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Author has written 2 stories for Death Note, Bleach, and Negima! Magister Negi Magi/魔法先生ネギま!.

Greetings to all who wish to visit my profile. I am MR. DEATH RIDER, otherwise known as, well, I have an alias for a good reason so that no one knows my true idendity except a certain individual(s).

I have large colletion of anime that I watch, which are still growing more with every passing day. Many would say that I have no life, but I do it for my own amusement and entertainment.

At the moment, my top 10 anime are:

#001. Bleach
#002. Death Note
#003. Last Exile
#004. Elfen Lied
#005. Black Cat
#006. Eureka seveN
#007. Digimon Adventure
#008. Digimon Adventure 02
#009. Hellsing
#010. Rosario + Vampire

I also would like to let you know that I when I write stories, they will be one-shots, but I'll settle with Love-Ru and Vanpire for the mean time as the only story working. There might be random one-shots here and there, so you have been warned. The first fanfics will be:

#001. To Love-Ru and Rosario + Vampire Xover
#002. Death Note
#003. Bleach and Mahou Sensei Negima/Magister!? Negi Magi Negima!

I might also do others, so send me any anime you would like me to do, but how ever, I WILL control how the story goes and that is that. The emphysis on "will" shows you how serious I am. Another thing, I had an interesting review on my current story, Love-Ru and Vampire, that I use too much Japanese words. This is for anyone who reads my stories, there are translations of the Japanese words and other words you might not understand at the end of each chapter. I have to say this for everyone's and my sake, read the chapter FIRST THEN look at the bottom at what it means. Thank you.

Now that the plesanties are done, I will let you know a little about myself.

I stay in South Africa, but you do not need to know where. I also am 19 years old and I am male. I'm in colloge, but I have plenty of time off. And for some reason, people call me KIRA, the same from the Death Note anime. I do not know why, but I do believe in what Yagami Light has to say. We could go without evil and crime in this world. I'm guessing that's why they nickname that. I also have an account on Facebook, so you can know when I post new chapters orr/and stories up; the name being Crete Rider, since they wouldn't accept Death Rider.

I hope this information will help you, but I will never give my true identity to anyone, for that person could easily kill me. I don't trust easily and don't think that if you're a girl and persuade me with money or other sugestive things. If there is one thing that I hate that is not evil is pervets. I hate pervets with a passion. A friend of mine, who is a girl, had her skirt lifted up by some random guy. Let's just say that he was in hospital for over 2 months. That is how much I hate pervets. However, if you ask me to put a lemon or lime on, I will considerate it. I might put a random lemon or lime under my profile. I don't know how much, but it will be limited up to between 10 and 20, no more no less. Those 3 fanfics I mentioned will be the stories I put under my profile, and you can ask me to do it. I expect my first fanfic (Rosario + Vampire and To Love-Ru Cross over) will be finished sometime in 2013, if not 2014, my second fanfic (Death Note) is now finished and my third fanfic (Mahou Sensei Negima! and Bleach Cross over) is now up and running. That is all I have to mention. You have read the profile of MR. DEATH RIDER, have a good day.


After reading this, you will die a grousome death in 1 hour.

Just joking, (non-humouress laugh) lol.

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