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Guess what, everybody? After years of having it all cluttery, I've finally cleaned up my profile! Yay! *does an incredibly dorky, awkward happy dance*

...Well, hopefully that wasn't your first-ever impression of me, because if so... yikes. Anyway, hello to all you random denizens of the Interwebs. I'm Volcanic Lily! Of course, that isn't my real name (wouldn't that be cool, though?), but I don't think I'm going to give that away on the Internet. You can just call me Lily, or any other random nicknames that you feel like coming up with. Unless they are bad, at which point please don't.

Age: Hey, you should know better than to ask a woman her age. It's terribly rude; shame on you. I'll suffice it to say that I'm a few years older than most people on the 39 Clues archive. But a total kid at heart!

For all of you Cahills out there, I like to think that I have a little of all the branches in me: Janus (I like to write, draw, and sing), Tomas (I'm a black belt, and I like to fight sometimes), Ekaterina (all smart and stuff, but when it comes to inventing, I don't act as much like one as my brother). And Lucian--I feel most like a Lucian a lot of the time; I just feel like scheming! And manupulating people... And I can be a pretty decent spy. And someday, I will rule the world! MWAHAHAHA!!! ...Ahem. That was completely undignified. Moving on... And also, Madrigals are awesome, so I hope I'm part Madrigal, too. But they still haven't contacted me yet... *sigh*

A few of the many things that annoy me: actual Mary Sues, people throwing the "Mary Sue" label at well-defined and realistic characters and thus causing the term to lose all real meaning, poor grammar, people who don't believe that I'm always right or who doubt my mad ninja skills, the "damsel in distress" stereotype, the term "strong female characters," my iPod playing love songs at the most inappropriate of moments (although it's admittedly funny), ridiculous levels of homework, and when people bash well-developed canon characters without any decent reasoning. But what I really hate: when actual authors in a series make characters who have perfectly good pre-established characterizations suddenly become completely OOC. I'm looking at you, 39 Clues: Day of Doom. And I'm giving you a death glare that shows off the "Volcanic" in Lily.

More about me: I have a serious addiction--to books. I can't get enough of them! I'd never do drugs or drink or anything, though... because that would waste money I could be spending on more books!... I also have an addiction to TV Tropes. Warning: do not check it out, or you may become addicted, too... XD

Other things I like: the colors green, blue, purple, and pink (the order varies by the day), sarcasm, cats, adorkable jerks with hearts of gold (they're fun to write, seriously), overusing emoticons ad nauseum, candy, Mountain Dew (Voltage!), Dr. Pepper, reading/writing about love-hate relationships, and a certain adorable baka who I love more than I'd like to admit in public on the Internet.

Oh, yeah--and I'm also a tsundere. (Google it if you aren't familiar with the term.) ...I mean, it's n-not like I'm warning you about my tsundere tendencies in advance because I like you or anything; I was just passing through and thought I'd throw it out there. Not like I c-care or anything... Idiot. -///_///-''

In addition to being a book-loving tsundere and an avid reader and writer, I'm also the overprotective big sister of an equally overprotective little brother. (I'm still allowed to beat him up, though; it's just that no one else is.) I'm a sarcastic mostly-pessimist who still likes reading about romance (shhh, don't tell), and I'm neither super tomboy nor super girly. I think fairies are cool, especially kick-butt ones, and the only thing I like about Twilight is making fun of it. (Not because it's "cool" to hate it, but because it's poorly written, the main characters are Mary Sues, and it romanticizes abuse to a disturbing extent. Same with 50 Shades of Utter Abusive Garbage, might I add.) And fun fact--I once did both ballet and taekwondo... at the same time! (Boy, that was... interesting.)

I hope to be a published author someday, but for now, I'm just stuck in school, where I'm "that sort of shy, smart girl with the even smarter mouth." As I mentioned earlier, I can be pretty snarky. Also, I love to think that I'm funny, even when I'm usually not. (Just pretend to laugh; it's not hard to do that over the Internet, right? XD)

One more thing: I'm also a rabid shipper of many things, especially love-hate relationships and the like. And I do take my shipping rather seriously. (Although in some fandoms--*cough* 39 Clues *cough*--I'll still read, enjoy, and give positive reviews to fics that are about other couples that I don't necessarily support. If they're well-written enough.) Just don't insult my favorite ships, and I'll let you live to see another day, 'kay? :D

Well, that's probably more than you ever cared to know about me. But in case you're wondering, here are a few books/movies/etc. that I love. (The list used to be a lot longer, but I pruned it down a little to keep this page from getting ridiculously lengthy again.)

Favorite Books/Series (besides mine; I'm regrettably not published yet):

39 Clues--the reason I joined Fanfiction in the first place, as well as a series that I've followed for years and years now. I'll admit that the second series (and third, to an extent) decreased in quality, but I still have moderately high hopes for the fourth. (Ugh, fourth. The writers should've stopped while they were ahead, even if I do love the characters.) As long as we don't have any more repeats of Day of Doom, I'll be just fine. After all, it's an interesting premise with a lot of likable characters. Honestly, all of the first-series characters have had enough time to really grow on me by now (and also Evan, especially after the sheer awfulness that was DoD), but in the first series, my all-time favorite was Amy. I can relate to struggling to get over one's shyness, as well as trying to become braver, not merely in the face of danger, but also in regard to not giving up on people after you've gotten stabbed in the back a number of times. So I've always had a special place in my heart for Amy... when she's being the in-character, nice, smart, caring person she should be, instead of what stupid Day of Doom did with her. (Grrr.) I don't agree with some of the changes they've made since the first series, like magically curing her of her social anxiety, but whatever. Also, I've rambled a lot, so I'm not even going to get into why Ian and Nellie are also faves of mine. That should be obvious anyway.

The Hunger Games--this should really be a given, seeing as I do have a ginormous OC fanfic about the Games. (Shameless self-promotion!) But it really is a good series. And Katniss's often snarky narration makes it great.

Harry Potter--do I even need to say anything? Another one of those series that everyone loves, but for very good reason. (And I have too many favorite characters to list.)

Divergent--another good series. Tris is kick-butt awesome (and I'm not just saying that because I am also a small blonde girl who's tougher than she looks). Even if a lot of people were mad at the way Allegiant ended (and I basically cried, which I never do), I have a lot of respect for Veronica Roth. It took a lot of guts for her to do that (no spoilers here), and even if I didn't like it, I understood it perfectly. I wish it'd been executed a teeny bit better, but still. It was in character. Sadly.

TV Shows/Movies:

Phineas and Ferb--one of the reasons why I still say I prefer kids' shows to "grown-up shows." ("Aren't you a little old to watch Phineas and Ferb?" "...No. No, I'm not.") It's a lot of fun to watch, and it's hard to name a single major character that isn't likable. Also... where's Perry? XD

Gravity Falls--I love that weird, awesome show oh-so-very much. Mabel is just adorkable. As is Dipper when he's trying to be manly/grown-up or when he wants to impress Wendy. ("Who wants a lamby, lamby, lamby? I do! I do!")

Hercules--the Disney movie that gave me the song that I love (and, when my friends are using it against me, sometimes love to hate), "I Won't Say I'm in Love." Also, it gave us Meg, who is amazing. I'm well aware that the movie is completely and utterly inaccurate to the myth, but it's impossible not to love it anyway. Again: "it's too cliche; I won't say I'm in love," people. XD

Codename: Kids Next Door--one of my favorite shows to watch at my grandparents' back before my family even got cable, and to this day, I still watch it on the rare occasion that it graces the screen on Cartoon Network. It was always so much fun, and the heroes were all such fun to watch, too. (And Numbuhs 3 and 4 were always adorable, in my book... especially together.)


Goodness, I'm completely eclectic when it comes to music. I like pop, rock, punk, (some) country, maybe even a bit of metal when I'm in the right mood, basically everything but rap that's clean. And I'm not ashamed to admit that I love Taylor Swift's music; so many of her songs can be related either to certain points in my life or to one of my many books-in-progress. Also, I love Paramore, All Time Low, He Is We...

Honestly, I just love music in general. (I write songs sometimes myself, but those will probably--hopefully--never see the light of day.) I love catchy beats combined with good lyrics... In fact, I had a "song quotes" section near the end of my profile later on, but it ended up ridiculously long and chaotic. So it's dead now. I slayed it. XD

Video Games:

Tales of the Abyss. I've played a few great games over the years, but so far, this is the best game I have ever played. An awesome storyline (and a very long one, too--it took me 72 hours to finish it), plot twists that even I couldn't predict, great character development, and full of so many funny, epic, awesome, and tear-jerking moments. By the end of the game, I had an appreciation for basically every character in the game, heroes and villains alike. (Except Mohs. I will never not hate him, sorry.) And I really can't say any more without spoiling all of this fantastic game. :)

Fire Emblem: Awakening. Just... that beautiful, full-of-feels game. (Okay, so some people might say that playing in Casual Mode is for newbs and losers, but I think that makes it easier to concentrate on and fully enjoy the storyline... which is awesome, by the way. So screw them--pardon my French.) Words cannot describe how much I love this game. Not only is it epic, but there's so many funny moments, too. And the characters--I love so many characters so much that it's tough to pick which one is my absolute favorite of all... Henry. Okay, Henry, no contest. Just because he's awesome and hilarious and, best of all, loves killing stuff! (And come on, what girl doesn't want an engagement ring with skulls and snakes carved into it?... Okay, just me? Fine, your loss!)

Pokemon--honestly, my first-ever fandom, which I can remember being downright obsessed with when I was about four years old, if not younger. I guess I'm still the same, in that regard. (Also, in addition to the games, I enjoyed the Diamond and Pearl Adventure! manga. All the MCs--Hareta, Mitsumi, and Jun--were likable in their own ways, in my opinion... though Mitsumi's still my favorite. Her backstory is just so interesting, and she's so brave and awesome.

Now, for anyone who's curious (or bored, or even still managing to stay awake through this stuff), here is a list of some of the pairings that I like. Now, I know that I can be a rabid shipper, so I'll try to cut down on the long list of ships that I support, and instead, I'll attempt to limit it to just the pairings that I really, really like and would kill for, though probably not literally. Except in the case of Amian. I would commit murder at this point for that ship to be canon.

My Ships:

39 Clues:

Amy Cahill/Ian Kabra. Is this honestly a surprise to anybody? They're amazing together--from the very beginning of the Clue Hunt, when Amy was an insecure, shy bookworm and Ian was still that arrogant, rich jerk that we loved to hate to love (did anyone follow that?), to now, when Amy is so much more confident and capable, and Ian's become nicer... and gone through way more crap than any kid deserves. In my opinion, they've always been perfect together... and they've been through more together than Amy and any of her other suitors. (Though I did love Evan, even if I didn't ship him with Amy... Poor, poor Evan... He deserved better than what Amy did to him, honestly.) And--dare I make this joke?--Amian is just absolutely... lovely. And they have so much mutual respect going on now (while Jake repeatedly and blatantly disrespects Amy and her leadership role, so...) and their friendship is great. Honestly, I don't want canon Amian because the writers would almost surely screw it up, so I just want them both to end the series single and being good friends. Though if it's made canon in an in-character way, I'll cry tears of pure Amian trash joy. Also, I'll shut up about Amian now, since I have explained why they work so well together in far too many Tumblr rants. (Now if only the writers would get their crap together.)

Also, Saladin x red snapper is best ship. All the fandom can agree on that. And it's always been canon and always will be! (At least one thing I ship is canon... (*sigh*

The Hunger Games:

Well, certain talkative classmates spoiled the eventual pairing for me, so I just let myself ship Peeta/Katniss from the start. However, Gale/Katniss is also good. I've seen well-written fics for both, so it really depends on what I'm reading at the time. (Wow, one series in which I'm not insanely obsessed with one pairing and shunning the others. Wow.) In the end, though, Peeta kind of was what Katniss needed, so there's that.

And this is probably cheating, since this is my fanfiction I'm talking about, but in Some Semblance of Meaning, I ship Vale and Obsidian way too much. But they're just too much fun for me to write--the shy, surprisingly snarky tsundere and the slightly arrogant, secretly adorkable (and green-eyed!) Career. What's not to ship? ...Plus, I'm the author, so what I ship is canon. I have power! Mwahahaha... X3 Warning: there's no way Valesidian could actually have a happy ending.

Harry Potter:

I like basically all of the canon couples, I suppose. (I'll admit, it's been too long since I last read the entire series.) But I love Ron and Hermione so much together, it's not even funny (except it is--all of their arguments, the fact that they obviously still care about each other, that kiss in the last book--everything that makes them so funny and adorable). The movie ruined them, though, with giving all of Ron's good personality traits to Hermione, making him pure comic relief, and making her into a flawless "strong female character" who nobody was worthy of, honestly. Ugh, why?

Phineas and Ferb:

I love Phineas/Isabella--it would be hard not to, with all of the adorable moments they've had over the course of the show--and I also ship Ferb and Vanessa. Yes, I do realize that she's significantly older than him. However, one day, they'll both be grown adults, and the age difference won't be a big deal anymore.

Gravity Falls:

I still think Dipper's crush on Wendy is cute, but what can I say? I've been dragged aboard the SS. Dipper/Pacifica by this point. Pacifica's getting a lot of development, so now, I can actually see it working. And being adorable as heck, most likely.

Codename: Kids Next Door:

As mentioned before, I love the pairing of Kuki and Wally (3/4) with all my heart. Probably for some of the same reasons I've mentioned about other pairings before--mostly because it's just plain adorable, and let's be honest: their personalities together are just hilarious to watch.

Fire Emblem: Awakening:

Ah, that game is basically Heaven for shippers. There are a lot of pairings that I like, but my OTP will always be Henry and Robin/Female Avatar. (And no, contrary to what my brother says, it's not because I'm in love with Henry. Yes, he's freaking awesome, but I'm well aware that he's not real.) I honestly just think they're cute together, and even outside their supports, there's a lot of potential for interesting conversations and stuff, when you think about it. (Seriously, people, write more fanfics about these two. Now. And then let me know about them so I can read them.)


All right, so this is Pokemon, and I don't want to start yet another shipping war. So yeah, I do like Ash/Misty, but my favorite pairing (technically from the Diamond and Pearl Adventure! manga) is Jun and Mitsumi. It's already canon on Jun's side (obviously canon), and even though his flirtations annoy Mitsumi, I think they would be a good couple if she ever decided to give him a chance. (Which is totally her decision, of course. I'm just saying.)

And that's the end of that.

If you're actually still wide awake and reading this, congratulations--you've survived to the end of my profile! You deserve a reward! *pauses, realizing that I already ate all the candy* ...Um, never mind?

Seriously, thanks for reading, though! (Now, go check out some of my stories down there. Only the recent ones, though, preferably; my old stuff sucks. XD)

And may the odds be ever in your favor,


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