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Poll: I am asking on ideas on what world in the Republic galaxy will be visited first by the species of the Milky Way in my new version of "To Live For Those Who Can't." Email me on your own ideas if you don't like any of these. Vote Now!
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Author has written 2 stories for Star Wars, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Halo.

Hi, everyone. My name is Sam and I live in Indianapolis, along with everyone of my relatives. I am currently a freshman in college.

I love stories and I love learning from them. I believe that everything teaches us an important lesson that helps make us who we are. Not matter what form it takes, be it book, movie, game. etc., these stories help inspire people to be who they are. And I want to make sure that people remember that so that they don't take stories to be dumb or stupid. No matter the story, be it good or bad, they are what, since the time of our forefathers and us as little kids, have helped us on the right paths in our lives and inspire so many to stand up for what they believe.

Everyone who has lived on this magnificent world has become who they are by listening to all things around them and I wish to continue that legacy. That is what I believe in anyway.

My favorite stories are: Harry Potter, Halo, Star Wars, Spyro, Sonic, Digimon, Pokemon, and so many others. I also enjoy Chaotic, Yugioh, and many other fun activities.

deviantART account:

I made this account so I could view my favorite artists on this site easy, but now I have begun thinking. I am thinking if anyone wants to draw any of the characters from my stories, they can set them up and ask me what I think of them. Just something I thought up. I don't draw, at least I don't know how to upload them onto a computer.

News: Hey everyone. Sorry if I haven't updated in like forever, but I've been really busy with college and work during the summer. But I'm writing this now and I have somethings to say. First off, I have been looking deeply into both the Star Wars and Halo universes. This has led me to have to think more on my story "To Live For Those Who Can't". I have decided to begin a rewrite of it titled "To Live For Those Who Can't V2". Now before you start complaining and asking why, I am doing this because I want the story to focus on the true time line of the Clone Wars and not mess any of it up. I will leave V1 up for anyone who wants to go back and read it, but as of now, it is canceled. Also, I have decided at some point in the future to write some Mass Effect/Transformers stories, but these probably won't happen for a while. I am also looking for a Beta Reader to read my stories before I submit them. If anyone wants to volunteer, they can email me when I figure out how to start my stories. See you later fellow readers and writers. - 9/7/11*

Character/Groups Info: "To Live For Those Who Can't V2"

The United Races Alliance(URA): It was formed in the year 2573 to bring better relationships between humanity and the former races of the Covenant. It was also formed also as a precaution should the Flood ever return, or something far worse, and explore the rest of the galaxy and discover any other races who might had been saved by the Forerunners. Another goal is to find the rest of the Halo Installations, make sure they can never fire again, and to eliminate any and all Flood forms in containment with help of monitor of said installation, if it will, and any other Forerunner ruins and devices. As of the year 2664, the URA controls over 2,500 planets. Since forming, the URA has made contact with 2 new races, the Tratedons and the Zerloxs, both of who have gladly joined the URA in peace. There is still alot of unexplored space in the Milky Way galaxy. In the year 2664, the URA send their top team,Epsilon, to explore an area of an nearby galaxy for classified reasons. The URA's flag is a picture of the Master Chief's helmet facing the front. There are stars and planets as the background with everything else in between black space. On the Chief's visor, is a picture of the Arc and a Halo,side by side. Above the helmet is these words: "We Fight, To Live" and under it are these words: "We Live, For Those Who Can't" in gold font. The URA's marines are prone to shout out, "Long Live The Mantle!"

Team Epsilon: A covert team of the URA, stationed on board the URA Avery Johnson. All of them have seen some form of combat in there years in the military. Each member is a specialist in their own area. The team works well together and each considers each member to be family and equal to them. They are also seen as family by all Spartan IVs. They have fought off minor and major criminals, terrorists, insurrectionist, rebels, and xenophobes. The team was put together in 2590 and more members were added over the years. All members of Team Epsilon kid around and hang out together in free time, but when work is needed, they will drop what every they are doing and put there game faces on. Once that is done, they become a family again and their true selves. Each member has a codename that is used to identify themselves with each other and the higher ups. The team operates under orders directly from SPECWARCOM. They are usually called "The Deathdealers" by the marines of the URA. They are sent, along with the entire crew of the URA Avery Johnson to explore a nearby galaxy. The team currently consists of: Major Champion Commander Dax, Corporal Spartan Max, Special Operations Major Caltore, Minor Alue, Major Brutus, Major Dibla, Major Mok, Minor Just Right, Major Lelek, Major Kalmar, Major Jala, and Major Jalo.

Major Champion Commander Dax "Tracker": A Kig-yar Skirmisher, born on Eayn in the year 2555. He is Team Epsilon's tracker. He has studied the behavior patterns of all living creatures so far found, and learned there smells. If it has been recorded by the URA, he can track it. There are rumors that Dax has even found creatures and plants that even the UANS has not found and recorded, and has not given the slightest thought of telling anyone but himself. Dax is always prepared for whatever environment him and his team will need to be deployed to. He has learned that to not know to environment that you are in can be dangerous, so you must be prepared, even into the unknown. He learned this after he lost his left arm to a unknown beast in the jungles of Eayn, which also gave him a x-cross scar over his right eye. He now has a robotic arm to replace it, which can quickly flip from a hand to an energy cutlass and back again. He carries on him at all times his two point-defense gauntlets, holograms, and his personal Needle Pistol and Jackal Knife. He comes prepared for his options with armor and cloaks to match any kind of environment, be it a jungle, desert, or arctic areas, to better blend in with the environment. He Has painted the feathers around his head in a rainbow of colors. He usually uses his personal Assault Needler and Magnos Beam on missions. He is the oldest member of Team Epsilon. He was in charge before Captain Max joined the team. He does not mind, he never like being in charge of the team. He has a mate, named Char'R-Lut, and has sired 15 children. His family currently lives in the jungles of Eayn, where he grew up and where his children are currently learning the same lessons he learned in his childhood. Before joining the military, he was a professional bounty hunter/mercenary for his younger years. A few years after he started a family, he stopped taking contracts and joined the military. He started out in a regular boot camp, but the military soon found out about his past experiences and asked him why the change of profession. Exactly why he joined the military is classified. He was then allowed to continue his training and a few months later, he started being sent out on missions.

Corporal Spartan Maximilian-251 "Max" Washington "Sparta": He became one of the best and the youngest of the Spartan IVs and he is the second in command of Team Epsilon. His armor is a prototype Mark X MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor which includes a Recon helmet with UA/HUL[3] attachment, a UA/Multi-Threat chest, a Commando right shoulder guard, a Operator left shoulder guard, Grenadier knee guards, a Tactical/Hard Case on his left leg, a Tactical/Soft Case on his right leg, a Tactical/TACPADUGPS(TACPAD and UGPS combinded) on his left wrist, and power dock linked to two removable energy katanas on his left wrist. His primary armor color is red, secondary is blue, with a silver visor. He usually carries with him into combat situations a Helic Rifle, a Folra Rifle, and his personal blue and green energy katanas. He also has a combat knife on his left forearm and energy knives in each wrist(think Elites' energy daggers in their wrists except they look more like human combat knives). Never call him the strongest warrior ever, if you do, you will regret it for the rest of you life. Max sees the "Chief" as the strongest warrior ever and sees that no one will ever be greater than him. Max respects the "Chief" and the legacy he left behind more than anyone else. Max still believes the "Chief" is still out there, that his luck was too great to be snuffed out like that, and that he is waiting for when he is needed once more. When and where heroes are in great need.

Special Operations Major "SpecOps" Caltore 'Voltar "Lightning": A Sangheili, born on Sanghelios in the year 2580. He is a skilled swordsman and expert assassin. He is taller then most Sangheili, being around 8 ft tall. He has taken out many leaders of rebel groups. He is Team Epsilon's assassin. He wears the armor of all SpecOps Elites Minors, but his is a very dark black and nothing else. He always carries on him at all times two energy daggers, one of his energy swords, an energy garrote, and one Arc Rifle. On missions, he carries all of this, along with another energy sword, smoke grenades, and an Radar Jammer, for quick escape. His past is mainly unknown and he does not like to talk about it that often. His fellow members of Team Epsilon don't mind, for a common motto of theirs is: "What ever the past, we are who we are now." He perfers to fight his opponents head on and not to be held back. He will only use sneak attacks and other dishonorable tatics if and only if there is no other choice. What he seeks most in the universe is a mate to spend his life with happly and sire many children who can look upon him with pride and honor. As of yet, he has not found that mate.

Minor Alue 'Vadam "Blade": A Sangheili, born on Sanghelios in the year 2582. She is a skilled swordswoman and master martial artist. She is the daughter of Thel 'Vadam, aka "The Arbiter." When she was born, Thel immediately saw that she could and would become an expert swordswoman. He decided to train her himself and not one of her uncles. Thel would later reveal who she was to him and she said she already knew. Later when she was ten, Thel took her to Earth to train in martial arts and other sword styles. As Thel spent more time on Earth, he grew to like the way the humans of old had a honor code and the way they fought. Alue would spend five years training in the ways of ancient man and became one of the greatest martial artists to be seen since the days of old. Her armor is that of any common minor, except, she has runes engraved into it to honor her father, and it is the color olive green and gold, to honor the "Spartan", for her father would always tell her he would never meet a warrior as mighty as him again. She is Team Epsilon's martial arts expert. She carries with her into battle two energy swords, a personal energy stave, and a steel katana. Her energy stave has a energy blade on each end, one being a smaller version of an energy sword and the other being an double bladed scythe. The staff is considered a Triple Staff, in which it is divided into three sections with two sections linked to a middle section by way of metal chains. Her katana, energy swords, and staff were both personally forged by her own hands and she had OAI help her personally input the technological parts for them. All of these weapons were made of a Forerunner metal that is both light and durable. The metal will not even melt in the slighest if it is struck by an energy blade. Her katana has the number 117 MIA engraved onto both sides of the blade, shortly before the blade meets its guard. The katana's guard is made of the same metal and takes the shape of the Ark. At the end of the katana's handle is a string of beads attached to it, with them ending with an ancient human coin.

Major Brutus "Heracles": A Jiralhanae, born on Doisac in the year 2580. Among his clan, he was one of the least violent. But once you got him angry, he would go on a madden rampage that would scare even a charging Chieftain to stop in there charge. He prefers to mediate on philosophy, but he is prepared to fight like a Jiralhanae when he needs to. He is seen by many Sangheili as someone equal to them, with fighting skill and control over his anger, unlike most Jiralhanae. His armor is colored white and has painted black skulls on his shoulder plates. He also wears a pair of goggles. He brings with him into all combat areas: two Gravity Mallets, one Stinger Shotgun, with grenade option attachment, and a Blazer Machine Gun. He believes that to hide your emotions out on the battlefield will lead one to their death. He is Team Epsilon's pilot and vehicle specialist. If it's a vehicle, Brutus can hot-wire, learn how to drive it, and get it moving in seconds. He usually smokes an "Avery Cigar" when he goes into the battlefield. He is the son of Chieftain Warturus, who is in toll the son of Chieftain Tartarus. His father wields the Fist of Rukt, making him the High Chieftain of the Jiralhanae and an important member of the URA Species Senate. When he is ready, Brutus will challenge his father for the position and if and only if he defeats him, he will claim the Fist, his father's position on the Species Senate, and his own Chieftain armor. He is in no rush, he will challenge him when he feels like it. Many believe he is ready and can defeat his father, even his father believes it and is awaiting for the day he can retire from politics and just be a old warrior with great stories of war to tell future generations of.

Major Dibla "Fly": A Yanme'e, born on Palamok in the year 2592. She is a unmutual Yanme'e and as such, is more independent, intelligent, and emotional than other Yanme'e. She wears the purple armor that has been made for her species, except with a much stronger shield and made of an much stronger metal then most. She always carries with her a Plasma Needler and a Double Barrel Needle Pistol. She is Team Epsilon's scout and hacker. She is a silent flier and can get to places easy and quicker than others. She can then inform her team of important targets and help them get into position much quicker, with no one finding out about the movements until its too late. She can also break through a computer's firewalls and gain access to all of its information within a matter of seconds. She also carries around a voice translator on her wrist that allows her to speak and her voice to be translated to English for everyone to hear. She, unlike most Yanme'e, respects the Huragok and wishes to learn all she can from them. She has personally been tutored by the Huragok "Vergil" and his son "Fixer", they raised her after she was indentified as an unmutual and singled out from the rest of the Hive. She is considered a honorary member of the Huragok people. Her translator is also a small hacking computer that helps her gain access to computers much better.

Major Mok "Bang": A Kig-yar, born on Eayn in the year 2579. He is Team Epsilon's sniper. He wears an custom made armor that is a combination of Elite and ODST armor, with a shielding system, that is a dark brown color. He wears a helmet that covers the sides and the top of his head, with a Jackal scope attachment on the right side of it for him to target with. His face is too long for a helmet to cover his entire face, so he has to rely on no one getting a direct hit at his face. The top of his helmet has been removed so that his quills come up straight and tall. He usually carries with him his energy gauntlet, his personal Plasma Magnum and his Sentinel Rifle. Sometimes, when he is in a very good mood, he will bring along a classic Beam Rifle that his grandfather used in the Human-Covenant War to first snipe human enemies and then later save human hostages from terrorists. His family comes from a long line of pirate captains and every family member was taught to respect their way of pirating. To show honor, and never steal from the poor and weak. But from the evil and unjust. When the Human-Covenant War began, Mok's grandfather knew something was wrong. He suspected that Truth was hiding something, so he kept an eye out on him and the other Prophets. His suspicions came to be and when the Prophets removed the Elites from their positions, he knew what he had to do. He called for all his kin to side with the Elites when the time came, and when it did, all of his kin sided with the Elites and fought side by side with them and the humans. Mok's clan is one of the few Kig-yar clans that is respected among the Elites and the humans because of this and their sense of honor, unseen in many Kig-yar. And this has been passed down to Mok, along with his family's ancient totem, which hangs around his neck, the sign that he is the rightful heir to his clan and one day will succeed his father as clan chief. Whenever he confronts his father, his father complains about Mok not finding a mate and starting a family himself. Mok says that he is just waiting for the right one.

Minor Just Right "Fixer": A Huragok, born on the URA Avery Johnson in the year 2590. He is considered one of the best engineers in the entire URA space. He is the son of the Huragok "Vergil," who was very important to the finding out about the portal to the Ark and helping stop Truth. He is Team Epsilon's engineer/intelligence gatherer and medic. He really not really much of a fighter, but he will kill to protect himself and his teammates. The weapons he does carry, when he needs to, are two Needle Pistols and two energy knifes. He wears a pinkish armor that covers only the most vital organs and an even stronger shielding generator. He usually speaks English when in the company of his squad mates, but when he is in the company of strangers, he will use sign language with them and relies on his friends, either Lelek or Dibla, to translate. He and Vergil raised Dibla as if she was a part of the family.

Major Heavy Lelek "Boom": A Unggoy, born on Balaho in the year 2570. He is considered either the bravest or craziest Unggoy soldier ever born. He is Team Epsilon's demolition man, which Lelek jokes around with being the demo man. Since Unggoy breath methane, one wrong move and he could kill himself by accident. Lelek says that explosions are an art form, that you need to do it just right or it is just a disgrace to bombs. Lelek motto is, "If you don't have enough, the objective is still standing. If you use to much, now you're just wasting explosives now!" He is good friends with Just Right, and when the two are together, they are a dangerous pair, with Lelek's craziness combined with Just Right's shield generator. He carries with him his two personal silenced Plasma Magnum, a Plasma Rocket, and an PlaFrag Launcher. He wears an custom armor that has a strong shielding system to begin with and is a fire orange color, with black smudges all over, left over from when he was too close to when his explosions ended. It allows him to survive from the fires and debris that come from after his explosives go off. He likes to carry around a classic human boom box when not on a mission. He married a female, named Memep, 3 months prior to the mission to Tatooine and is currently expecting a nest of eggs to appear soon.

Major Kalmar Haic Dalma "Singer": A Mgalekgolo, born on Te in the year 2577. He is the bond brother to Jala Haic Spolau, who both are Team Epsilon's heavy weapon specialists. He is seen as quite the singer among Team Epsilon, but not the most creative thinker. Both him and his bond brother ride huge gravity boards to quickly get to the battle, which attach to their backs when not in use. He wears a custom blue armor with green stripes running down his arms, legs, and back. It helps to tell him apart from his bond brother. He carries on his right arm an assault cannon that shoots a continuous stream of radioactive incendiary gel and a huge shield on his left arm. When his bond brother is hurt in any way, he will attack who every hurt him.

Major Jala Haic Spolau "Writer": A Mgalekgolo, born on Te in the year 2577. He is the bond brother to Kalmar Haic Dalma, who both are Team Epsilon's heavy weapon specialists. He is seen as quite the creative writer among Team Epsilon, but not the best singer. Both him and his bond brother ride huge gravity boards to quickly get to the battle, which attach to their backs when not in use. He wears a custom green armor with blue stripes running down his arms, legs, and back. It helps to tell him apart from his bond brother. He carries on his left arm an double barrel assault cannon that shoots two bolts of radioactive incendiary gel and a huge shield on his right arm. When his bond brother is hurt in any way, he will attack who every hurt him.

Major OAI Jalo Kialo "Redeem": A San 'Shyuum, born on Janjur Qom in the year 2584. He is Team Epsilon's translator/researcher/espionage specialists. He wears a custom gravity belt that allows him to stand up straight in any gravity and never need to bend over. He brings with him two silenced Plasma Magnums and two silenced Calpor SMGs. He does not need anyone to protect him, and if you insult him by saying he needs it or is weak, you will not be walking right for a month. Jalo is determined to bring back honor to the San 'Shyuum that was stolen from by the Prophets. His connections with OAI are still really unknown, his missions before joining Team Epsilon are still classified. He wears a custom made gray armor that covers most of his head, neck, and other vital areas. It also has lighter armor on other areas to help him get around easier. The armor was a departing gift from his friends at OAI before he left. He carries around a backpack that is filled with books, artifacts, tools, and other things, most top secret. He is part of the same top secret program that Max is.

Fieldmaster Kado 'Lodam(ee): A Sangheili veteran from both the Human-Covenant war and the War with the Loyalists. He is in charge of the crew of the URA Avery Johnson when Shipmaster Clador is not there at the moment. The crew respects him and obeys his every word. He has a great respect for humanity and their great skill in combat. He usually carries an energy sword, a Concussion Rifle, some PlaFrag and EMP grenades. He also carries a ring of dog tags with him from human soldiers he killed during the Human-Covenant war. He wears an old battle worn maroon Zealot armor. He has numerous scars and an aged body from during the wars. Of his scars, his most noticeable is the one on top of his skull that runs from both ends. He has an younger brother by the name of Thel 'Lodamee.

Characters/Groups Info: "Sonic: Ancient Legacy Trilogy"

The Order: An unknown group made of an unknown number of individuals whose goals are still unknown.

JK: An agent of the Order. Nothing is known about him, except he is assigned to keep an eye on Eggman and that he is the husband of fellow Order agent UA.

UA: An agent of the Order. She is the wife of fellow Order agent JK and wishes to help him in his mission, along with several others.

SH: An agent of the Order. He has a boy and is currently keeping his eyes on him and his friends.

TM: An agent of the Order. He apparently has a double of some sort and is currently searching for him. He has some charges with him and wants something that was stolen from him by his double.

TK: An agent of the Order. He knows JK and wishes to help him in his mission, along with several others.

KC: An agent of the Order. He knows JK and wishes to help him in his mission, along with several others.

CL: An agent of the Order. He knows JK and wishes to help him in his mission, along with several others.

FB: An agent of the Order. She knows JK and wishes to help him in his mission, along with several others.

HW: An agent of the Order. He is a fine assassin and is sent to deal with a problem in New Mobotropolis. He mentions about following something called the "Brotherhood".

KWH: An high agent in the Order. He seems to be in charge. He asks for HW to go to New Mobotropolis to deal with a problem.

Characters/Groups Info: "Transformers: Galactic Effect" (Just so people know: certain Transformers and people are not my original idea, it's just that with the history of the Transformers being so detailed in the movie, their stories are different in this universe. Things I list here are my ideas on them in this universe. I will not take create for famous Transformers. I will explain certain things in later chapters for people who are confused and have read the comics/books for the movie universe.) Best to think of them as Codex entries, I will also be adding these and more into each chapter, along with war asset points.

Rodimus Prime(A.K.A. Hot Rod): Rodimus is the son of Optimus Prime and Elita-One.

Override: Override is the daughter of Roadbuster and Roulette.

Blurr: Blurr is the son of Roadbuster and Roulette. He transforms into a blue futuristic race car(think "Animated"). He is an intelligence agent in the Autobot Elite Guard, but that doesn't mean he doesn't know how to fight. He is equiped with a shield that has a built in Energon saw in it that deploys as his command. He is also equipped with two dual plasma pistols and a prototype sniper rifle. The shield hangs off his back when not in use and becomes his vehicle mode's hood. He is known as the fastest Cybertronian without being in his vehicle mode and when he gets up to speed, he is no more than a blue blur. He is also very hyperactive and speaks so fast, it is almost impossible to understand him. Before he began military service, he was a famous racer and winner of the Cybertronian Grand Prix his rookie year and the following four years. After his fifth win, he announced he was going to start attending Autobot Boot Camp. Soon after Boot Camp, he was invited to entend the Autobot Academy and went with the offer.

Blaster: Blaster is the son of Bumblebee and Arcee. He is a communications expert, engineering genius, and great guitar player. He is a fan of all kinds of music, but he really enjoys Human rock n' roll. He has bonded with several minicons and mechanimals. His companions include Eject, Rewind, Ramhorn, and Steeljaw. As he took care of Ramhorn and Steeljaw, he started to upgrade them more and more, till one day they gained sentience. Instead of running off to have their own lives, they've stuck with Blaster as true friends. He is equiped with an Energon dagger, a plasma cannon, and a sonic cannon. The sonic cannon is an old war tropy that his father took from Soundwave when he defeated him. Blaster has restored it and it is now better then ever.

Trailbreaker: Trailbreaker is the son of Ironhide and Chromia. He was born a few years after Ironhide was revived and Chromia was given a new body by the Matrix of Leadership and the power of the Primes.

Characters/Groups Info: Lord of the Rings/Inheritance cycle story "maybe"

Zírûnn: A female dwarf and the first dwarf Dragon Rider. She is a member of the Durgrimst Quan dwarf clan. She carries a hûthvír and a round steel shield. She also has Ascûdgamln for both of her hands.

Vorokog: A male Kull Urgal and the first Urgal Dragon Rider. He is the son of Skgahgrezh and the nephrew of Garzhvog. He carries a falchion and a rectangle wooden shield.

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