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Hi, ... this is Shadowflake!

Welcome to my profile, as well as my story! Yeah, just a reminder, check out mythomagic/green planet's profile too, and her stories are great. As a supporter of her, I would also love to giving you guys some tips to make our world better. Treat our Earth Mother well, or should I say, Earth Father(because Geb in Egypt myth is the god of Earth/Land).

Recycle papers; do more works using daylight;sleep earlier(that will reduce your electricity fee need to pay, save the earth, and also make you healthier); unplug plugs when you are not using them(like computer/cell phone chargers, lamp plugs); when you leave the room, be sure to close the light unless you'll be back in 1 second; try to adapt to our environment + temperature, don't use air conditioner unless you are freezing like a popsicle or burning down to ashes; take a shower instead of a bath; do more outdoor activities instead of typing fanfic or surf online to read fanfic whole day(our eyesight would be bad, and it costs lots of electricity)... there's many more waiting for you to discover and put in action.

I've saw this from green planet's profile, I'm not asking you to repost to join the revolution, follow your heart and give reviews to every fanfic you've read/enjoy. But one thing you have to memorize in your heart is that don't join the revolution if you don't want to do it. Never ever post this on your profile and don't follow it.


I, Shadowflake, do solemnly swear to review all the fics I enjoy, regardless of the number of reviews, its age, or anything else.

I do read lots of books, but I don't write fanfiction that much, I love this website because I can both post mine on and review for others. I'm not saying mine's good, but I put 200% effort in every chapter. But as a High school kid, dealing with family relationship problems, and the pressure under homework + teachers, I won't have much time doing the typing, but I'll still try my best to update my story often. So, bare me!

And if you enjoy or even just glance through, please still give me some reviews even though you may not have post the oath to your profile. Even you might be someone who didn't sign up for, you can still give me comments. I'll appreciate you very much.(180 degree bow)

If you are a beta- reader, and have free time with not much work, you can beta-read mine. You may either tell me from the reviews, or just send me a Private Message(PM). Thank you so much, add me to your favorite author or add me to author's alert may as well work for me if you enjoy and would like some more information of me and my stories.

In the end, bless y'all! ;)

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