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Author has written 16 stories for Wizards of Waverly Place, Monte Carlo, 2011, and Spring Breakers.

This is an account I've created strictly for cross-posting Wizards of Waverly Place fic I've written for the justin_alex community and the omgjustinalex kink meme on Livejournal, in hopes of reaching a wider audience. (And, hopefully, luring some of you back there, because it's an awesome comm, you guys!)

Pretty well everything here is going to be Jalex-oriented, possibly with a little bit of Max-centric stuff thrown in (because I love that kid!). There will also be a moderate-to-high amount of smut. Don't like, don't read, etc. Haters to the left.

Eventually, everything I've written on lj will migrate its way over here, too--one-shots first, then the longer, multi-chapter stuff--but if you can't wait, you can always check out my lj for my longer works.

I've turned anon reviews on for the convenience of lurkers, and/or those who don't necessarily want their username linked to an incest pairing for a Disney Channel show. (Trust me, I get it.) Please don't make me regret it. No flames please, we're Canadian. ;)

While I generally don't reply to reviews, I do read each and every one I receive, and appreciate them very much, even the negative ones. (Sometimes especially the negative ones!) But if you're too shy, or just too lazy (again, trust me, I get it) to leave a review, that's more than OK - favorites and alerts are just as appreciated. (Heck, just the fact that you've gone to the trouble of reading something here is appreciated!)

I've also just registered an account on Twitter, where I'll be posting such riveting, up-to-the-minute updates as: "Went downtown to the reference library after work. Spent three hours writing a chapter. Took subway home." If you just can't live without that kind of excitement in your life, you're more than welcome to follow me.

Please to enjoy! :)

A few quick FAQ's about OTP (posted May 11, 2011):

Q: Why the long break between updates? What happened to the super-sized update you promised after Chapter 6?

A: You mean the one that never happened? Well, that's not entirely true—it actually did happen, it just didn't happen here! If you haven't already, you might want to take a look at the story Fortress of Solitude by o0O-Archimedes-O0o, the title and opening line of which should be awfully familiar. In fact, why don't you go ahead and check it out right now, before you start this chapter? Make sure you check out the reviews for it, too—there's a lot of fun stuff going on in there, as well. Go on, I'll wait here...

Back? So, yeah...Fortress of Solitude was originally meant to be a little single-chapter 'fic-within-a-fic' that I was going to insert into the middle of OTP...'Jalan' as written from Justin's perspective. But I got carried away with it, and the tale grew in the telling of it, to the point where it became almost as long as OTP itself. It didn't make sense to house it within OTP, anymore. And since I'd decided to break Fortress... out into its own story anyways, I decided to do something clever and meta, and actually post it as Archimedes, with a description that I thought would make it obvious that it was the story Justin started to read to Alex at the end of Chapter 6.

Uh-huh, not so much. Apparently it wasn't as clever as I thought, since less than half of my regular OTP readers appeared to bother with it (although the ones who did thankfully seemed to enjoy it). Oh well, that's what I get for trying to be cute. Anyway...whether you read it or not, thank you for your patience and indulgence while I left you hanging. (Extra-special thanks to everybody who played along in the reviews—it was delightfully unexpected!)

Q: How do the Charmed & Dangerous books correspond to the "real-life" events in the WoWP-verse?

A: A very kind anonymous reviewer has pointed out that, somewhere along the way, I've messed up in explaining exactly how Future Harper's books line up with the show's continuity. I'm in the process of going back to correct any inconsistencies made, but to clear up any confusion, this is how I have it broken down in my head:

Book 1 covers the first half of Season 1, Book 2 chronicles the second half of Season 1, and Book 3 describes roughly the first third of Season 2. These first three books are all relatively short, about 300 pages apiece, with each book getting progressively longer (similar to the Harry Potter series).

Book 4 covers the last two-thirds of Season 2, and takes a dramatic leap upward in page count, coming in at over 700 pages (supersized for the events of the 'Wizards vs. Vampires' 3-parter.)

Book 5 is almost as long, adapting everything that happens in the movie, and is considered by most fans to be the best book in the series so far. There's a long-standing debate online, over whether or not Book 5 takes place in an alternate universe, given that it's different in tone from the previous books, and isn't referenced at all in the later ones. (This is the book Alex has just finished at the end of Chapter 6.)

Book 6, the longest book so far, covers the first half of Season 3 (including both 'Wizards vs Werewolves' and the Stevie arcs), while Book 7 opens with the events of "Western Show", and ends on a cliffhanger with the end of Season 3, and 'Wizards Exposed'.

Q: What about Season 4? Aren't you going to deal with Season 4?

A: While there is an eighth book planned in the series (which would presumably cover at least the beginning of Season 4), it's been delayed while H.J. Darling focuses her attention on production of the first Charmed & Dangerous movie.

Q: Where does OTP fit into all this? What's still the future for Alex, and what's in the past?

A: OTP begins about two months after 'Wizards vs Werewolves'. So from Alex and Justin's perspective, everything up to roughly the middle of Book 6 has already happened, and everything beyond that hasn't happened yet. Whether or not it will still happen, now that they have foreknowledge of those events, remains to be seen...

Q: Dude, I really love/despise the way you totally hate on Selena Gomez in this!

A: Hey wait, that's not a question! And I don't totally hate on Selena, Alex does. As much as I adore Alex Russo and love exploring what goes on in her head, that doesn't mean I agree with everything she thinks. (Heck, half the fun of writing from her POV is that it's so drastically different from my own.) I actually have nothing but respect and admiration for Selena, both as a performer and an all-around good person. Plus, she dates Canadians, which I count as a win in my book. #RespectSelena #haterstotheleft

Q: Clue me in: what the heck does 'OTP' mean, anyway?

It's an abbreviation for 'one true pairing', a fandom term that describes the couple (or "ship") that a fan or group of fans prefers above all others. Jalex, for example, is my OTP. ;)

If you have any other questions about OTP (or any of my other stories, for that matter) that you'd like to see answered here, please don't hesitate to let me know!

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