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Hello to all readers :) One thing first, despite my penname, i am really not cocky or conceited or anything. It had something to do with Alexander the Great and an elaborate time-traveling plot, that even the people involved can no longer remember clearly. Darn MIB. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it, Feds.

Because someone asked, I am 19 years old and in college. I am studying English as a major and minoring in Education. Elementary School Teacher, Skadoush!


"The Blue Rose", an Avatar: the Last Airbender alternate universe story, has been cough completed. Except not really, since there's a sequel.

I'm about two chapters into "The Crimson Dragon" the sequel to the "The Blue Rose". It will mostly be about Zuko's and Katara's separation, the tasks they have to accomplish, and if their growing love can withstand the tides of fate... and/or the fury of Azula.

Background Info on "The Blue Rose" and "The Crimson Rose" AU:

Lovely perfectly going to spoil some things if you haven't read the Blue Rose yet, so try not to read further in this area if you do not want to be spoiled subtle plot details. Or not-so subtle plot details.

Story begins five-hundred years after the original time of the original Avatar: last Airbender Series. After the Fire Nation was defeated in the ending of the Avatar series, the Earth Kingdom, seeking revenge, and guided by an angry Long Feng, launched it's own war back on the Fire Nation. It achieved what the Fire Nation could not, dominating the world - and, according to records written at the time, killed the Avatar Aang in the process.

As time passed, the world became divided into four main sections: the Union, which encompasses all of the previous Fire Nation and the western end of the previous Earth Kingdom; the Empire, which encompasses the eastern end of the previous Earth Kingdom; Acchai, a smaller but densely populated slab of land that borders the Desert; and the Desert itself, which is mostly overrun with varying thieving tribes, the most famous of which are the Thieves of Gihad.

"The Blue Rose" begins in Balda Haram, a city on the edge of the Union.

Everywhere in the world, airbenders are considered filth. This is due to long standing discrimination from the original Avatar: Last Airbender series.


The peoples, armor stylings, tactics, and customs of Acchai are based mostly upon Mongol and Middle-Eastern influences. For example, in Acchai women wear a headdress known as a niqab, similar to a burqa, which covers their face. Acchain land, however, is divided up according to the conquests of varying lords, and there is always a war of some sort going on.

The traditions, styles, and systems of the Union are more European in comparison. There is serfdom, estates, and mostly a man's standing is society is based on his family name. The Chosen King of the Union is a man said to be reincarnated over and over again, and similar to the Dalai Lama, must be sought by his Advisors over again at the time of his death. (no children of the Chosen king have ever become the Chosen King).

The systems in the Empire are comparable to the caste-system of India, and a Chinese dynasty. The Emperor lives in the midst of Masabi, which is a renamed Ba Sing Se, in an Inner Court similar to the Forbidden City. There are peoples like Untouchables in the Empire.

Here's an example of the niqab: link

An example of Katara's sari, but covers more: link

Same with Toph's sari: link


The shrub-land of Acchai is similar to the desert-like conditions of the Australian outback. These pictures will help you get an idea:




The Breathing Cave (Chapter 23): link

Overhead views and cliff-side views of swamp-forest: link link2

Height reference for swamp-forest: link

Caravan example: link

Desert examples: link link2

FanArt by Inga!


Fanart by heavenlymaron:



Fanart by Kimba616:



To find "The Blue Rose" comic, as well as other little doodles on the story, go here:



For Chapter 31 of "The Blue Rose" there will be a dance scene. Before reading I suggest you watch these, as they are what gave me the inspiration: (especially starting at 0:43)


Katara = http:///images/67160.jpg

Toph = http:///images/67182.jpg

P.S.: I am a really bad reviewer, but I try my best, and the Blue Rose is consuming my life right now, whcih is ok cause I love writing it, but still. If you have any work you'd like to recommend to me, please don't hesitate too :D. And thank you for reading!

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