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Hi! I'm Tori! I'm a huge fan of Big Time Rush, Harry Potter, NCIS, and iCarly. Anyway, I'm an adventure writer. I like to write about kidnappings, and stuff like that. Yup, I'm sadistic. To my characters, anyway.

Before you read the rest of my crazy profile, I want to say something. If you're ever depressed, or you need someone to talk to, or you're considering suicide, PLEASE email me. My email is toriizcrazy @ Take out the space and email me. I can't promise I'll get right back to you immediately, but I will check as often as possible. Please email me. PM me if you want to.

I also have an idea. Let's start an Anti-Bullying campaign. It may not help anyone, but you can spread the word to different communities and maybe even to Facebook and other places. Please consider it. All you have to do is put Anti-Bullying in the summary. It can be just a one-shot. It doesn't have to be long and elaborate.

On September 21, 2011, my best friend Jake committed suicide. He was an amazing person and I really miss him. Not everyone realized how awesome he was. He was gay, and people just don't except people who are different at my school. Even I get bullied, and my only difference is that I'm dyslexic. He'd been bullied since he came out three years ago. We were seniors in high school, and he decided he just couldn't stand it anymore. I miss him, and it hurts to know that even though I stood up for him and tried to be there for him, I couldn't save him. I'm not angry at him. I'm angry at the bullies who were heartless and cruel. They didn't even learn their lesson, either. At least Jake made a little difference. We had two others come out in public, and the cheerleaders decided to start a campaign to stop the jerks who don't care.

Update: 10/10/11 - Guess what? Those bullies didn't learn anything except that they could take out the 'fags' at our school. That cheerleading campaign lasted a week. Then they stopped caring. It wasn't 'cool' anymore. After the two came out, we had five openly gay people, right? Now we're down to four. A hate crime was committed against another gay boy at our school, Tyler. His mom won't let the media do a report on it, so you probably won't hear about it. At least this time, the bullies were arrested.

Any problems? Go here: It's a forum to let us talk to each other openly and without posting stories. Please use it if you're having any kinds of problems in life.

Now that I'm done with my serious talk, go ahead and read the rest of my profile. The quotes are crazy.

Stories In Progress:

Broken Beyond Repair: Sequel to Will You Just Listen To Me For A Second? Carlos has a long way to go before he's recovered. Who says he's not already broken beyond repair?

Finished Stories:

Will You Just Listen to Me for a Second?- A terrible car accident leaves Kendall in the hospital on life support.

It's All His Fault- One-shot. Logan couldn't believe what had happened. He couldn't believe a normal day had turned into this. Warning: Character Death.

Because Of You- My attempt at a songfic...Kendall didn't know what he would do without Jo. 'Because Of You,' Jesse McCartney.

Never Forgotten-One of them just can't take it anymore. Based off a true story. Warning: Character Death. Dedicated to 2 kool 2 spell 'kool' right.

Words Still Hurt- Words hurt, no matter how much people try to say they don't. Warning: Character Death. Anti-bullying. Dedicated to my best friend, Jake and to 2 kool 2 spell 'kool' right.

Missing Him- One-shot. He didn't know how to live anymore. No slash. Cargan friendship. Dedicated to 2 kool 2 spell 'kool' right and to my best friend Jake. Anti-Bullying.

Future Stories:

I'm working on it...

Quotes- I'm sorry, I have to do this, I have the craziest people in my life. Some of these are from Sarah Torrez and her sisters and stories:

"I will Spartan kick you off this roof! C'mere!" -Sarah's friend Becca

"Tori, go take a nap, please." -Sarah
"Can't. My room's been taken over by nine-year-olds. I ain't gettin' no sleep, sez I!" -Me
"You're crazy, sez I!" -Sarah

"You're listening to Jonas Brothers while trying to write a Big Time Rush story. You see the problem here, right?" -Sarah

"Will you just shut up! I'm trying kill Kendall here!" -Me
"No!" -My crazy BTR obsessed nine-year-old sister Andi

"You did not just seriously say that, did you?" -My seventeen-year-old brother Josh
"Yes, I seriously did just say that." -Me
"Just making sure." -Josh

"You know, if you'd stopped at two children, we wouldn't be having this problem." -Me

"Oh! Oh! OH! I want to write about drunk Kendall, too!" -Me
"You're mocking me." -Sarah

"You know, come to think of it, I met my Fanfiction twin at women's conference." -Me
"I met my girlfriend at science fair. I think I win." -Josh

"You know, you're not really helping your case. You already look like Justin Bieber. Singing his songs makes it worse." -Andi
"Yeah, I know." -Josh

"Hey, you know what? I'm coming to your house tomorrow. Okay?" -Sarah
"Sarah, I live halfway across the state from you and your parents don't know me. How the heck are you going to get here?" -Me
"You're such a killjoy." -Andi

"Andi, go get me a soda!" -Josh
"You still got both your legs, get off your butt and get it yourself." -Andi
"But my arm's broken." -Josh
"Your legs still work!" -Andi

"No. No, you just don't ask questions. No, just don't." -Sarah (one very long day)

"You ever been up around eleven o'clock at night with my little sister?" -Sarah
"No." -Me
"Be glad." -Sarah

"Tori, you weren't supposed to quote that!" -Sarah
"Whoops, I forgot!" -Me
"Don't quote this, either!" -Sarah (she should have known better.)

"Will you just stop for a minute. Please?" -Andi
"Stopping is for losers. I have no time to stop!" -Josh
"You're playing Call of Duty on a Friday night. You're already a loser." -Andi
*Josh looks at me*
"Are you sure she's only nine?" -Josh
"You were there at her birth, too!" -Me

"You're Mrs. Potato Head!" -Sarah's sister
"Cool. I have removable eyes." -Sarah

"Hey, I have a question. Does it say anywhere that Humpty Dumpty's an egg?" -Josh
"Not that I know of." -Me
"See! I told you!" -Josh (to his girlfriend on the phone. I wonder about them sometimes)

"I have an idea for Fanfiction!" -Andi
"So write it." -Me
"No, you have to write it!" -Andi
"Why?" -Me
"Because it's sexual and Mom will kill me!" -Andi

"I have a problem." -Josh
"All right, I'm listening." -Me
"No, I can't talk to you, you're part of the problem!" -Josh

"I hate you." -Andi
"Love you, too, sis." -Me
"Are you deaf, she just said she hated you!" -My mom (so supportive)

"It's too hard, I can't get it in!" -Me (talking about threading a needle...)
"That's what she said!" -Andi
"No! No! Not from a nine-year-old! No!" -Josh

"No, you just don't ask questions with these three. They'll ramble for a while, get completely off point, make a few sex jokes, talking about their lives, and then tell me that they forgot what they were talking about, and in the end, you'll wish you hadn't asked." -My mom (she was really stressed and tired that day...)

"What's going on here?" -My mom
"Well, see, Josh wanted Tori's cookie--." -Andi
"Never mind, I don't want to know!" -My mom (She really did want to know, I know she did.)

"Are you on the fiction net fan site again?" -My dad
"" -Me
"Yeah, that bitch." -My dad
"Nope." -Me

"Hey, guess what? Sarah's gonna write a book called Insanity and she wants me to help with it." -Me
"Come to the expert if you want to learn, young Grasshopper." -Josh
"Thank you, Yoda." -My dad
"...I'm pretty sure that's two different things." -Me

"Shut up, so I can't write a story, big deal!" -Josh
"You're jealous." -Me
"I have a girlfriend." -Josh
"I'm a girl, I don't want a girlfriend." -Me

"Wow, that guy's gay." -Josh
"No, I think he's straight." -Me
"Yeah, about as straight as a freakin' circle!" -Andi

"You know, I don't remember being this much of a smart ass when I was your age." -My mom
"Grandma says you were worse." -Andi
"Shut up, smart ass." -Josh

"Don't use that language in this house!" -Me
"What did I say?" -Andi
"You said 'Twilight'! That is a forbidden word! Off with her tongue!" -Me
"Why her tongue?" -Josh

"These are my children, Josh, Tori, and Andrea." -My dad (to his friend)
"Andi. Andrea sounds like some crazy fan girl chasing after a vampire that watches her in her sleep." -Andi
"I thought her name was Bella." -Josh
"How dare you say her name so close to me." -Me
"Please excuse my childrens' attitudes, I don't know where they get it from." -My dad
"The druggies down behind my school." -Me (I was kidding. My dad didn't like that much. His friend found it hilarious.)

"You told your dad's friend that you got your attitude from the druggies behind your school?" -Sarah
"Yeah." -Me
"Why do I talk to you again?" -Sarah

"Is it bad that last night, I had a dream where my drama teacher stole my Cherry Coke and I flipped out and pulled out a wand and aimed the Killing Curse at her?" -Sarah
"'s definitely not normal." -Me

"I see magical fairies and pixie dust. Look, a unicorn! Aw, it's so pretty. MOM! I want a unicorn for Christmas!" -Me
"What the hell are you on?" -Josh

"There's a tree and a flood and a girl and they pray to the gods and I'M SO CONFUSED!" -Sarah
"What the hell did I miss?" -Me

"I can't sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep." -Sarah
"Welcome to the world of the nocturnal." -Me
"Wait, I get infected with normal, and now I'm nocturnal? I quit." -Sarah

"Sarah, you type like a drunk at three in the morning." -Me
"Si that a dad ting?" -Sarah

"So, I was reading our conversation from last night and I have one question." -Sarah
"Shoot." -Me
"How the heck to you know how a drunk types?" -Sarah

"You guys are meeting my girlfriend for the first time tonight. Please don't blow it." -Josh
"I'm too lazy." -Me
"I'll work on it." -Andi

"Tori. Tori. Tori. Tori. Tori. Tori. Tori." -Andi
"WHAT?" -Me
"I like waffles." -Andi

"Everything that the light touches is my kingdom." -Josh, proclaiming to me and Andi while turning the light on.
"So you own the living room, then?" -Me
"Wow. I'm impressed. What a productive life you've had." -Andi (she totally deadpanned it. I swear, she's so sarcastic)

"Is there any particular reason why there's dog biscuits all over the floor?" -my mom
"Yes." -Me
"No." -Josh
"Why do we have dog biscuits? We don't even have a dog!" -Andi

"I'm the Elf Queen!" -Sarah
"No! I am the Elf King! Shut up!" -Josh

"I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy." -Josh (he didn't realize we was in the room)
"Sexy and you don't belong in the same universe." -Andi

"How do I look?" -Me
"You look fine." -Sarah
"How the hell do you know? You can't even see me!" -Me
"Why did you ask me then?" -Sarah

"Asantey sana squash banana wey weyuu a mimi a pana!" -Sarah (she typed this up...)
"You have no life." -Me
"Says the girl who just told me she spent four hours building her dream house out of Popsicle sticks." -Sarah

Josh is holding our new kitty who happens to be orange up in the air*

"I shall name you Squishy, and you shall be my Squishy." -Andi, poking her jello
"Did you take too much cold medicine again?" -Josh
"Maaaaayybeeee." -Andi (she didn't. She was just a little loco.)

"Baby, baby, baby, oh!" -Josh
"I put my hands up, they're playin' my song, the butterflies fly away!" -Andi
"It's a small world after all." -Me
"Uncle!" -Josh and Andi

"You ain't never! Had a! FRIEND LIKE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" -Andi, really obnoxiously.
"Hallelujah for that." -Josh

"So I went to school today, right?" -Sarah
"Is there supposed to be a punchline here?" -Me
"I think so, but I can't remember it." -Sarah

"Why exactly is my cell phone in the freezer?" -Me
"She did it!" -Josh *runs away*
"Why did he put it in the freezer?" -Me
"He wanted to see if it would explode." -Andi

"Super-mega-giant-unstoppable-deadly-ninja-death-start-of-ultimate-DOOM!"-Josh *throws paper star at me*
"Ow. Paper cut." -Me

"It's our motto." -Me
"What's a motto?" -Sarah (I can't believe she walked into this)
"Nothing. What's a motto with you?" -Me
"Crap." -Sarah

"I had a weird dream last night. You and Josh and Andi were there...that was bad grammar...never mind...anyway, you guys were all there, dressed as chipmunks and you were dancing around my room singing, 'It's a Small World' in really high voices and then Josh tried to eat me and--." -Sarah

Isn't my family just hilarious? And Sarah, of course. Believe me, all of these really happened...So if you're wondering about me, there you go.

Now, be good, eat your vegetables, hug a band geek, look both ways when you cross a street, and remember, no matter how stupid those teenagers may be, you can't run them over. Thank you.

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