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"The major difference between a thing that might go wrong and a thing that cannot possibly go wrong is that when a thing that cannot possibly go wrong goes wrong it usually turns out to be impossible to get at or repair." ~Douglas Adams

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Author's Notes or Update-y things

(3-2-2012 -- Hiatus Announcement)

It's no surprise that I haven't been active in my writing lately. I've had a very busy semester with school and also a lot of things have sort of slipped. One of them is my desire to write. This is really difficult for me because I hate stopping what I haven't finished, but I'm really hitting a wall as far as my abilities to write something worth reading. So, I'm officially going on Hiatus until further notice. Thank you to everyone who keeps reading what I have written. I'm shocked and also very flattered that you've read these stories. I'm amazed.

I hope to be back eventually. But until then, this is goodbye.



Hey guys I'm not dead. I've just been busy with exams and school and stuff. I'm trying to get back in the writing habit. Also, I just went through my traffic and I'm still really flattered that you guys read my works. I really appreciate it more than you know. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.


As I promised, chapter 8 of More Than Kin, Less Than Kind is up. woot. I am pleased. I may have mentioned this in my Author's notes but I really have no idea how to go about writing the next chapter. It's rather... involved. So, the odds are that I will just write another chapter and have it floating somewhere so that when I get to it, its up and ready to go. Also, thank you to everyone who keeps reading my stories. I posted the newest chapter only a few hours ago and I'm really overwhelmed by the number of people who have already read it. You guys are the best. Thank you.


Guess what, I'm writing again. The writing bug is back, people. I WILL BE POSTING THE NEXT CHAPTER OF MORE THAN KIN BY THE END OF THE MONTH.


Hey guys, I'm not dead. And I'm actually writing again, which is nice since I thought that I was going to suffer from permanent block. Hopefully I'll have something out soon. To be honest, I've sort of disconnected from the online world for a bit, and its been nice. But its good to be back. Also, second year university is giving me some great ideas. I keep writing More than Kin out of order, which is what is preventing me from posting.

I'm thinking of actually branching outside of the South Park fandom for a few upcoming stories. I tentitively started writing a story that is as of now named Acadia. I took Canadian history over the summer and since Canadian history kind of gets ignored, I got a couple ideas from what I was learning.

Stanley Marsh vs. The World is most likely not happening. It seems like too big of a project for either myself or Taz to take on right now.


I'm suffering from a terrible case of writer's block, but I'm really trying to work through it to dish out something resembling a story or chapter at some point. It's working, slowly. I've started on an update for More than Kin and it's very very slowly coming along. I keep jumping forward to write later chapters of the story. Progress is progress, right?


Hi, I'm alive, just busy. Hope to write more soon.

Currently Writing

More Than Kin, Less Than Kind: Every time I think of this story, I say "what have I gotten myself into?" This beast of a story started with one little stray thought and then exploded. The story itself is based off of Hamlet, because I'm a Shakespeare junkie. When I say this story's a beast, I mean it. There's probably going to be... twenty-to-thirty-something chapters. I'm trying to keep them short so I can update them faster. If you've read the story and like it, you're probably best off alerting it, since updates will be slow.

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