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Author has written 7 stories for Harry Potter.

Name: Technically it's Shannon, but you can call me HPFFG.

Hobbies: Singing, acting, and writing (and readin HP of course!). I really love writing HP, but I do have my crazy diary posted if you want to read that. (And if you do, you're BRAVE)

Writing: Either Original or Harry Potter so far. Hence the name "HarryPotterFanFicGirl". My style is usually light and funny, and most of the time it's romance. I'm definitely more of a HP fan than I am a writer, so I don't like AU. You'll find that I don't write anything like that. Reading: You'll notice that my favorites list is only Harry Potter, but I do like the Georgia Nicolson stuff, and I like the TV shows section. Starting to become a major Buffy fan, and I am a HUGE Spuffy shipper!!

Favorite Characters: My fav HP character is Hermione, I love her! she's got a great personality, and she's really ambitious. I love Harry and Ron of course, but I really like Draco too. Of course that has nothing to do with the fact that Draco is played by Tom Felton, who by the way, is incredibly hot. :-D And the fact that I like Draco just as a HP character is incredibly true. And I'm not sarcastic at all (But Tom Felton is VERY hot in all reality). For Buffy, I adore Spike. He's so hot! And I am set in my ways, he and Buffy need to be together!! As for Newsies, SPOT!! SO HOT!

Ships I sail on: My fav is Hermione/Ron. It never used to be that way, but I just ADORE them together. It makes me happy :-D Coming in second is Harry/Ginny. For some reason, after book 5, I feel like they're going to end up together. They have to!! I used to be an avid L/J shipper, but it's kind of gotten old. I also like H/Hr and D/G, but not as much as anything else.

Ships that sink-D/H!! I hate that pairing. It's never going to happen. I hate SS/Hr, and any teacher with a student. Plus I hate R/G. Whoever put Ron and Ginny together are really sick. That's so disgusting. They're BROTHER AND SISTER. I can't stand it. For Buffy, of COURSE Spike/Buffy!

Stuff I like: Well besides HP, and I am OBSESSED with HP, I like Musicals, esp. Les Mis, Aida, and of COURSE Newsies; I'm starting to LOVE Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Disney movies, esp. Peter Pan and Beauty and the Beast; and MUN (Model United Nations).

Stories to date:

Une Histoire de Beauté-This is actually A Makeover Story in french! Hugs and Kisses to my awesome translator, Zhusidinuo. I love my french story, it's so awesome!

Holy Guacamole!-Don't you just love the title? This is brand new, but basically Ginny wishes for something, and gets sent back in time to when Lily and James were in school. She must complete a task, but she's not sure what...

Claudia-I'll admit, this starts out as a Mary Sue. TOTALLY. But if you can get past that, it gets better towards the end. I'm almost finished with it. Life at Hogwarts-Maybe I'll finish it, but not anytime soon. It's not very fun to write, and it's not light and funny, like most of my stuff.

Roses in the Garden-A short original about a girl who has to remember something painful. I don't want to give anything away.

Harry Potter meets Crazy Cat-A short I wrote for my friend Cat as her brithday present. Somethings might be a little odd because I have a bunch of inside jokes (ie-Penguins).

The Story of the Mary Sue-I think the title speaks for it's self. I was tired of Mary Sue fics so I decided to make fun of them.

Crap! The Voices are Talking to Each Other Again!-My real computer diary. I changed everyone's names, but it's still quite-er-interesting...

And probably my biggest accomplishment yet-

A Makeover Story-My first and only finished fic w/ chapters. I love this fic (well I REALLY don't like chapter 6, but I can live with it) to pieces, and it's quite funny, if I do say so myself. ;-) Now get reading!

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Une Histoire de Beauté reviews
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Be careful what you wish for... MWPP
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