an evil ninja. THATS ME BABY!!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

OMGIhavebluehair - I swear, i just might kill u both. I WILL KILL U IN THE NIGHT!!!! HAHAHA awsomekelly, when u told me that i cracked up. HAPPY THNXGIVING PEEPS!!!!! and please excuse these two, they never DO stop fighting. EVER!

rainingtearsofchocoate - Oh, okay, there you are. Haha, fat cats had a heart attack. Hahaha. GO MUSE! GO UPRISING! Wowww. We've been reduced to product placement already? Saad. WE NEED THAT STORY, AWSOMEKELLY! Well, so long as you're here, I guessI'll have to wish you a happy Thanksgiving. So ... happy Thanksgiving, peeps. Oh, pleeeese, I'd be done chapter THREE by now!! ... Actually, no, I probably wouldn't be. BUT I'D BE DONE THE FIRST! Uhh ... riiiiiiiiiight. FINALLY, you remembered to capitalize the I, bluehair!! It's about time!

Awsomekelly - I GOT IT UP!!! GIVE ME A BREAK!!!! Ok, i finished it thank u very much. AND U KNOW WHAT????? idk, im tired, im gonna leave that one alone.

OMGIhavebluehair - SHUT UP RAININGTEARSOFCHOCOLATE!!!!! Or else I will have the evil robots eat u!!!!! WHEN IM PRESIDENT!!!!!! GOT THAT???

rainingtearsofchocolate - OHHH! I just managed to annoy you BOTH in ONE PARAGRAPH! BEAUTIFUL! Very nice, very nice.

Awsomekelly - the evil robots? President? AND DONT GET USE TO THAT EITHER RAININGTEARSOFCHOCOLATE!!!!

OMHIhavebluehair - long story.

rainingtearsofchocolate - Mwahahahahahahaha. Hey, Bluehair, you changed your username back! Liked the H better, eh?

OMGIhavebluehair - NOW I REALLY WANT 2 STRANGLE U!!!!! THE EVIL ROBOTS ARE COMING!!!!!!! ur sooooo mean!!!!! im not emailing u anymore. dont expect an answer the next time u message me. :.( im upset

Awsomekelly - RAININGTEARSOFCHOCOLATE!!!!! how could u be soooooo mean!!!??????? thats horrible. lets BOTH strangle him!!!!!

rainingtearsofchocolate - I'm sorry. Just poking fun. It's what I do. I'd stop, but then what else would we have to talk about on this profile? Oh, dear. I'm being ganged up on again. I guess I'd better go into hiding. *puts on classic Sherlock Holmes outfit, cymbals play* Undercover...

rainingtearsofchocolate - (three days later) Wow. I guess my disguise is working. No one has found me yet. Are you out looking for me? Is that where you are? Well, you'll never find me.

Awsomekelly - No, i could spot u from a mile away, sherlock. I havent answered cus ive been worried about getting braces. What's Bluehairs excuse??!!! hmm??? And HA u should feel ganged up on!

OMGIhavebluehair - I'm still crying right now. Hahahaha Ganged up on!!!! and my excuse is one word: MOM!!!!!!! ok? u get it? OK GOOD!!!

Awsomekelly - oh right, well EXCUSE ME!!!!!!

rainingtearsofchocolate - Oh, shoot. My cover's been blown. It's time for Plan B (which happens to be changing my name and face and moving to Arizona). Plan B takes effect in two hours, fourty-seven minutes and fourteen seconds. In the meantime, yeah, it does suck that you're getting braces. Oh, get over it, Bluehair. When did I insult you again? A week ago? And you're still crying? Wow. Nice. Oh, okay, we understand. RIGHT, AWSOMEKELLY? *nudge nudge*

OMGIhavebluehair - YES IM STILL CRYING!!! I happen to b very emotional!!! respect me!!!! And i got my braces off last year, there really not that bad actually.

Awsomekelly - SHUT UP RAININGTEARSOFCHOCOLATE!!!!!!! And i will NOT get over it. I WONT TALK THE WHOLE DAY WHEN I GET THEM!!!!! and dont worry, ill STILL b able to spot u in arizona. THEN ill scream out your real name infront of everyone. Yes they are, Tell that 2 my brother. He got braces and he's been telling me the most reassuring things... NOT! Hes been going like, "U have no idea what your in for!" and all that stuff. it MAKES ME FEEL SOOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER!!! again, NOT!

rainingtearsofchocolate - Oh, GET OVER IT ALREADY! COME ON!! Uh, I think you forget - to SPOT me in Arizona, you'd have to BE in Arizona. Good luck getting here. Hahahahaha. Get ready for torture! :D

Awsomekelly - I could TOTALLY get 2 arizona if i wanted 2!!!!!! I BET U WOULD HAV AS MUCH LUCK GETTING THERE AS ME!!!!!

OMGIhavebluehair - I think im now not welcome in this conversation... And braces really ARENT that bad.

rainingtearsofchocolate - No, I already am in Arizona. I just fly in for school every day. What? Yes, Bluehair, you're still welcome. In fact, you could help settle this argument. If I'm in Arizona right now (which I am), do you think awsomekelly would have a chance flying out here and finding me in this vast state? Because I don't think so.

OMGIhavebluehair - It really depends. Would u still b in the airport?? if u were then probably?? would u have ur fone with u??? if u did then she would be able to track ur fone. Or... ok, this is a really WEIRD conversation.

Awsomekelly - Its who we r, bluehair. Its who we r. And THANK YOU for giving me the fone traking idea!!!! thats awsome!!!! thnx!!!!! Hahaha im comin 2 get u RTOC!!!!!!!

rainingtearsofchocolate - No! What kind of idiot would I be staying in the AIRPORT?? No, actually, I left my phone home. I bring it when I go to school, but I didn't take it here. Come on! Respect my intelligence! Yes, I agree, awsomekellu. It's who we are. And again, MY PHONE IS NOT WITH ME. Haha. Fail.

rainingtearsofchocolate - MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE, PEOPLES!

rainingtearsofchocolate - *sigh* MERRY CHRISTMAS, PEEPS!!

Awsomekellu - Merry christmas 2 u. HUH!!! I've finally caught it!!! after all these years and comments on Fanfiction I've finally caught it!!!!! RAININGTEARSOFCHOCOLATE MADE A MISTAKE!!!!!! My name is AwsomkellY, NOT awsomekellU. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! HOW can i respect ur intelligence when u spell my own NAME wrong????!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm cracking up right now!!!!!!!

OMGIhavebluehair - christmas...This is very interesting. Who doesnt bring there phone EVERYWHERE with them??? i dont see a point in even HAVING a fone that u can txt on and all that stuff and not bringing it EVERYWHERE u go!!!!!

rainingtearsofchocolate - S*. NO! NOOOOOO! (actually we've only had accounts for about three or four months) NOOOOO! NO I DIDN'T! I, uh ... I wanted to call you Kellu. It's my new nickname for you, and I was testing it out! *nervous laugh* Wait a sec - YOU SPELLED IT WRONG, TOO! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! RESPECT THE COCOA! And Bluehair, unlike most people, I am NOT emotionally tied to my phone. Besides worrying that my mom would kill me because of what it cost us, I wouldn't really care if I lost it. The only thing I use it for that I can't do anywhere else is talk to my dad, and I'd be fine with cancelling THAT option for a while.

Awsomekelly - I spelled it like that on PURPOSE to make FUN of u!!!! and its working!!!! and when i said 'all those years' i meant all the years ive known u AND all the comments on fanfiction. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!! after all the times u said ive spelled stuff wrong!!!! u FINALLY DID IT!!! AND WITH MY OWN NAME!!!!!!!!! by the way, u freakin txt me EVERY day! so dont say u dont txt all the time!

OMGIhavebluehair - Well whatever, but if u were going to a different state, i would siggest bringing ur fone. I would TOTALLY do that. im not stupid, like some people over here who dont even know how to spell a name right!! PWNED! there, u happy!!??

Awsomekellu - HAHAHA, PWNED!!!!!!!! yes, im geussing he is.

rainingtearsofchocolate - YOU DID IT AGAIN, KELLU! KELLU DID IT AGAIN! RIGHT THERE! HAHAHAHAHA!! I'm not the ONLY stupid person who can't spell a name right! Oh, okay. WHAT DO YOU MEAN?? I sent a Merry Christmas text to eight people a few days ago, then we had that conversation, then I sent a IT'S SNOWING!! IT'S SNOWING!! text to five people. And THAT one was only because everyone at HOME was ignoring me when I visited for Christmas from Arizona, and I needed to talk to someone. Those are really the only three times I've texted in the past two or three weeks. So HA. Well, I'm glad you spelled pwned right this time, but the fact of the matter is, I haven't been pwned. I don't care if YOU would have brought your phone, because YOU aren't here. I have a HOME PHONE where I am living now, and who cares if I can't text? Like I just said, I usually text because I'm bored or lonely. Plus, when I WAS home, I had no place of privacy. My sister's home from college and she's using my room, so I sleep on the COUCH. That means NO BEDROOM, which means the only two places I can really be are the living room and the kitchen. And my stepdad is literally ALWAYS using the living room, and someone's usually in the kitchen. So that means I can't have a conversation without someone listening in, so I texted to try to keep some privacy. I would have preferred saying the things I said directly TO you. Wow. This is much longer than usual. Man, I'm a very defensive person, aren't I. Humph. Whatever.

Awsomekelly - AGAIN, did it on PURPOSE! and u did it by accident!!!! U no my friend tim made that same mistake??? He did it while he was txting me and i pointed out that he made a mistake as well. Hahaha u both think alike!!!!! and enough with the Arizona thing already! i really DO NOT CARE!!!! and i dont think anybody ELSE does either.

rainingtearsofchocolate - Oh, you did NOT. That was totally an accident, and you know it. You mean, all THREE of us think alike. Hahahaha, I know. But again, I am demonstrating my brilliant talent to spark an argument from nothing. Pwned, and pwned again. :D

OMGIhavebluehair - I have a feeling that u both do this alot. Have a VERY atupid argument over NOTHING!!!! ITS NOT FREAKIN IMPORTANT!!!!!!! And starting on argument dus not equal pwnage. It shows IMATURITY!!! and NO! i DO NOT care if i spelled that WRONG! Pwned. and pwned AGAIN!

Awsomekelly - Wow, I think bluehair is AWSOME!!! VIRTUAL HIGH FIVE!!!! Woooo!!! haha and i DID do that on PURPOSE!! u have no proof that i didnt!!!

rainingtearsofchocolate - Oh, yes, we do. Very often. And actually, it shows both. The reason it shows pwnage is because you can see how I had been manipulating your every thought. I made you think that. I made you fight back. I controlled you. Pwnage. Right there. Oh, wow. "u have no proof that i didnt"?? That basically says right there that it was an accident. People only say that when they have no proof that they DID. Which is now my comeback: You have no proof that you DID do it on purpose!!

Awsomekelly - Well, u can think whatever u want. I dont care!!!!!!

rainingtearsofchocolate - Okay. I really don't, either. And I don't think anyone reading this right now does. So whatever.

OMGIhavebluehair - u 2 confuse the HELL OUT OF ME!!!!!!!! OMG one minute your like "Ohhh u mest up my name hahah!!!" the next ur like "Im more mature than u" and the next ur like "This is stupid and no one cares." This is starting to B-U-G ME!!!!! ALOT!!!!!!!!

Awsomekelly - Well, it's the way we are. People need to respect that. Especially YOU!!!!!! :P

rainingtearsofchocolate - Oooh, bluehair - becoming profane, are you? Tsk, tsk. Hahaha, it's true. Wait, GRRR! THERE IS NO SUCH WORD AS ALOT!! TWO WORDS!! DO YOU HEAR ME?? TWO!!!! IT'S A LOT!! NOT ALOT!! Ughh, that gets on my nerves!! Okay, I'm cool. Yes, definitely. It's what we do. Respect it!

Awsomekelly - GET FREAKIN OVER IT!!!!!!! so we type ALOT!!!!!!!!! GET OVER IT!!!!!!! hahahah bluehair, its ok! if we B-U-G u so much, then u should atuallY GET INTO the conversation, its fun!!!!! And respect it IS my line!!!!!!

OMGIhavebluehair - I would get into the conversation, but u 2 r the weirdest!!!!!! ur conversations can be very confusing!!! i wonder how u 2 r when ur in skool!!!!!!! JESUS!!!!!!!!!! and its true, u do say Respect it, ALOT!!!!!!

Awsomekelly - yes, we are very fun when we are in school. we race to get to science when we walk there. ITS FUN!!! and i usually win. except i let him win all last week... ok ii wasnt even paying attention, so thats TECHNICALLY letting him win. in a way. anyway, it would be MORE fun if u get into the conversation. hey, u no what movie we should see together??? WATER FOR ELEPHANTS!!!! yessssssssssss, its robert pattinson!!! ur like, awsomeness person u stalk!!! its just a little creepy...

OMGIhavebluehair - OH DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON STALKERS!!!! ur like IN LOVE with logan lerman and u stalk him 2!!!! i should give u a quiz on him!!!! hahaha that would be funny. but seriously, we should go see that!!! it looks sooo cool!!!! i really wanna see that!!!!! and no, that's NOT letting him win, it just means ur really bad at keeping ur focus, or ur just slow. either way works.

rainingtearsofchocolate - I WILL NOT!! ARGGHHH! Yeah, get into the arguments, Bluehair. Well, SORRY then. Gosh. Hey, Bluehair!! How many times do I have to tell you? No praying on FanFiction! Haha, yeah. HEY! I win a lot, too! Grr. Oh, so I'm not GOOD ENOUGH for you?!! Hahaha, just kidding. You SHOULD get into it. Then I could beat BOTH of you in an argument at the SAME TIME!! That'd be awesome! Wait, how are you going to see a movie together if you live in different countries? How does that work? Haha, are all girls obsessed with someone? What's with that? Yeah, Bluehair, you're definitely right. She is slow.

Awsomekellu - HEY! I AM NOT SLOW! ive been beating u!!!! MOST OF THE TIME! so dont talk!!! and no, ur not good enough for ANYONE! so stop talking!!! and we could see a movie together f we felt like it. we could watch the movie at the EXACT same show time! and then talk about ti on the fone or something. Hahaha that would get on peoples nerves!!!! Hahah and no, not all girls. but most. And dont even say that u never liked an acot or actress so much that u saw more movies with them in it and researched them!!

OMGIhavebluehair - HEY! i can pray on fanfiction if i FEEL LIKE IT!!!! CUS I WILL!!!!!! and i highly dought that u win a lot, also. and think again!!! we could both dominate YOU in an argument! the only thing u hav against us is our spelling mistakes! and if u point that out then thats just being ANNOYING!!!!! hahaha that would be funny!!! sooo many people could complain 2 us!!! hahahaha!!!!

rainingtearsofchocolate - Eh, I wouldn't be so sure about that, Kellu. And in case you're not catching on, I'm pointing out the error you made while typing your username that last time. Myeh. Shut up. Wha ... what? Oh. Okay ... :(
(Haha, I'm just kidding. Well, kind of.) But that's not together, that's just simultaneously. Oh, so it'd be just like usual, then. :D Haha, that one's revenge for before! Uh ... no ... I really haven't. Is that a common thing? I don't really have actors that I like. In fact, I like it when the actors are people I've never seen before. That way, I can really get into their character, and I'm not reminded that they're just actors. No, Bluehair, you can't. Because I said so. Wait, what? No you couldn't! I've kicked both your butts before, and I can do it again! Oh, that's not true. Trust me, there's more than just your spelling and grammar mistakes. :D

Awsomekelly - Oh, dont even talk, ice princess. dont even talk...
And, yaaaaaaaa i guess it is. Bluehair got me hooked on pattinson, just not as much as LERMAN!!!! and wat is this "much more" ur talking about???

rainingtearsofchocolate - FINALLY! It's been MONTHS! One of you came on!! Hey, I just realized that our pen name shortens to AToH -- A toe!! Hahahahahahahahaha! Haha, I'm sorry; I don't know why, but I find that extremely funny. Phew. Anyway.
Oh, just try and stop me, Kellu. :D Haha, yes, I know that already. You always were obsessed with him - or at least, as long as I've known of his existence. And "much more"? Huh?

OMGIhavebluehair - more of our MISTAKES! hahaha even I got that when i read it over. so hilarious... ha...ha ha ha... and HEY! U have logan lerman!!! robert pattinson is MINE!!! hahaha ive seen water for elephants FIVE TIMES! which might be a little unhealthy... but whatever!!!

Awsomekelly - OH YA!!??? WELL I SAW IT THREE TIMES!!! WHICH IS PERFECTLY HEALTHY!... anyway, ya thats what i meant with that. andddddd hahaha i remember u txting me that. its SOOO funny... YAY! we're ganging up on you again!!!! hahaha just like old times...

rainingtearsofchocolate - Yeah, it's really not that funny, but when I first figured it out I thought it was for some reason. I mean, it's a little funny, but ... I was cracking up at the time. Must've been tired again. Anyway. OH YEAH?? WELL, I SAW IT ZERO TIMES!! SO HAHAHAHAHA!!! What? You're ganging up on me AGAIN? :(

Awsomekelly - YES! becus its FUN!!!! hahaha and ya, it really wasn't. but you HAVE to see it!! if you dont ill hit you! REALLY hard!

rainingtearsofchocolate - Myehh! :P What? But you already hit me really hard! Well, not really hard. Still, you're going to hit me if I don't watch the movie you two are all going all fangirl about? o.O

OMGIhavebluehair - I'll give u a virtual hit in the stomach unless you see it!!!! HAHAAHAHA!!

rainingtearsofchocolate - Eh, I have enough pudgyness by my stomach to protect me. xDD

Awsomekelly - That's NOT true! u just need to work out some more...

OMGIhavebluehair - Do you actually WANT me to fly a plane over there and hit u? cuz i'd actually prefer that. :>

rainingtearsofchocolate - Pfft. What are you talking about? It's true. o.O Haha, if you can find me, then that'd be interesting.

rainingtearsofchocolate - *stands awkwardly and whistles in loneliness*

OMGIhavebluehair - I agree, I wouldn't know because idk what u look like, but maybe u should work out more... And yes, it WOULD, because i have eyes like a hawk and i can find u if i really tried!

Awsomekelly - U both are losers. xD

rainingtearsofchocolate - AHHHH! PEOPLE!! WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?!?!?!?!?!!?!!!?? I'VE NEVER SEEN YOU BEFORE!!! GET AWAY!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!

Awsomekelly - Oh, be quiet. JUST because we haven't been on in a while DOES NOT mean you'll go crazy. nvm. you're already crazy.

rainingtearsofchocolate - *pokes arm*

OMGIhavebluehair - I am NOT a loser!! i am COOL! and i'm from CANADA! which automatically makes me more awsome than you guys!!!

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This is a one-shot about Percy and Annabeth having a fight while driving to the doctor. Tyson dies and Percy is still upset about it. Rated T for cursing.
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Annabeth invites Percy and Grover to stay with her and her family for a year in San Francisco. While Percy is there, something changes his - and his mother's - lives forever. AU. No half-bloods. Percy and Annabeth are dating. Rated T just because
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