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Monster High OC's

Haku Lee

1600 scales old

Parent: Japanese dragon

Appearance: pale blue scales, jet-black spiky hair. Wears blue leather jacket with the kanji of courage, honor, and loyalty. His pants are torn baggy jeans

Bio: raised on the streets of Tokyo, learned karate to defend against normie gangs. He has the ability to control water like a whip and freeze it. Haku shows romantic interest in Jinafire Long.

Brenda Shee

15 centuries old

Parent: banshee

Appearance: white skin and hair, with piercing red eyes. Wears a traditional school uniform( green and yellow plaid skirt) with a tattered old coat.

Bio: Brenda grew up in poverty with her parents working multiple job each. She gained a scholarship to a private school, but had to drop out. She has a concussive voice that can shatter glass.


16 years

Parent: scorpion experiment

Appearance:has a orange red shell. His left hand is a pincher. Like all scorpions he has a tail and a stinger. Wears a yellow graffiti t-shirt and black basketball shorts.

Bio: was created as a military experiment by west african warlords. When he escaped at a young age, Scroop found refuge in the ghetto being the only monster. He has a mixture of poison and acid instead of blood in his veins which he can switch between in his stinger.

Armen Titanson

older than time(looks 17)

Parent: titan

Appearance:wears a black and gold trench coat with black jeans. With his powers he looks like a normie teen. Normally he has metal armor skin

Bio: grew up in the havens being the son of one of the most powerful titans. Over he time grew to despise all humans. Armen wishes to raise an army of monsters to wage war of humanity. He has many powers, most notable is to replicate other power. He can also change his appearance, create illusions, and make clones of himself.

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