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Hey its xXsongsmmrsXx!

SO yeah, some of you might be like wow, thats a stupid username, but its the username i use the most. I think i was listening was listening to Fall out boy's "Thanks for the mmrs" when i was first creating it xD ...On here it may look like i never capatialize much of my stuff, but thats because honestly, i feel kind of lazy right now.

So yeah, you don't need to know my age, just know I am a teen, and i am in high school. Based on that, please if anyone does like my stories please don't get agrivated when i do not update quick enough. I have honors, advanced math and science, just finished marching band and now im starting concert band, this year i'm involved more with my class, and also i have Violin lessons(and soon i'll be starting in a violin club). So yes, I am a very busy person, there is other stuff i haven't listed that i do. Oh another two reasons why i probably wont update as quick as i want to is: 1. I have to do this on my sisters computer, because it is blocked on my computer, and though she is sitting next to right now i have to say, she gets her computer taken away a lot, so that causes problems for both of us. 2. I tend to have writers block, a lot. I seriously have about thirty stories on my computer that are unfinished that will probably never be finished.

Well lets see...

My favorite cartoons have to be:

Jimmy Neutron

Spongebob ( : D)

Fairly Odd Parents

Scooby Doo


Because of my sisters obsession and forcing my mother and i to watch it, i've grown to like...

Phineas and Ferb

My Favorite Movies have to be:

The Time Travelers Wife

Iron Man (1 and 2 : DD )

Harry Potter( allllll of course(: )

Pirates 1 and 3

yeah i give up listing. i have to many favorite movies. Nevermind.

Honestly when you look at what i'll be writing mostly, i'll be writing mostly Jimmy Neutron ; Phineas and Ferb

Yeah I hate writing about me's. It isn't fun. Right. So my sister writes fanfiction(any guess to what she writes mostly?) Her username is inusgirllovesmonkeys. She's younger than me by the way... We live in Japan, but have Alaska in our Heart.

Future stories:

Unnamed Jimmy Nuetron- Harry Potter crossover

Unnamed Harry Potter

Finished stories:

Love Can Last(Jimmy Nuetron; Finished 1/27- pending Epilogue)

In the process stories:

On hold for now:

We Met Again

Abandoned stories:

Don't mess with my Dimension!(Sister has yet to write her chapter; May pic up later)

Links for story stuff:

Betty's Dress from final chapter of Love Can Last

Betty's Hairstyle from final chapter

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