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I love:

-To sing... preferably off key to annoy people

-To dance... 'Cause I can

-To joke... What's life without laughter?

-To write poems, I can rhyme, time, lime, d-drime?... see :P

-To play sport -No, To dominate in sport!

-To exercise... does running like an idiot count? I think it does.

-To plank, err... do I need to explain that one?? :o

-To smile, because you never know who's looking :)

-To laugh because my lungs need a work out too!

-To skip because it gets me places

-To dream, everyone needs something corny in their profile :P

-To make friends. Who doesn't?

-To ruin moments. You will understand if you have ever met me.

-To try and play an instrument, what can I say, ears bleeding is a sight to see :)

-To think because my brain is exceptionally large for a person my age. I wish that was true... and back to dreaming again :P

-To be creative, 'cause 'maths' isn't one of my many qualities

-To be original. Since we are all unique in our own way, why copy others?

-To have shit-loads of fun. 'Cause you live once ;)

-To be me. Because I said so


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Labels are just labels. They're not who you are.

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